DOA2/16/2019 5:27:19 PM

Pros: LED came on.

Cons: SATA to USB Control board is dead. 2 of my last 5 enclosures from ORICO have arrived DOA.

Overall Review: Will probably switch to a different brand. It's such a pain to get a refund for such a low valued purchase.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Works great, other than the feature I purchased it for.1/19/2019 8:31:06 PM

Pros: +Compact size with a quiet fan. +Highly rated from JonnyGURU. +Plenty of cables, especially for those who want to install multiple drives or GPU's. +System works perfectly and displays no oddities due to a faulty PSU.

Cons: - Eco Mode button does nothing. Literally nothing. Fan will run regardless. I've confirmed via my UPS that power usage is below 60 watts while idling on the desktop. Yet the fan still spins (quietly). - Fan will ramp up to 100% randomly, when computer is not in use idling on the desktop. (Power usage well under 60 watts)

Overall Review: My EVGA G3 550watt has none of these issues. I've gone back to that one and have a support ticket open with EVGA. Review will be corrected once a working unit it sent.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I do apologize for the troubles you are having with your EVGA 750G3 power supply. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: with your reference# 3330266 so that we can further assist you with warranty services if needed. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Confirmed to work great with Nvidia's Adaptive Sync Driver 417.711/15/2019 6:51:55 PM

Pros: +40hz - 144hz Adaptive Sync Range - No blinking or texture blurring. +Gsync (Adaptive Sync) being enabled and working brilliantly is a game changer. Especially for games that have erratic fps. +Good Colors and average Contrast, great display angle. (advantages of an IPS) +2 HDMI ports is a nice touch, although only 1 is HDMI 2.0.

Cons: -My model has very bad Backlight Bleed on the bottom right corner. -The HDR support is laughable compared to a proper HDR1000 spec. But at least it's there. -Cheap looking PSU, but hopefully looks are deceiving.

Overall Review: I've seen conflicting information on this panel. I've seen some reviews stating it is a 600 nit, FreeSync 2 panel. Direct from Pixio they state that it is a 350 nit, Freesync panel. I'm inclined to believe the manufacturer. For those interested if the built in speakers are acceptable, they aren't. But I knew that coming in and had no bearing on my purchase.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your time to write us a review as we value our customers' feedback to improve our products and services. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at, if you have any questions or need assistance. Pixio is committed to providing the best possible quality product, experience, and stand behind our products with 1-year manufacturer's warranty. Thank you, Team Pixio
DOA7/13/2018 5:45:50 PM

Pros: Windows 10 recognized device.

Cons: "The device is not ready" error. Unable to initialize and format via disk manager. WD recommended return.

Overall Review: I purchased 2 8TB Easystore drives about a year ago and they have been fantastic. I will probably just go with 2 more of those instead of this model.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Gregory C., It is unfortunate hearing about your experience receiving a drive that was not working for you and thanks for your time providing this feedback. The My Book hard drive is trusted desktop storage designed to complement your personal style with a massive amount of space to store your photos, videos, music and documents. Equipped with password protection and perfectly paired with WD Backup for PC or Apple Time Machine for Mac, My Book desktop storage helps keep your files safe. "How to physically connect, disconnect, and install a WD external drive on a Windows PC or Mac": "Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities": All our products must pass our stringent quality standards before leaving our factory to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. We stand behind our products throughout the device's factory warranty period; and would be happy to help determine the root cause of this abnormal behavior and help replace your in-warranty drive for you. You can contact us and mention the support case below for assistance. We would like to work with you directly and assist you with your drive to provide a positive outcome, please contact us and reference the case number below. case number : 071618-13091186 Need Help? Please contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932
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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great NAS, but chassis could use some improvement.9/22/2017 9:37:01 PM

Pros: + DSM 6.1.3 is fantastic. It is very easy to navigate, and in advanced mode, has all the options you could ask for. + I can sleep well at night knowing this runs the modern BTRFS file system, which is only bested by ZFS. + Excellent Plex Media Server, it has just enough CPU power to handle 4k transcoding without skipping. + Under heavy use, HDD Temps stay very cool, around 40c. Your mileage may vary depending on ambient room temp. + Ram is user upgradeable. Although, 2GB is plenty for me at the moment.

Cons: - Cheaply made chassis, could use a bit more reinforcement. - Cheap drive mounting cages. I would prefer metal at this price point. - Plex Media Server is not currently listed on Package Center. Must be installed manually, not the end of the world just surprising.

Overall Review: I was looking to upgrade my Qnap TS-131P, its underpowered CPU does not allow for video transcoding. It was either this or the Qnap TS-251A. I chose this because it had the more modern CPU. So far, I am very happy with my decision.

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An excellent single-bay NAS.5/7/2017 1:16:45 AM

Pros: - Plex works perfectly, as long as you don't plan on transcoding video. DTS-HD and AC3 5.1 audio can be transcoded without issue. - Has support for Wireless USB Network Adapters, if you don't want to use the included Ethernet cable. - Qnap's QTS is easy to navigate and has every feature you could ask for. - You can schedule the NAS to Startup and/or Shutdown at a set time every day. - Plenty of USB 3.0 ports. - The tiny fan keeps your hard drive cool. (Average temp 42c)

Cons: - QTS crashes often when using Microsoft Edge Browser. (Chrome runs it flawlessly.) - Ram is not user upgradable. - Hard Drive mounting is done with a very cheap plastic cage. - External drives must be formatted to NTFS. Qnap charges $3.99 for exFAT driver support. - Even though the NAS is not in use, sometimes I'll just hear my hard drive seeking for an hour plus. (defragging possibly?)

Overall Review: This is my first NAS, so I was worried this unit would be underpowered. I was pleasantly surprised just how well it performs.

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Great silent cooler, only few drawbacks.4/27/2016 12:51:30 AM

Pros: + Near silent, even at the fans max RPM. + Good performance. My temperature averages hover around 31c idle / 60c gaming. + The quality of the heatsink is very good for the price range, installation was very simple. + 6 year warranty.

Cons: - Semi-Passive mode will only work if your motherboard outputs a PWM signal below 40%. If you plan on using this feature, make sure your motherboard will support it. My Asus Maximus Hero VI does not. - At 40% PWM this fan runs at around 1050-1100rpm. You would expect a fan rated at a max of 1350rpm to scale better than that. For example, my Phanteks PH-F120MP 1800rpm fans run at around 800rpm at 40% PWM. - Cheap Fan mounting design. Arctic is not alone, several companies use these thin metal wires to mount the fan onto the heatsink. It is by far my least favorite thing about this cooler. - Plastic backplate, I would prefer metal.

Overall Review: I'm using this on an Intel 4770k at 4.0ghz. Using Handbrake for almost 24 hours continuous got my CPU to a max of 72c. I experienced similar performance with my Corsair H80i, which cost twice as much. While this cooler is not worth its retail MSRP, it is an incredible value if purchased on sale.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Noctua quality at half the price.3/6/2015 1:02:19 PM

Pros: + Perhaps the best radiator fan available. I've tested multiple static pressure 120mm fans on my H100i, Corsair, Cooler Master and Noctua. I can run these fans at 600rpm and get the same temps as my Noctua's at 1000rpm.

Cons: - Rubber pads are too thick. You will most likely have to remove them depending on where you're installing these fans.

Overall Review: These fans are an amazing value for the price. Phanteks doesn't market their products very well, so there's a chance you've never heard of this brand. Thanks to SilentPCReview for the recommendation.

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Great value10/4/2014 8:02:07 PM

Pros: + Amazing reception and great speed when using the 5ghz band. + Doesn't get hot like most of these USB Adapters. + Great Driver support. Will most likely have Windows X support as well.

Cons: - None for the price paid.

Overall Review: Asus refurbs are just as good as new.

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The best choice, not without its flaws.9/26/2014 9:40:16 PM

Pros: +Incredibly quiet, at a cost? The fans never seem to ramp up past 42%, which is good/bad. It will limit your OC potential. The max temps of this card are fantastic however, an hour of Furmark got it to only 71c @1150mhz. The GPU was pegged at 100% load and I could barely hear the fans. If you're willing to set the fan speed manually and increase the voltage, you will get some great OC results. For those interested, 1.4ghz is easily obtainable. At that speed, it's faster than a stock GTX 980. +Semi-Passive When playing less demanding games like CS:GO or Dota 2, the fans stay at 0rpm. This means significantly less dust and a longer lifespan. I didn't expect to love this feature as much as I am. +Includes a Backplate This is the only GTX 970 (other than that huge Gigabyte) that comes with one. This card is very long, but the backplate keeps the card from sagging.

Cons: - Mild coil whine, Vsync helps to reduce it. I'm upgrading from a EVGA GTX 760 that had much worse coil whine. I was hoping I would be one of the lucky few with a dead silent card though. :(

Overall Review: Since the fans only spin under heavy load, expect much higher idle temps. For example right now it's only 68f inside, but my GPU is idling at 49c. Since fans are usually the first thing to fail on a video card, this is probably a well calculated trade off.

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The best sub $200 board available.1/10/2014 8:14:57 PM

Pros: Pretty much any DDR3 speed is supported. - This board is officially approved for speeds up to 3000mhz. This makes me a lot less envious of the upcoming Haswell-E release with DDR4 support. Intel NIC - Stay away from KillerNIC's at all cost. Intel NICs are beloved by geeks for their reliability. Realtek ALC1150 onboard audio on steroids. - has a great review of this board. It's audio quality is comparable to a $80-100 PCI/USB dedicated sound card. Gold standard UEFI Bios. - The amount of control you have over every aspect of your system is truly impressive (and possibly daunting). I love having a quiet system, Asus makes it very easy to set custom (or preset) fan curves for all of your 3-4pin fans independently. -Accurate voltage readouts. This board has been praised by overclocking enthusiasts for it's accuracy. It's assuring to know that what the bios says, can actually be trusted for a change. Some of their competitors have large variances that may cause damage to your components. (For example, your bios gives you a reading of 1.3v for your Vcore, but the board is actually pumping out 1.36v)

Cons: -"Asus Multicore Enhancement." This is a Bios setting which is on by default. In my case, It automatically locked my 4770k to 3.9ghz with a Vcore of 1.1v. In theory, this will increase performance under heavy loads. However, leaving this on increases power usage significantly making many of the new Haswell power saving feature pointless. This feature can be turned off, defaulting you back to Intel spec. I would recommend turning this off unless you plan to aggressively overclock.

Overall Review: There's been a ton of negative reviews recently. Some legitimate, some not. If you're a user with experience, don't let this deter you from an amazing value.

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Decent value, needs lots of improvements however.11/26/2013 9:59:03 PM

Pros: - High quality Construction for the price. All the corners are rounded to prevent injuries. Both the inside and outside are finished in matte black. - Great cable management options. This case has better cable management than my Fractal R4. This case also has plenty of room for a H100i, kudos to Corsair! - This may seem lame, but I love how one of the motherboard standoff's had a raised tip. Once you place your motherboard on the standoff's, there's no need to firmly press the motherboard against the IO shield while installing the standoff screws anymore. I wish all Case makers would adopt this.

Cons: -Front Panel is USB 3.0 Only. It's probably to much to expect from a budget case, but an additional 2 USB 2.0 ports for legacy support would of been ideal. - Dust Magnet With a 240mm cutout on both the top and side panel, this case will need cleaning once a month, if not more. Achieving positive air pressure will be impossible with a case like this. The non-removable front dust filter (if I can even call it that) is also pathetic. - Cheap HDD / SDD Mounting cage. I believe another user stated this below, the HDD / SDD cage is garbage. It's 100% plastic and feels like it will last you about 6 months to a year of heavy use. Seeing how Antec cases basically set the bar for silent HDD mounting 10 years ago, it blows my mind that Corsair would use something this cheap/awful. Using a 7200rpm drive in this case is not recommended, unless you don't mind the echo of a mechanical driving seeking.

Overall Review: To be fair, this is a budge case. If you game with headphones on and don't mind cleaning dust out once/twice a month, this is probably the best sub $60 case on the market.

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Quiet, cool and reliable.10/17/2013 11:24:02 PM

Pros: -This unit is very quiet. I can hear my water pump over it. -I've never had the fan ramp up past silent, it stays surprisingly cool to the touch. I have yet to feel anything but cold air coming out of the PSU. This is due to the over-engineering Seasonic is known for. - Very basic design. 120mm fan is user replaceable.

Cons: - Very low quality modular cables. When bending the cables, It feels like you're going to snap them. - Anti-consumer RMA policy. They do a great job of scaring you as soon as you open the package. A card states that if you send this back and it is found to have no issues (according to them), they will charge you a substantial fee. I feel like this is worth taking an egg off.

Overall Review: Seasonic and FSP are the only ODM suppliers that also sell their PSU's to the general market. For example the majority of Corsair units are made by Seasonic and rebranded. FSP and Seasonic are some of the highest quality PSU's on the market, the G series is no exception. This is an excellent choice for a 24/7 gaming/workstation build.

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No reason to purchase new.10/2/2013 9:18:01 PM

Pros: - One of the fastest USB Thumbsticks on the market. These actually approach Gen.1 SSD speeds. - Comes in a retail plastic package (it does state its a refurb unit however). This is unlike most refurb units that only come in a cardboard box.

Cons: I had to remove the huge plastic casing in order to use it with my Xbox 360 slim.

Overall Review: I have a feeling the majority of these were returned because most users may not know that Windows 7 requires thirty party USB 3.0 drivers to be installed.

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Don't bother with the Superclocked version.7/1/2013 8:02:55 PM

Pros: - I can now play Company of Heroes 2, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light maxed out at 1920x1080. :-) - I'm a huge fan of the ACX cooler. It's silent at idle, and more than tolerable at full load. It allows my card to easily boost up to 1300mhz core without ever underclocking itself. I'm sure I can push it higher, but right now the performance I'm getting is more than enough. EVGA Precision is awesome btw. :p - Temps (GPU Core overclocked to 1.3ghz) Idle: 36c Load: 58c - High Quality Ball Bearing fans. This may seem like silly marketing, but it matters. Sleeved bearings are the most common choice of fan, they're cheap and generally quieter than ball bearing. However, don't expect a sleeved bearing to last you more than 2-4 years if you're lucky.

Cons: - Voltages are locked. While this card overclocks well, you will always be limited by the lack of voltage control. - Doesn't come with a backplate. EVGA sells them for $19.99. I would recommend picking one up.

Overall Review: -Why only 4 out of 5 Eggs? My card has some audible coil whine under load. If you're a silence freak, It can get pretty annoying and can be heard through the back of my Fractal R4 case. I know this is getting more and more common with larger TDP requirements, but I'm still bummed. To be fair, coil whine does not affect the performance/reliability of the card. It's just annoying if you like dead silent pc's.

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Silent and effective.9/12/2012 10:34:02 PM

Pros: This will drastically reduce the temperature of your GPU under full load. **"Twin Frozr II" Cooler: Idle: 39c Load:76c+ (Extremely unstable) **Mono Plus: Idle: 32c Load: 56c (No driver restarts yet) :-) Note: Make sure you mix the G-1 thermal adhesive correctly and allow at least 5 hours for it to cure. If you're lazy, Arctic Silver sells an adhesive compound that drys much faster.

Cons: I've noticed there's a slight vibration at the top of heatsink caused by the odd weight balance of the cooler. The vibration goes away once the fan is turned up past 50%. It seems very minor and does not affect the performance.

Overall Review: This cooler installed beautifully on a MSI 560ti Twin Frozr II. MSI used cheap sleeve bearing fans on this model that began to grind after only 6 months of use. The Mono Plus cooler almost seems like it was designed for the 560ti as a top priority.

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Better than Newegg gives it credit for.8/30/2012 6:06:10 PM

Pros: For those of you wondering, Newegg actually has the specs of this drive listed incorrectly. Here are the specs off the box. BD Random Access Time: 300ms DVD Random Access Time: 150ms CD Random Access Time 150ms This drive is perfect for viewing Blu-ray's and encoding backups.

Cons: Poorly designed USB cable. (Not a big deal though.)

Overall Review: If you plan on burning Blu-Ray's, this is not the drive for you. This is a read-only external drive.

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Rebadged Seagate.8/30/2012 5:57:48 PM

Pros: It's very pleasing to look at. It has a rubbery texture on the bottom so its very hard for it to slip off your desk. Plus the blue LED is very tasteful.

Cons: Unfortunately, I bought this drive thinking Samsung was using its own OEM drives, it turns out it's a Seagate drive with a Samsung case. Seagate is not known for its reliability. (At least in my experience)

Overall Review: I use this in USB 2.0 mode, so giving you guys a HDtach benchmark would be pointless.

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Defective / DOA8/30/2012 5:44:35 PM

Pros: Pigeon English instruction manual. Good for a laugh. Easy to install.

Cons: Mine must of been defective, it had extremely slow transfer speeds regardless of the hard drive, 1mb or less. I tried a 128GB SSD and a 250GB HDD. Both had the same issue. Red LED for the activity light....really?

Overall Review: Buyer beware.

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Nearing perfection.8/3/2012 7:11:53 PM

Pros: I don't know why, but this reminds me of the old Antec Performance Plus (otherwise known as the last good looking Alienware case). Not looks wise, just in it's near perfect design. After seeing the horrible trend PC game case design has been on for the last 5+ years, I never though I'd find a case better than that old Antec, this beats it handily. The built in fan controller with Voltage stepping is incredibly useful. 12v, 7v, and 5v. The fan controller supports up to 3 fans powered off 1 molex.

Cons: - The front plastic grill that covers the 2 front 140mm fans is defective. One sided releases easily by pushing gently, you have to push in surprisingly hard on the right side to release it. I'm considering just ripping it off entirely. I've seen video reviews of this case, they all seem to function normally. Don't let this sway your purchasing decision. - I haven't gotten used to putting on the side panels yet. I've built PC's for 15+ years and don't remember having this hard of time. Keep in mind, I could just be an idiot with this one.

Overall Review: I ditched an Antec Three Hundred for this case. My only regret is not pulling the trigger sooner.

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Fan works great, Newegg's shipping was subpar.6/6/2012 5:12:08 PM

Pros: - This fan is nearly silent even on the highest settings. It moves a decent amount of air. It is perfect for an apartment. - Fused Power Plug.

Cons: Cheaply made. The fan motor feels decently heavy however. I can't speak on it's reliability, I have owned it for less than a week.

Overall Review: Newegg really surprised me with the corner cutting on this order. Slapping a label on the retail packaging and sending it out may save you time/money, but your return rates are gonna go way up. My fan shroud arrived damaged/bent due to this decision.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great price/performance5/31/2012 5:33:06 PM

Pros: -Very quiet, it has to be one of the quietest floor fan's on the market. -Power plug includes a fuse, which makes me feel better about leaving it on when I'm away.

Cons: Moves less air than it's competitors, but not but much. This is why I bought this brand, but it may be a con for some.

Overall Review: My previous floor fan was so loud/powerful it would give me headaches. This one moves a bit less air but is far more easy to live with. I plan on buying a second one. Note: I've only owned this for a week, so I can't comment on reliability.

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Reliable memory at stock speeds.1/14/2012 2:31:02 PM

Pros: These guys are absolutely rock solid stable at 1333mhz. I ran them through more than 24 hours of Memtest 4.20, they didn't come back with a single error.

Cons: I'm running these on a P55 MSI GD65 w/ a Intel Core i5 750. It is a bit unstable when running in XMP mode, this could be caused by a host of other problems though (ie PSU, CPU, Heat etc.) I can't take an egg off for that without truly knowing the cause.

Overall Review: In my opinion, these are worth the few extra dollars. Some of the cheaper brands of memory have very high D.O.A rates. cough...Patriot...

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Patriot is having some QC issues.12/29/2011 7:24:01 PM

Pros: Patriot's new tag line..."losing whatever credibility we once had."

Cons: You're almost guaranteed that 1 of the 2 sticks will be DOA. There's no question that this product has no Quality Control process. I will just stick with G.Skill from now on.

Overall Review: Thanks to Newegg for eggcellent customer service. If you ask, Newegg will give you a prepaid shipping label.

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Let MSI sort out their internal issues first.10/8/2011 10:02:30 AM

Pros: If you find a working one, you're one of the lucky ones. :)

Cons: These graphics cards have a staggering failure rate. Some people are on their 3rd or 4th card.

Overall Review: The majority of these cards have problems with; 1. The fans making horrendous grinding sounds. 2. Demanding games will likely cause these cards to overheat and CTD. That, or a driver reset. MSI knows of these problems and still allowed this card to go through their paper thin Q.C. process.

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued MSI Customer, We would like to apologize for the issue you have experienced with this particular VGA. Please email me directly via your VGA's serial number and your complete contact information, subject heading "EAHN560GTX". I would like to help you get this resolved. Best Regards, User Support MSI Product Support