Great card!5/11/2018 10:19:54 AM

Pros: Bought a Refurbished Asus AC56 to replace my old TP-Link N900 card and I can now use the 5GHz signal without any lag! Having the antenna base on my desktop has helped a lot signal wise do to my gaming PC sitting in the corner of my room. The refurbished card shipped with everything needed to use the product.

Cons: None what so ever! Worked right out of the box after installing the drivers/utility software on my Windows 7 computer.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this card to anyone on a budget. Btw, it also came with a smaller adapter piece for installing inside small form factor cases.

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1/21/2018 8:09:46 PM

Pros: Works great for storing files and best of all it's cheap!

Cons: Received my ssd within a month and not in the 5-15 day delivery window as mentioned on the page which is why I gave it 4 stars. It's not really a con unless you need the ssd in a hurry.

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Runs Cool!11/15/2016 10:54:16 AM

Pros: This card does not have over heating issues with the stock settings. I do recommend adjusting the fan curve and the max/min temp level. I have mine set to 1,010 min for the fan and a max temp of 85 with a minimum temp of 65 with no issues using the Amd wattman software with this card.

Cons: The Amd wattman software tends to crash while clicking to fast on the menus. I'm sure they will fix the bug eventually.

Overall Review: Upgraded from a Powercolor R9 270x 2GB and the performance increase while gaming is amazing! I paid $244 with free shipping when it was on sale. I recommend downloading the latest Trixx software for adjusting the logo more efficiently on the card. You can even set the Trixx software to not run on startup if you prefer Amd software over 3rd party and it will keep your color setting if the Trixx software is left installed. I've used this card mostly with Skyrim: SE modded and Far Cry Primal on ultra and it runs them like a champ.

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Great product4/16/2016 3:54:51 PM

Pros: Easy to read LED display with plenty of colors to choose from and it can handle all of my case fans. I bought this with two red LED Corsair fans to match my theme, I also disabled the temperature alarm and disconnected the temperature sensors from the controller since it's a function I do not need.

Cons: The housing is plastic so be sure to not bend it and the nobs for adjusting the fan speed are very sensitive. I would have given this item a five egg rating if the housing of the controller had been made of something besides plastic.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this controller if you're wanting to use 3+ fans in a case and if you need a LED display to match a theme build.

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Great gaming case!7/13/2014 6:47:54 PM

Pros: The build of the case is just great! Not only does it help with managing cables, installing parts is a breeze. I also like the top/bottom filters to keep dust out and plenty of mounting spots for fans.

Cons: Only comes with one exhaust fan at the back and two front intake fans. If you plan on using a air cooled only setup I highly recommend buying a 120 or 140mm fan for the top to use as a exhaust, without a top exhaust fan you will see a 6-8 degree higher temperature. Also I removed the top Hard Drive cage and moved the fan from it to the front of the case for better air circulation. Not entirely sure why they chose the power button and activity light to be white? It's still a great gaming case, so I'm still going to give it 5 eggs.

Overall Review: Should have shipped with a 140mm fan for the top.

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