So far, so good7/27/2010 8:52:25 AM

Pros: Great "on demand" power when using the afterburner software while not being overclocked ( 40c idle 50-55c load). massive overclocking headroom. Just to test the oc ability I cranked it to 825/1900/1225 on auto fan speed and it never once topped 63C The 1 gig of ram is great for those running dual view monitors or a single large lcd. It handles 1920x1080 res in gaming perfectly. Just a few examples DiRT2 maxed out 45-60 fps GTA IV on high 35-60 Sniper Ghost Warrior maxed out at 35-50

Cons: having to hassle around with msi about the rebate. I was having trouble finding all the required info for the rebate so I emailed MSI support a day ago and they have yet to respond. A simple 2 min chat with a newegg support rep solved my problem. He tracked down the forms and numbers I needed instantly. Really is great to know newegg cares so much about helping their customers! 'possible con to some" - on anything over 50% fan speed, you can hear it spinning. Wont go as far to say its loud. No rattling or vibration just a slight whirling sound from the dual fans. Not a problem at all for me, just wanted to state that for those seeking a super quiet card.

Overall Review: all in all its a A++ buy. fast shipping as always. upgraded from a HD3870 512mb to this model, the difference is night day Im sure this card alone will last me a few yrs but to future proof my system even further I think ill be purchasing a second for sli in the coming months. Great card to have, handles games with ease, bluray movies look outstanding on it and it also comes with a fair warranty. I only rated it 4 stars due to MSI's lousy support. The product itself is a 5 star item. Hope this helps :)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued MSI Customer, “Please contact MSI customer service representative Tom at, or call Tom at 626-9130828 ext 216 with your case details so we can check the rebate status. Thank you.” Best Regards Vivien Chao Tel: (626) 9130828 (ext 199) Fax: (626) 9130818
Odd price?12/23/2009 10:37:01 AM

Pros: Great speed and reliability. Also overclocks a bit.

Cons: The price? I own 2 sticks of this ram in a spare PC. At the time I purchased them, the price was only $20 per stick

Overall Review: For the current price, i would personally stick with G-Skill. Thats the ram I use in all my power build. The lifetime warrenty is also great

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Odd price?12/23/2009 10:36:37 AM

Pros: Great speed and reliability. Also overclocks a bit.

Cons: The price? I own 2 sticks of this ram in a spare PC. At the time I purchased them, the price was only $20 per stick

Overall Review: For the current price, i would personally stick with G-Skill. Thats the ram I use in all my power build. The lifetime warrenty is also great

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Pros: I am seeing a ton of great reviews on this chip tho alot of ppl are complaining about the heat issue. Personally I would try and re-seat the heatsink or double check your bios or fan controll utilities to make sure the cpu fan is running at spec speed. I am running a gigabyte mb with this chip @ 3.0 on stock voltage. Idle 32-34c load mid/high 40'c with the fan @ 3440rpm.

Cons: AMD from time to time changes the style of heatsink. This can be from size, sticker or even the compound of the heatsink(aluminum / copper )

Overall Review: I used the supplied "thermal pad" that came with the stock heatsink simply due to wanting to test the system asap. also another thought....AMD may possibly use differnt heatsinks from time to time. I have noticed when i bought a 7750 kuma it came with a standard heatsink....purchased another a few months later and it came with a amd copper core cooler. Why they do this is beyond me but it DOES happen. The heatsink supplied with my 9950 is the SAME identicle heatsink the came with my second 7750 and its for a lack of better word..amazing for a stock cooler. Im unsure as to how you would go about knowing which sink is included......Just a little food for thought to you guys with heat issues. goodluck

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Great quality2/20/2009 4:38:22 AM

Pros: Nice look, the monitor anyway. personally Im not a huge fan of the square base but for the price i can live with it. Picture is crisp and I think the acer ADM software is a lifesaver.

Cons: tacky looking base and no DVI connector

Overall Review: not sure if this is a monitor issue or system issue but in gaming (Grid, NFS undercover, Dirt) after about 10 mins of play the monitor drops signal and i need to reboot my system. has never once done that for standard use, web browsing ect only in gaming :-|

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Serve there purpose2/20/2009 4:32:04 AM

Pros: Fair price and lightscribe seems to look good

Cons: none as of now

Overall Review: sure hope lightscribe disks lower in cost, dvd's are a killer when you go thru a 50 pack a week. For cd's these are not to hurtful on the wallet

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nice2/20/2009 4:26:19 AM

Pros: Fairly cheap also free shipping at my time of purchase. Not much to say here, there simply fans but they do have nice airflow. Multi colored lights are a plus.

Cons: no standard 3 or 4 pin connector to power them thru the motherboard. Molex connector only

Overall Review: Nice buy but if you intend to power these thru a fan controller you will need to buy an adapter to give you the standard 3 or 4 pin connection. Also noise is never really a concern for me but they seem to be fairly quiet

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great2/20/2009 4:17:14 AM

Pros: Nice default clock speed. Unlocked multiplier and also came with a very nice copper core cooler which was a great plus, normally black edition cpu's from AMD dont come with one. :-) In my opinion the cooler is great. Upon boot, 28c 10-15mins after load 32c idle and have yet to see anything over 40c with a heavy load @ 3.0ghz

Cons: $20 price drop just 3 days after purchase

Overall Review: Small Tip to those running this chip w/ ddr2 800 @ default speed...After a few tests I found that downclocking my ram (gskill ddr2 800) to 400mhz gives a great performance gain due to giving the system a even 1/1 cpu/ram ratio also allows you to tighten up the timings. Im currently running 3-3-3-8-1T in dual channel as opposed to default 5-5-5-15-2T. I cant say for certain that you will see the same performance increase with 1066 ram since I dont own any but i would assume the increase would be even greater possibly allowing you to run it in CAS 2, Hope this helps you power junkies tweak your system for an extra boost =)

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Looks Great2/2/2009 10:18:12 AM

Pros: Great speed. 1066 that runs stock @800 timings Do not own it yet tho its on the way =)

Cons: To all those claiming it will not run at spec speeds....Im almost 100% sure this is due to your motherboard/cpu setup. For example....AMD based chipsets, Yes most motherboards will say they have full ddr2 1066 support and this is true till you read the fine print...Most newer motherboards will only support 1066 as standard if and ONLY if the 1066 memory speed is supported by the cpu itself. Most people may be unaware to this but DDR stands for Double Data Rate. Meaning whatever speed your ram is. Its actually only half that speed but inputing twice as much info per cycle. This statement is true for ddr400 being 200mhz doubled hence the ddr(double data rate). also ddr2 800, same concept. ddr2 667 being ran @ 333mhz. With this being said....ddr2 800 is the standard max ddr2 ram speed. Do the research and you'll find that ddr2 1066 is NOTHING more than a overclocked ddr2 800 chip. Overclocked thru a MHZ (bus speed) increase and stabalized thru an increase in voltage

Overall Review: Hopefull this will shed light on your ideas about ram upgrades. Now if your motherboard has full ddr2 1066 support but your cpu only supporting 800, this can possibly be fixed thru a bios update tho I never recomend updating the bios for such a minor reason. shell out extra cash and get a cpu with 1066 support. Now if you choose not to upgrade to a cpu with 1066 support you can YES you can still use this ram. Just will be downclocked to the highest supported speed by your cpu being 800mhz. This is not a flaw due to lower mhz speeds equaling tighter timings. This ram should run 4-4-4-12-1T possibly tighter giving you more performance increase than this stick @ default 5-5-5-15 timings. Also giving you a closer 1/1 cpu/ram ratio for fater responce time...Hope this helps

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Very Nice1/3/2009 7:10:59 AM

Pros: Dual core, Nice clock speed and fair cache size from AMD. Oc'd to 3.4 no problem but dropped back to 3.0. Incredible price and a must have for any budget builder who seeks great performance along with a cheap price tag

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: I was shocked to find out this Cpu came with its own heatsink as most "black edition" cpus do not. Unsure as to how well it cools. I used an after market cooler and that keeps it idle @ 39c at 3.0

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So far so good1/3/2009 7:01:07 AM

Pros: flawless install. onboard graphics w/hdmi port is great for those non gamers/vid editing guru's who can save xtra cash by not needing a vid card. Loaded the new X2 7750/2gig kingston ddr2 800/ 3850 PCI e/ and hard disk all with NO issues

Cons: None as of yet. Just ment for daily internet/gaming. Not sure how it handles OC'in as the 7750 black edition is oc'd by the multiplier. Unsure as to how much fsb boost the board can handle.

Overall Review: not a con but a sure thing to LOOK OUT FOR!!! If you ever need to reset the cmos, as most would assume it the jumper next to the cmos battery. NO, for whatever reason that is the usb wake-up jumper. Simply reffering to the manual led me to it. It just in a very very odd location. So far a Great buy for a sure budget build. This board, X2 7750, 2gig ram, 3850 vid card ran me a bit over $240

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Incredible Value1/3/2009 6:46:35 AM

Pros: Very powerful for a budget card, Painless installation on xp pro. Software/Driver!!!! Until this card I was a die hard nvidia fan. To match the catalyst center/drivers nvidia would need 3 diff fairly large apps/drivers. Card has a nice look with fair cooling. Comes with a ton of connection options/adapters.

Cons: The Size. In my mid-tower case, it was a squeeze. Full tower cases should be no problem, just be sire to check size before purchase. The card in 9 1/4 inches.

Overall Review: My 1st ati card and im hooked. For $69.99(after xmas sale) it was a steal. NFS undercover mid/max 4AA 1280-720 res (30-70fps). GRID 1280-720 Ultra setting 8AA 50+. HD features are great, looks crystal clear on a 27inch hdtv

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Incredible Deal10/23/2008 12:23:55 PM

Pros: I noticed a few complaints from owners using the Asus A8N-Sli mb.....I find this odd since I also own that board. I have this ram kit running at ddr450 2.5-3-3-6-1T paired with a athlon64 4000+. So that puts my cpu at 2.7 vs 2.4 default @ 1.3v idle30-32c, load never breaks 38c.

Cons: Not having it run stable at cas 2 :-)

Overall Review: The ram is amazing. My system also has dual 7600gt xxx's @ 700/1750 default 590/1600. This ramjumped my 3DMark06 scores from 4500 with 1 gig PNY optima to 6500 with minor OC. G-Skill has really opened eyes to top end performance for a fairly low end price :)

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Great Value10/14/2008 10:19:59 AM

Pros: I have had this PS for 6 months now. It powers a athlon64 4000+ oc'd to 2.7, 2gigs ddr400 oc'd pc3600, 1 dvd rm/lightscribe, 2 cdrw's, fan controller w/8fans, and dual 7600gt's in sli. I have not had 1 single issue. Runs extremly cool. And the 12v has NEVER dropped below 12.05 which my old psu would often drop to 11.7 with this same system.

Cons: not knowing how well it will perfrom with 2 9800gt' 7600gt's do not have the 6pin power connector.

Overall Review: I plan on gettin a new MB paired with a Q6600 and dual 9800gt's, but will this PS be enough to power it , time will tell

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one word.......AMAZING4/24/2008 1:41:27 PM

Pros: Wonderful Ram, Wonderful price (for ddr), Wonderful speed. Red Heat spreaders look nice with uv red sata cables and 2 red pci coolers.

Cons: other than not being able to run it at 500mhz YET (lol) ABSOLUTLY NONE!!!!!!!!!

Overall Review: Currently running it @ 470mhz(PC3800) 2.5-3-3-6-1T (2.7v) which has my Athlon64 4000 @ 2823 :D (default is 2400) On a Asus A8n Sli Deluxe board. A MUST HAVE for any user/gamer working with an older socket A, 939, or 478 sustem. This ram will really wake up your system. Upraded to this 2 gig kit from 1gig of PNY optima(retail $70). With this ram only being 5 bucks more, double in size..and DEFFINETLY faster..its a no brainer...Thanks again newegg and G-Skill..I will be a returning customer for sure

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Monster cooler4/22/2008 12:28:34 PM

Pros: Great cooling and air flow from the 92mm fan. Looks great. Heat pipes and copper construction and a wonderful advancement over stock.

Cons: ..ITS LARGE, I have a A8n Sli deluxe board and it DOES block the 1st memory slot from the cpu!!! If you are using all for memory slots please be cautious of this cooler. I am only running 2 gigs so im in the clear :-)

Overall Review: THIS IS A COPPER COOLER. It has a silver/crome finish on it (unsure as to why) Did not use stock thermal (Antec formula 5 silver was applied) A bit louder than stock but not by much. Great cooling. Keeps my Athlon64 4000+ (939) @ 28c idle 35C load (default clock speeds) I will repost with new temps once overclocked ( going for 3 gig from 2.4 stock....This cooler should allow that HOPEFULLY) ""knocks on wood" All in all great buy for a top end single core cpu..I donot own any dual core systems so I can not compare the cooling vs single and dual core..Hope this helps

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Amazing Upgrade for 9394/22/2008 12:18:32 PM

Pros: Great chip. For single core this is BLAZING fast due to the high clock speed and 1mb cache. Great improvement in gaming, 5-15 fps increase depending on the game (BF2, UT04', NFS most wanted-carbon-pro srteet, Painkiller....I love the older games!!) Virus scanning is a breeze (atleast 2-3 mins faster) Boot time was cut by a 3rd and its low heat output gives it a nice OC'ing abitility for the average to even experienced user/gamer.

Cons: NOT ONE! Arrived in great shape, not even 1 bent pin :-)

Overall Review: 2 day shipping...Upgraded to the 4000+ from a 3000. GREAT improvement, Running this chip is a Asus A8n Sli Deluxe board 2 X 1gig G-skill dual channel 2.5-3-3-6 (ordered today). Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX cpu cooler, XFX 7600GT XXX edition X2 running in sli. For me this is great, Im very much into gaming but tend to play the older games (DX9) I refuse to pay 50-60 for a brand new game, Wait a yr or 2 then buy it, With this rig i can run anygame i own (except prostreet) @ well above 60 fps on high settting..some games upwords of 200+. Purchased as a combo with the rosewill cooler for $77 including shipping, Not bad at all. Very cool running chip. 28c idle and hasnt broke 35c load yet. Thermal = Antec formula 5 silver

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