Stay away from it4/29/2014 7:55:34 AM

Pros: non at all

Cons: broke down in 5 weeks poor customer service

Overall Review: when i buy a product i like to think that i buys the company support as well in case of something going wrong... Well in this case the PS gave up on me so i sent out to "warranty" just to it back the way i sent it out what a joke of company , say away from it , think it in this way,,,, are you willing do deal with a dead power supply in 2-5 weeks and all the issues that is to get a replace for it??????

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one of the best out there3/24/2014 9:30:54 AM

Pros: price, good GPU fan

Cons: non

Overall Review: I got this video card to have it on a computer working 24/7 running "video simulators" NOT high end videos, temps never go more than 48-50C with the fan at 100% on hope that helps for the next guy buy it .....

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8 degrees down11/19/2013 11:37:21 AM

Pros: Easy to install, not expensive

Cons: it will probably void any warranty on the video card

Overall Review: My video card was getting some high temps , i don't think the stock heat sink/fan was not enough so i thought this would help which i did, but if a would have to buy it again i would go with a dual one instead

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Works fine11/4/2013 1:00:44 PM

Pros: not to small, not too big just the right side

Cons: It gets hot , it should have at less two fans for cooling,

Overall Review: works fine with a few high graphic games i have, video card does get some high temps so make sure you have a good cooling case, or add some extra fans to the case, i think that is why a lot of people have issues with it

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at
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Work PC11/4/2013 12:51:04 PM

Pros: Small and easy to install

Cons: non

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