Wouldn’t recommend3/3/2019 9:37:32 PM

Pros: I like the feature set and price

Cons: Overclocking features tat didn’t work unless the latest bios was installed; version 1.60. Which when turbo mode was enable, the bios Displayed TUBO instead of turbo. The board also has Sound Blaster Cinema 5 but it doesn’t work. The Creative labs software installed but won’t fully load because the Realtek driver installs a Windows store based Realtek audio manager which is garbage. The sound quality was also terrible and got randomly louder and quieter on its own. Lastly, the windows based tuning utility, tubing changes made which require a reboot, didn’t take. Planning to return this board ASAP. Pretty disappointed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued ASRock Customer, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to assist you about Sound Blaster Cinema 5 but it doesn’t work. Please contact us at https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp
Great card with at or below 1080ti performance. Over-priced for what it is.11/28/2018 5:40:37 AM

Pros: There's lots of stuff to talk about with this card but I will be keeping my comments to what is uniquely EVGA about this card since it is using a founders edition PCB card and shares a common design with many other brands. Not much point in discussing the parts that are identical on other brands using the founders card design. When I first got this card, I was using a 1440p monitor and found that the performance was stellar. It had no issue keep 100+ fps in Destiny 2 (my favorite game). After a month though, my wife surprised me with an Asus MG28UG 4K panel and this is where this card struggles. Will talk about this more in the next section. Overall, the build quality is excellent especially with the card height cooler which was weighty, well designed and literally cooler every hot component on the card. The back plate was exquisite in designed and worlds better then the ones used on the Pascal series cards. I upgraded to this card from the 1080ti FTW3 and I hated the 2 piece back plate that was used on it. I wasn't especially fond of the clear fan housing but I did enjoy the lighting and decorative touches. I also want to give a huge compliment to EVGA giving everyone that bought an RTX card from them, a colored trim kit of their choice; all be it, limited color choices. Still though, it was a nice touch. Another thing I want to mention was EVGA's customer service and tech support. Let's be honest here, it's the best in the business. I had numerous calls to EVGA concerning performance concerns, step-up and general information. They were always kind, courteous, and willing to give out there time to take care of your needs. Plus, they always provide custom software with very frequent updates for tinkering and monitoring the parts performance. In the case of EVGA, it is using ICX technology which is awesome and provides so many data points about the cards power, temp, and performance specifics. I ended up electing to use the step-up program to get a 2080ti which I have both pro's and cons for. I and elated that they offer such a unique option to customers and I found that enrolling in it was a very pain free and fat process. I give many kudo's to them for offering such a great service.

Cons: Hitting on the main points of the card that I find displeasing.... - The card is advertised with 4K 60FPS performance in Destiny 2 which it achieves if you are standing still. Aiming down sites and renders an average 10 fps momentary loss in frame rate. Playing PVE activities, I see the FPS counter dip down as low as 41FPS when there is moderate to high activity occurring on the screen. In PVP activities, I will drop into the 30's with extreme dips into high 20's. This is main reason for the word choices in the title; performs at or below a 1080ti and over-priced for what you get. - Another negative point for me was the clear fan housing while I can see the finer points of it and appreciate them, I still find the overall appearance displeasing to the eye compared to other RTX models available. I really wish EVGA put more thought into the overall design. - As said above, I have cons about the step-up program; mainly 2. The first is the lengthy time line involved. With my step-up enrollment, I am on my 7 weeks of waiting for my reservation with no end in site thanks only to demand for these cards. I generally wish that EVGA kept separate stock for the Step-up program. This would dramatically reduce wait times. The other con is the inability to find out what your position in the cue is. Granted I understand why they limit this information. It still would be nice to be able call in and find out how many are ahead of you. Especially if budgeting for the additional funds expenditure if considering that while in the cue, these funds needed for step are basically just sitting in your account being tied up by a wait list. Beyond these two points, I have nothing but good things to say about their step-up.

Overall Review: Other then the lower then expected performance of this card and the higher then expected price tag. I have nothing offer that is applicable to this field.

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Steller performer with too small a heatsink1/8/2018 5:43:04 PM

Pros: Great overall design and includes a back plate with ball bearing fans. Very quiet and solid design. Comes with dual bios switch

Cons: Heat sink while adequate for gaming and other PC uses; situations that stress the card to greater than 80% load for extended periods (distributed computing) will cause the card to rapidly heat to 70C. Card even idles near 10 degrees hotter than similar sapphire cards.

Overall Review: Card needs a way better heatsink.

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My first ever Asrock Board and it is amazing. Asrock is my new Fav; Goodbye Asus.10/12/2017 8:59:34 AM

Pros: This is the first ever Asrock motherboard that I have owned and having grown tired of the available selections from Asus; Asrock has become my new favorite brand after just one day of use. I noticed right away when I took the board out of the box that I had a quality part by the look, the feel and the overall build quality. I am exceptionally happy that the board doesn't required a bunch of manufacturer bloat ware to make all of it's features work. Not only that but the Asrock chooses Intel networking components for it's intel based boards. Intel network card and such are known for their quality and reliability; Bravo Asrock. Overall, this board is vastly superior to any available from Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte. No other brand offers as many power phases from the VRM. May not seem like much but considering that the ROG Rampage 6 Extreme only has 8 power phases for a board that costs $250 more; that in itself make sit a poor choice when functionality and build quality mean more than aesthetics. Things I love about this board: 13 Phase VRM power Dual Intel 1gb NIC and 10GB NIC best UEFI bios in he business SoundBlaster Cinema 3 Sound 8 Layer PCB Black and Gunmetal color Scheme I love this board and I will be buying Asrock for the foreseeable future.

Cons: Nothing I personally dislike about this board. I runs super well

Overall Review: Not really a con but I do wish the VRM heat sink was larger and substantial; not that it gets hot or anything. It's just that the 13 phase VRM which can output up to 1300 watts of power, would need a larger heat sink if power was pushed that far. The other thing I feel worthy of mention; again not a con, is that in hardware monitoring software programs such as CPU-Z, they display the CPU iput voltage in plave of V-Core voltage. Not a big deal when you understand that but when you first see 1.792 volts showing as the CPU core voltage in CPU-Z; it will make you more than a little alarmed.

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