Core vs. ICON3/11/2015 9:19:06 AM

Pros: Unique. Suprisingly good cooling performance for a slim case. Good compatibility with AIOs, snap-on side panels, aluminum exterior. Happy overall with mine - considering it's a slim case, there are some pitfalls but nothing out of line with the form factor.

Cons: You need to know what you're getting into with the Pandora. It is a micro-ATX SLIM case. If you're expecting to be able to just toss some components in and call it a day, you'll probably be a bit frustrated. Cable management will require a bit of dedication. Routing cables behind the motherboard tray will take a bit of experience and thought.

Overall Review: Just wanted to comment on the Core vs. ICON versions of the Pandora. The "Core" versions DO NOT have the LCD display, the "ICON" versions do. It isn't clear in the titles which one you are ordering (hint: the LCD display versions are more expensive, which *should* be obvious...) - to assist, take a look at the model names. If the model name/# has an "L" anywhere, it has the LCD display (L for LCD). If it has an "N", it does not have the display (N for No LCD). For example, the item BFC-PAN-300-KKWN1-RP is the PANdora, BlacK, with Window, No LCD. The item BFC-PAN-300-KKWL1-RP is the PANdora, BlacK, Window, 'L'CD. Therefore, the Silver / Nonwindow / LCD version would be the BFC-PAN-300-KSXL1-RP, etc. (PAN, S=Silver, X=no window, L=LCD). For what it's worth, both the Core and ICON versions include an aluminum Bitfenix casew badge.

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Error with voltage reading not fault of board!10/2/2014 12:28:15 PM

Pros: It turns out that I needn't have worried about overclocking with "surprise" voltage - the higher-than-expected voltage I found upon checking with CPU-Z was merely an error with that version of the software (fixed with the latest version, 1.70+), not the board itself. I wanted to make sure to adjust my review! My FX-8320 is still running just fine at 4.6 GHz, and seems to run better at 4.7 on this board than on a 990FX board that it is normally in. The board itself has performed flawlessly. The upgraded sound is a really nice makes it difficult to use boards without it! For the curious, I tested the 970 Gaming with a Phenom II x2 555 I had sitting around. This board unlocked the x2 555 to a full quad core, overclocked and stable at 3.9 GHz. The VRMs on this board are great!

Cons: Would still love to be able to manually enter a static voltage :)

Overall Review: I'm beginning to prefer this board over a M5A99FX Pro R2 that I have - while some of the power controls of the other board are nice, the MSI 970 Gaming strikes a nice balance between outright overclocking performance and features like enhanced audio. This is quickly becoming my favorite AM3+ board, and definitely the best in its price range for someone like me.

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Just...awesome. BEST mouse for the price, for larger hands.8/10/2014 6:44:33 PM

Pros: This is the mouse that singlehandedly switched me from a claw grip to a palm grip, especially for general computer use. I had the rev 1 version, and loved it - it's still working, but I've had to clean out the primary switches to keep it from double clicking after 6+ months. Anyway, glad they made the revisions they did for this model - the new switches are noticeably better, along with the scroll wheel. It's an amazingly comfortable mouse - but it's definitely for palm grip users only! Not to mention those with larger hands. The sensor in both revisions worked flawlessly for me, on multiple surfaces (it's an Avago I think, similar to the sensor used in the SteelSeries Sensai, Mionix's, some Roccat's - the Kone+ used one I think). Anyway, no skips or jitters on a Func Surface 1030 r2, but it works fine on a Razer Goliathus and Destructor 2 as well. Software is clean, simple, and easy to use. The entire product just seems more...sophisticated than most products in this category. I feel like I can set it on my desk in my office and not feel like I have to explain myself. Love the soft-touch finish and the overall shape, along with the customizable lighting and unique, subdued method of showing profile/DPI status (the three orange/white LEDs on the "seam"). Oh, and it stores profiles LOCALLY - as in, on the device itself. No silly cloud drivers to get in the way, no internet connection needed to restore your settings. *This is the way it SHOULD be!*

Cons: The only downside to the settings software that I've found is when bringing your Func MS-3 r2 to a new machine. If you want to change the already customized settings (stored in mouse memory), you'll need to install the settings software - no big deal, but it doesn't detect the customized settings on the mouse, so you'll need to start over. NOTE - your customized settings ARE stored on the mouse, if you don't want to change anything when moving to a new computer you're fine, but if you just want to change one profile's button assignment you have to redo all of them. Not that big of a con - there's a backup and restore function in the software, so you can just import your profile again on a new machine to get around that issue. Personally, for gaming, I feel the palm grip is inherently inferior for precision.... (braces for flurry of angry responses...) I just can't get the same minute movements from my wrist and palm like I can my fingertips. Still, it's so comfortable... Anyway, that's pretty much personal preference, and with practice it's nothing to worry about.

Overall Review: I like what Func is doing with their peripherals. I like their no-nonsense approach to the software and design of their products. I like that they get out of their own way to just let YOU use your computer and are content to blend into the background - that's how peripherals should work, in my opinion. Doesn't hurt that they look great sitting on a desk though, I suppose :) Oh, and the price is better than anything else with these features - especially if you like customizable LEDs. Well done Func!

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Excellent Service by Newegg6/9/2014 7:44:01 PM

Pros: Originally bought this power supply back in 2012 or something, power delivery was great the whole time. The fan just now started to rattle and vibrate excessively. Contacted Rosewill for an RMA just to ask about the fan, they told me to send the whole thing in. Whole process was painless, and they sent me a new HIVE-750 - except the new one had flat cables!!! Had to throw a review up here just to say that, apparently the new ones have flat cables like the CM "V" series of PSUs. Very cool. Power delivery seems to be just fine.

Cons: There are probably better platforms, but at the time I bought one it was one of the best priced semi-modular power supplies on the market. Glad to see it has held up over time. Had it in a BitFenix Prodigy M for awhile, maybe the vertical orientation is what finally did the fan in after two years, hard to say - but that was the only problem I had with it, and Rosewill/Newegg took care of it without a fuss.

Overall Review: Has powered systems like: Core i5-2500K 4.6 + XFire 7970s Core i5-2500K 4.8 + R9 290 FX-8320 @ 4.6 + 7970 Core i5-3570K 4.4 + R9 290 And probably quite a few other combinations of similar components over the years.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
An update to previous review2/25/2014 9:09:02 AM

Pros: Wanted to make sure I was accurate, I tried the Ouroboros again on this pad and it tracked just fine - no jitters like before. Still had to turn off the mouse mat compatibility features in Synapse though.

Cons: Not sure if this is much of a con, but keep it clean! Oil from your hands/fingers will affect tracking ever so slightly - started noticing some weird movement from a SteelSeries Sensei where it had worked just fine before, wiping the oils off the pad quick fixed it (more of an issue on the smooth side, rough side doesn't get affected as much). Less of a problem with palm grip mice / MS-3, since less of your hand touches the mat unlike the lower profile mice (Sensei, Lachesis, etc.)

Overall Review: Got a chance to try the G9x like I mentioned in my original post, wanted to say it tracks perfectly too and glides smooth on both surfaces.

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Mouse looks new, box doesn't. Fine with me.2/20/2014 9:01:44 AM

Pros: Looks great, comfortable, very satisfied with the feel and performance. The lighting effects are neat (I like strange colors like orange, aqua and light blue - hard to find without a multi-color LED system). Software is easy to use, combines on-board memory with an option for cloud sync - that's how it SHOULD be done (ahem). Can be used without drivers once you have it configured. Huge plus for me. I know they're working on a new version of SteelSeries engine, so I'm sure it'll change over time - hopefully on-board memory sticks around through all of it. Grip is a low-profile, claw-oriented grip. People seem to praise the Intellimouse heritage, and I'd tend to agree - it's pretty comfortable, and lends to a feeling of control. Overall, I am very satisfied for the refurbished price, although I don't think I would have felt the same at the normal retail price.

Cons: While the metallic finish looks very cool (especially with the lighting effects), it just reminds me why I prefer matte/soft touch rubber finishes. When dry, it's very grippy for a smooth surface - as soon as your hands sweat slightly, it gets very slippery. Personal preference, and I know some prefer the exact opposite. Would be cool if they made a rubberized version (I know the Sensei RAW comes in glossy or rubberized, but why not the Sensei?) Ultimately, it doesn't affect use that much, so it just isn't that big of a deal - just be aware if you're particular about such things.

Overall Review: My first experience with SteelSeries was a Sensei RAW. I liked the implementation, was just impressed overall. I'm always looking for "that perfect peripheral" (hint: they don't exist :) ), so I like to try all different brands and styles. Refurbished products are a great way to try products you wouldn't really have considered otherwise, and I'm glad I tried one of these. It'll probably always be a backup mouse for me, I like the button tension, frame, and finish (soft touch/rubber) on the Lachesis better. It looks amazing and the lighting effects are nicely done though, and the low profile/Intellimouse grip style is surprisingly comfortable. Overall a good experience - a good introduction to SteelSeries products for me.

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Razer Tartarus1/22/2014 2:23:54 PM

Pros: Very comfortable. I prefer using keypads because they're usually much more ergonomic / comfortable than any keyboard I've tried. I like the non-staggered layout of the keys on the Tartarus, the even "pool" of green light under the backlit keys, the snappy action of the low-profile membrane keys (yes, even coming from an Orbweaver) and the overall matte finish. Very programmable, although I don't really use it for that (it's mostly a comfortable replacement for WASD for me). The device itself is comfortable, attractive, and feels like an upgrade over most (if not all, especially in regards to comfort) keyboards. Even though it loses a scroll wheel from the n52te (potentially three buttons), it gains a more "normal" key layout and seemingly-better build quality.

Cons: I just...don' Synapse. It wouldn't be so bad if the Tartarus had a sensible default key layout, but why Caps-Lock?? I needed the software to change the bottom-left key (#11) to Ctrl (from default of Shift) and the one above that (key #6) to Shift (from Caps-Lock). The "space bar" thumbrest button is a bit of a reach for me, so I remapped Space to the smaller button above the D-pad (much more comfortable, and I've done the same on the Orbweaver and Nostromo before this). To be fair, Synapse DOES do a decent job if you have lots of Razer peripherals, I just think on-board memory is a VASTLY better solution. I've had too many weird scenarios with Synapse (resetting keymaps, constantly checks the "enhance pointer precision" box in mouse properties) that wouldn't be an issue with on-board memory.

Overall Review: I currently have a Razer Orbweaver and Belkin n52te (along with a Saitek Command Pad and Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander), and for FPS games especially I like the Tartarus. The D-pad for the thumb is easier to use than the one on the Orbweaver (I use it to switch weapons in Battlefield, 1-4 in other games) and it is much more comfortable overall. Some may balk at the idea of spending a full keyboard's worth of $ on half a keyboard, but the comfort for me is very worth it. It fits on a desk easier, it can allow for comfortable game play AND a nice typing experience (by allowing a dedicated typing board) and looks nice too. It's nice to see Razer return to their signature green, but other LED color options would be great.

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Works great1/22/2014 12:36:52 PM

Pros: 4-pin PWM splitter, helpful for those push/pull configs on CPU coolers. Works great, good quality (especially for the price), one of those things that are nice to have extras of. Sleeving seems good quality, heat shrink doesn't shift on installation like some other cables.

Cons: ...?

Overall Review: Not really designed as an extension cable. Ideal for CPU cooling fans, use on other areas of the case will be a toss up depending on your case and the length of the fan cable.

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Read the product DETAILS7/8/2013 9:56:47 AM

Pros: TRUE 200mm diameter fan. Please understand what this means - 200mm fans haven't been available for THAT long, and only recently were the spacings "standardized." From what I understand, NZXT forged ahead with their own standard in the past before all of this was finalized (at least someone took some initiative to get us some big fans right?) - keep in mind, this was probably when 80mm fans were still a popular option... Just guessing... Anyway, their previous fans (I have some) only fit their own cases (Vulcan in my case, also the early Phantoms) because of their unique specification (193mm). I AM GLAD they have adjusted their spec to match the rest of the market, not only with their fans but with their new cases as well! They should not be penalized for doing this, it makes it easier for all of us enthusiasts. Please refrain from leaving negative reviews because you didn't read the product description (it clearly states compatibility), as it doesn't help inform any of us potential buyers of anything helpful (other than what we can already infer from READING the product description). By all means, leave bad reviews if the fan is actually bad, that's what I'm trying to find out...

Cons: Seriously, it is clearly stated in the product description. TRUE 200mm diameter. It ONLY fits in the "new" NZXT cases (Phantom 820, 630 and newer) - AND every other case that uses 200mm fans (with the 154mm spacing - which is most of them, which solves the main complaint of the other 193mm NZXT fans...). It would be nice if NZXT could sell some sort of adapter for their older cases....Being as those fans were slightly smaller, you'd probably run into clearance issues anyway. Again, I just want to reiterate: here's a company that changed their spacing to match what was available and "more widely used." I'm glad I have more options for 200mm fans now, and that I can use these fans on other cases if I'd like. Hopefully someone will come along and review the actual fan itself, I'd like to know things that are hard to get from READING a product description, such as noise profile, bearing noise, etc. My personal con? Finally, an orange LED fan for the Vulcan...but it won't fit (which I knew by reading the product description). Any chance NZXT would consider a Vulcan update?

Overall Review: The product description specifies clearly the differences between this fan, and its compatibility: True 200mm Wide Diameter (Opposed to 193mm) New Standard 154mm Spacing Compatible With Phantom 820, Phantom 630 and Future NZXT Cases I appreciate that NZXT has moved on to true 200mm diameter fans. Orange LED fans are hard to find, and now there's another option - choices are good.

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Thank you for a great product!8/31/2012 11:46:21 AM

Pros: I've been looking for a product such as this, to the extent that I've assembled a batch of RGB LEDs and was going to custom program an arduino or something to allow custom colors (think Alienware's AlienFX, and you're on the right track). Although it's been a fun project and I've learned a lot, I'm so very glad a manufacturer has developed and shipped a product that essentially does the same thing, and at an awesome price point as well. I've got my HUE up and running in a Rosewill Thor V2 case, and the length of the included (single) RGB LED strip was enough to go from the HUE controller, out of the 5.25 bays, down the front of the case, along the bottom, up the backside, across the top, and back to the 5.25 bay with quite a bit of overlap (all of this was along the "access panel" side, not the back side where the cables would be routed). I'm sure this would work for the majority of cases/situations out there. Every LED seems to display the entire range of colors perfectly.

Cons: I'm going to continue the pros here for a bit: the front panel with the dials will also shine through the mesh with whatever color you have set (NICE touch NZXT!), the RGB dials on the front feel solid and tactile, the controls are pretty intuitive (I was up and running in <5 min, with a quick hackjob of routing the LED strip - properly routing it shouldn't take much longer). The LED strip has connectors on both ends, I'm assuming it's going to be easy to add length if you need to. As far as cons? Well, honestly, at the price point this product is listed, I feel it is a no-frills addition that allows you to freely customize the lights in your rig however you want. It does that PERFECTLY. Build quality is great for what this product does. However, it "would" be pretty neat (version 2!) to include some other features, although it would then have to be more expensive (such as fan controlling options, perhaps a single switch to connect LED fan lights as well).

Overall Review: Here's hoping that NZXT continues to develop products in this line (compatible LED fans, LED kits to change out existing power/HDD LEDs in whatever case you may have, fan controllers/hookups - I would be VERY interested in another version that could be expanded with these features). Summary: If you're like me, and can't decide what your favorite color is or like to have all of your components match, this is an excellent product that adds that customized look to your rig. It's superficial, it won't make your computer faster, but it's still money well spent in my opinion. It would take a lot of components (and money) to have the variety of choices of colors you get with this kit. It was an instant purchase for me, I've been looking for a product like this, and don't regret it one bit. They're still pretty new, so we'll see how it holds up, but build quality seems pretty good and there aren't many parts to it - simple and effective.

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Manufacturer Response:
We want to thank you for being a customer of NZXT and we appreciate you taking the time to send your feedback and will continue to strive to make our products better. ^^

Pros: I've owned 2 of the red LED, and one each of the blue and green LED R4 fans - all of them have performed great, they do their job, and each feel like they move a lot of air (I don't have the equipment to test them, but "compared to other fans" they feel like they have more pressure and airflow). I haven't experienced any bearing issues or excessive noise, but I've been seeing lots of reviews that have and I wanted to address the noise issue (some reviews have already stated this - just restating the fact so more will read about a possible fix, and so others don't think their fans are defective). These fans ARE very quiet, UNLESS you use them as intake fans next to slotted or meshed intake vents (I'm assuming hex mesh as well). A spacer or fan gasket might reduce the high-pitched whine you hear when using these as intake fans (which they do a good job of!). You may have to get creative, but know that these fans are great fans, especially for the price!

Cons: I first noticed the whine when I purchased two of the red LED fans for the side panel of a CM Storm Scout - they would whine pretty loudly when mounted, but flip em around or move them away from the intake "slots" and the noise disappears. The noise is purely from air rushing into the fan (must be a result of the fan housing, spacing, and shape of the blades? Air moving over the blades makes almost a "whistling" sound when up against another surface with holes), and not from the bearing or any mechanical noise. You can easily test this by flipping the fan around or testing it outside of your case. Just give it a shot before you throw them away because you think they're loud! Or you can send them my way if you think they're defective ;D

Overall Review: I know I'm not the first one to discover this, but I thought this situation needed more exposure - it seems a lot of reviewers think these fans are ridiculously loud, and I want to make sure anyone that is looking at buying these fans (or already has some) is aware that these ARE very quiet, even at full speed. You just need to consider their placement, or experiment a bit if you use them for intakes (I haven't used them on a CPU cooler, so I don't know if they would make the intake noise in a push/pull configuration). Summary - GREAT fans, especially for the price, with a tendency to whine if placed immediately up against mesh. I've noticed many other higher performance fans do this as well when used as intakes, so I'd take the egg away from aerodynamics before taking them away from these fans if you experience noise.

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Current Best Value / Dollar IMO12/2/2010 11:42:42 AM

Pros: The pros and specs are covered in all your favorite review sites, so I'll just give my own experience in owning this product - this is probably the best value for dollar video card I've ever purchased. Zero issues so far, running off a 530W PSU (2 12V rails, 20A + 17A) and this card overclocks to 6870 specs without an issue. No "scientific" benchmarks, but I swear, with an OC, this card runs right up there with my 5850, while using less power. I can't wait to see what the 6900 series will do, if this is any indication.

Cons: Umm....they're in high demand, so the price went up? They....perform better than the last generation for less money?? Do these even count??? I guess the power connector on this specific card connects at the "back" of the card instead of out the side (towards the side of a case). Maybe you'll run into space issues because of that, but since this card is shorter than the 5850 it replaced.....I doubt it. Just listing it for completion more than anything, it doesn't bother me.

Overall Review: I sold an old system with an X3 720 and 5850, and built a new one with an X2 555 (unlocked to quad) and 6850... a more power efficient system, with greater OC headroom, real similar or GREATER performance, and IT COST LESS. I'm not sure if I hate technological progress so much as love that this is even possible. I wish other industries worked like that sometimes :) Cars should be flying by now....

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Great for its intended use!12/4/2009 10:33:39 AM

Pros: Flawless wired/wireless transitions, turns power off while in wired mode (doesn't use battery while plugged in), can even use without batteries (wired only of course), looks great!, acceptably (surprisingly) comfortable for a notebook mouse, huge fan of the LARGE teflon pads at every corner (I know they made a mat to go with the Orochi, but if you're truly using it for a mobile mouse you may not always have a nice desk/flat surface to put a pad on, so it's nice to know the feet'll last for awhile on less than perfect surfaces). I haven't noticed any "finicky" issues with the sensor like I had experienced with my Lachesis, it tracks amazingly well on substandard surfaces (the Lachesis NEEDS a quality hard pad...) and my all-time gaming mouse requirement - firm tactile feedback on the main mouse buttons. I don't know about anyone else, but I hate squishy buttons, so this is a welcome design choice. Really, it fits perfectly into the role it was designed for in my opinion.

Cons: Well, you should understand that this IS a mobile mouse - it's small for a gaming mouse...but that's kind of its main don't let that surprise you (the razerzone website shows size comparisons to give you an idea). Also, I can't really imagine this would be anyone's main/only (gaming) mouse, so it makes for an expensive secondary mouse. My only personal "con" is the decision to have the glossy sides - I understand you wouldn't want rubber/sticky surfaces close to the surface/pad to avoid grabbing the pad/surface, but c'mon - it's a small mouse, you'll grip it mostly by the sides by design (at least I do), it's annoying to have your grip slide when lifting or reorienting the mouse. I know it looks good, but please include at least a small area to grip on the sides other than the buttons...

Overall Review: The top of the mouse is attached by magnets, you just pull the rubber coated portion straight up off the body of the mouse, and the batteries are right there. Threw me off at first, thought I broke it :) Works better than I thought though. Overall, a great product for its intended market, "especially" for dual wired/wireless features (keep in mind, because of the bluetooth, the sensor is limited in DPI and polling rate while in wireless mode). Say what you want, but I personally love the aesthetics of Razer mice and peripherals, and this one is definitely a looker. Great job Razer, I love having options, so keep expanding your product line! (I bought my Orochi from a different site, they've been hard to find in stock anywhere, so pleased to see them finally listed on Newegg - just so you know, I didn't get mine from here, although I would have in an instant if they were available - better prices and shipping from the Egg in most cases!)

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I LOVE this thing10/23/2009 11:02:56 AM

Pros: I haven't owned a notebook mouse in awhile, but they are handy for some extra precision (touchpads only go so far...) This thing is an INCREDIBLE value, in my very own humble opinion. I'm really picky on my mice (weird, I know) but I was excited to try this one out - wasn't sure of the shape, but when I got a chance to try it out, I was excited that you can get a mouse like this for under 30 USD. Looks good, feels comfortable in my hand, buttons give decent feedback, and the hyperscroll wheel is one of those things you don't think you need until you try it. Precise and smooth enough for some gaming, wireless lag not noticeable to me (but it's no Mamba...although it IS $100 cheaper....) Great product at a great value!

Cons: Had to take off a star for the apparent incompatibility with the touchpad on my eeepc 900, but other than that....

Overall Review: Glad I tried it out, one of the best mice I've had for the price. Love the storable receiver and carrying pouch it comes with.

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Rather nice10/23/2009 10:56:56 AM

Pros: Nice surface, yes, it's similar to other cheap pads you might find sitting around, but there IS an extra bit of quality in both the rubber and the surface - for the price I got it for, it is worth the cost. Love the speed surface, my DeathAdder glides soooooo nicely on this pad, Orochi works just fine too, I'm guessing higher DPI's will track okay if the Orochi does...

Cons: Hard to find in stock anywhere, I prefer the smaller sizes, but looking back on it, if you have the space, you might as well spring for the Alpha (largest) version, they're easier to find anyway

Overall Review: I've owned an Exactmat, Destructor, and now this - I like the comfort of soft pads, and they don't seem to scratch up when little specs of dust invariably get on the surface - no wiping constantly like with my Destructor (nice pad too though...if you can find it for less than 39) All in all, my favorite Razer mouse pad to date

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10/23/2009 10:52:02 AM

Pros: Low latency...

Cons: seems to run a little warmer, compatibility issues are a possibility

Overall Review: Didn't work on an eeepc 900, but worked fine in a dell inspiron 1400 series, so your mileage may vary...

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Does its job10/23/2009 10:50:02 AM

Pros: Expandable, wheels, soft pads to avoid scratches, pretty sturdy

Cons: Not too many, sides are a little high if you have fans on the side of your case down low...

Overall Review: Awesome for the price, helps if you move your computer around quite a bit (wheeling it around is waaay easier) - I have a bottom-mounted fan on my case that brings in fresh air, this keeps it from sucking in stuff from the floor

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purchased for eeepc 90011/14/2008 11:57:13 AM

Pros: Works without a problem, installed without a hitch into an eee pc 900, worked flawlessly since.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Was shipped overseas to Iraq, received quicker than I thought possible! Thanks again Newegg!

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