4/20/2010 8:37:14 AM

Pros: Nice all in one board for a simple system.

Cons: I'm a little disappointed with the lack of accessories in the box, just two SATA cables. The last ASUS board I bought had tons of extras in the box; but for $80 what do I expect?

Overall Review: Be aware that the memory slots are mixed between DDR2 and DDR3 and that you can't use both types at once. So what ever speed you choose you have two slots to put it in, buy accordingly. I loaded Server 2k3 on this machine, the supplied software disk doesn't seem to have the drivers, so I got them from the ASUS site. The ASUS driver setup utility doesn't like the OS so a little manual setup is required. By that I mean I either needed to find the actual setup file for the driver or point at them manually, no big deal, just takes time. If you are using Vista or Win7 for this board it should be fine.

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4/20/2010 8:25:30 AM

Pros: Tool-less case, removable hard drive rack, decent power supply for what it is. Looks are average, but its a case and sits under the desk so who cares. System fans are very quiet.

Cons: No documentation for the case at all. Blue power LED is bright like a flashlight, it actually projects a spot against a box 3-4 ft away, so if this is somewhere that might be a concern something would need to be done, like disconnect it or something.

Overall Review: Case is a little tight to work in, but it's a mini so its kind of expected. Description doesn't mention if the case fan is present, the Manufactures website says it doesn't come with a fan, mine did. After I bought one. That being said, the case fans are actually pretty quiet and there is a lot of room for airflow in the case.

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