FANTASTIC Product!7/10/2021 11:20:47 AM

Pros: Everything you could ever hope for in terms of great performance. Not once did i lose frames in games that i currently own. It ran games well over 100FPS (Unless i have VSync on then it stays at 75hz. Nonetheless you won't experience frame drops.) It comes with a keyboard and mouse as well! (The mouse is a bit to small for my preference since i have giant hands, but i digress.) Very colorful as well! (For me i can't turn off the lights nor does the program work which i don't mind. I love the rainbow effect it has goin)

Cons: The ONLY issue i had when first ordering was i had to get a replacement since the first time i bought this. I waited almost a week 1/2 and the tracking never updated. It always said "UPS created a label, but hasn't been picked up" so i had to get in contact with newegg for a replacement and my new pc came in just 2 days so that's amazing. You do need to upgrade your storage. 500GB isn't enough so i bought a 2TB hard drive. (I recommend the barracuda if you wanna upgrade storage) and 500W for the power supply does need to be upgraded if you don't want to run the risk of damaging the PC in the long run. 500W is the minimum, but more would be better. Thankfully my old pc had a 1000W so i switched them out.

Overall Review: On sale you should get this PC! Thankfully i was able to get this PC during sale. I'd say get it if you want fast startups, quick restarts, and just great performance overall!

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