Amazing quality for the price1/23/2014 2:50:55 PM

Pros: Is very easy to overclock, you can either do it with the overclock button on the motherboard or in the bios with one click. It is just enough of a boost to make a difference, or you can do it easily with the MSI(TM) Intel(R) Extreme Tuning Utility. The sata ports make full use of ssds ( my x58 board posted a WEI of 7.3 this one posts 7.9 in Windows 7). The PCIe 3.0 slots are semi backwards compatable as they work with a 2.0 gpu (my gtx 580). The thing I like the most in all honesty is the dual bios its sexy.

Cons: The MSI dragon is not fully shown on heatsink for southbridge. And audio drivers are garbage out of the box keeps muting windows sound on me. I will try manually updating those when I am not feeling lazy.

Overall Review: The Killer Ethernet worked out of the box for me though it will not update for some reason (says latest flash not installed when it is). But I will fix with manual dll of newest firmware. I am still trying to make the audio not

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Nice1/11/2014 11:03:23 AM

Pros: Reads fast and every memory medium that it promises.

Cons: None

Overall Review: if it came in more than one color I would be even more ecstatic.

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Very nice for the money.11/22/2013 6:34:05 PM

Pros: I recently purchased 4 of these fans to replace one 230mm fan on the side of my HAF 932 case. I must say I did not expect what I got in the package. EVERY fan had extra mounting screws, and anything else a normal person would need to install them in their rig. So, I installed them and have ran them nonstop ever since. With no hiccups mind you.

Cons: Power cables are not longer, but who can really complain for $5.99 a piece.

Overall Review: I should have bought 12 more.

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