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Prolimatech, possibly the best fans ever?5/20/2020 4:44:05 PM

Pros: Great air and sound performance, excellnt build quality, love that its a 140 with 120 mounting.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: These fans are outstanding, i've used this as my intake in my Raijintek Ophion Evo. It is outstanding for intake air flow.

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Great proformance5/20/2020 4:41:38 PM

Pros: Great air flow to dB ratio/ performance. I've used these on my Deepcool captain 240 and they work great.

Cons: Wish they came in white (couldn't find them if they do). This isn't relaly a con though.

Overall Review: Great air flow. Great sound rating at all speeds.

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Very good AIO5/15/2020 3:57:43 PM

Pros: Solid build quality, great RGB

Cons: Fans are a bit noisy if they hit max speed

Overall Review: Great build quality and really good performance. The fans are noisier than I typically use but not all that bad. Install was simple, Ive used air coolers that took more effort. I really like the design, for a few more dollars you can get a similar Corsair with RGB fans which would’ve been a nice addition but so far I’m extremely happy. **UPDATE** I have this cooling my Ryzen 7 3700X in a Raijintek Ophion EVO, i have it setup in a push pull using prolimatech slim ultra sleek vortex fans and now it is top notch. Idle temps around 40, when gaming i'm in the upper 50 to 60 range, small tweak but now it's fantastic and quiet.

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Looks like a GC controller, thats about it5/15/2020 3:51:06 PM

Pros: It looks like a real GC controller. The feel is just like a GC controller.

Cons: The D-Pad and analog sticks do not function seperatley like they are supposed to. The C-Stick also does this shared function with some of the other buttons. On top of this shipping took forever, which given the circumstances is a bit understandable but it took a month for me to get a controller that does not work correctly.

Overall Review: Basically the pros and cons sectoins lay out everything, its useless to be used with actual GC games due to the control functions overlapping, it makes games unplayable.

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It’s a controller4/25/2020 3:40:15 PM

Pros: Quality

Cons: None

Overall Review: I’m usually a PlayStation controller kinda guy, I’ve had a playstation style controller since they came out back in 95 but this controller hits all the high notes. Great form, function, features, feel. I highly recommend it to anyone and the fact you don’t need an adapter like the older co trollers to use the wireless is fantastic.

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Great case for this price point4/25/2020 3:37:06 PM

Pros: Solid quality

Cons: The foam to seal the sides is a little tacky

Overall Review: Build quality is great, usb-c port on the front is a nice touch. The amount of space is great inside considering the small footprint, live having a small mini-it’s with a 240 rad. Sealing the glass panels I think is essential for good air flow with a bottom fan but the foam strips are a little low grade compared to the rest of the case. That aside this is a massive check for Raijintek in my book and I will certainly check out cases for future builds.

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Um... Awesome4/25/2020 3:28:23 PM

Pros: Everything except price

Cons: Price

Overall Review: This card is super fast and the white aesthetic is just awesome. This card is big but that’s should be expected with a 2080 Ti especially a ASUS ROG 2080Ti. I have effectively maxed out all of my setting in every game at 3849x1200 / 144hz. It seems like some games it was actually causing issues from too high of frame rates so I’ve capped the FPS at 100 and I’d have to say it stays pretty close to that in a lot of games. Battlefield V with ray trace on and everything maxed I’m usually in the 70FPS range. Great card and happy I bought it, fits my build nicely but man do you have to pay a premium..... so worth it though.

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I believe this has a typo!7/2/2016 4:09:10 PM

Pros: None

Cons: None

Overall Review: I believe this listing has a typo, this says its using a AM3+ motherboard with the 760G chipset and uses DDR4 memory, this has to be a mistake.

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Great drive7/10/2014 5:46:10 PM

Pros: Bought 2 of these because they were on sale (one for games one for OS) cheaper than the samsung 1TB. First boot was a bit slow and the second wasn't much faster but after the third boot it was almost instant windows.

Cons: None, i was a bit skeptical because i have only ever used seagate drive and patriot SSD's but crucial is definitely a great drive so far.

Overall Review: None this drive is excellent.

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Excellent7/10/2014 5:40:39 PM

Pros: Bought this for my Wife's mac book pro to keep everything backed up. Had it hooked up and had the whole computer backed up in a bout 2 hours. Works great.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Great deal, works as it should.

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Excellent7/10/2014 5:37:57 PM

Pros: TV is on par with much more expensive TV's. Absolutely excellent tv for the price if you want to upgrade to 4K. Movies like Transformers and Avatar are EXCELLENT on this TV.

Cons: Every now and again the TV has a weird flicker but it seems like its only when we watch regular TV. The TV works excellent with my blu ray player.

Overall Review: Not a lot of features and the system menu is a bit lacking but for 699 for a 4K TV with picture quality that rivals my much more expensive samsung plasma TV you can not beat this thing.

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