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Firmware no longer a problem3/12/2021 12:46:32 PM

Pros: Installed module, and TPM worked properly. Was able to use bitlocker on all drives with no issue. The insecure firmware is not on these devices.

Overall Review: Got an ASUS board that uses this? Install it and bitlocker works as intended.

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Nice, NO WARRANTY12/3/2018 12:46:03 PM

Pros: Its a nice vape

Cons: You won't get a warranty with this device. Apollo won't honor any warranties from resellers.

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Watch out for V56/6/2006 12:25:14 PM

Pros: Cheap, good signal strength. Linksys has improved this router quite a bit through firmware updates.

Cons: When I first got this router, it was unstable. It would need to be rebooted at least once a week. The latest firmware seems to have fixed this problem. Occasionally prone to stall outs.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a router to install third party firmware on, this is not what you are looking for. The V5 of this router is no longer linux based. Third party firmware can only be installed by a specialized cable and removing the routers case. Also because of the limited storage, very few third party firmware's can fit on the router. Go buy the WRT54GL if you want to install custom firmware.

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Compatibility Issues5/31/2006 1:48:11 PM

Pros: Cheap, small. Fairly easy configuration. Supports most wireless encryption standards

Cons: Does not work with the Nintendo DS Wifi. Frequent connection stall outs. Belkin takes a long time to release firmware updates.

Overall Review: This is probably one of the cheapest wifi routers out there, but most people would be better served by spending $10-$20 more and getting a router that has regular firmware updates. Go with a Linksys WRT54GL instead.

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