Beautiful board all around. AM3 and AM4 cooler solutions made my day!5/4/2017 1:51:48 PM

Pros: The cooling mount solution to be either am3 or am4 is a very nice feature and saved my skin when doing my build as I was able to use my Kraken x62 from day one without having to wait for nzxt to send me the mounting kit for the am4. The aura lighting is very stylish as well as not over the top as it is conservative in nature not to deter away from other nice features of the board. Very nice they included a HB SLI bridge as it saved me an additional 50 bucks to have bought one separately and running the chance of having me order one either too long or too short.

Cons: Took a while to get used to the bios and trying to find the right settings to get my memory to run either at rated or better speeds as well as to get the cpu to run at turbo or better frequencies. No anti-static bag in the packaging, however just a cheap anti-static sheet of thin plastic underneath the board. The included drink coaster (though not as much of a con than just poor marketing strategy) is made from cardboard and not plastic (Plastic would have increased the longevity of the coaster and therefore making a longer lasting impression as to the customer service associated with their products.), but like I said, not really a con. Only one USB 2.0 header on the board. I got lucky and ordered the NZXT internal usb hub which if you want to plug in more than one device on this style header, something identical or similar is required and not included. AM3 mounting required a seperate backplate. I took the one off my old board but would have been nice to at least include a cheap plastic one to get people by. This board supports WIFI directly on the motherboard, however, is a feature that is sold separately.

Overall Review: I have the 1800x cpu and with the eztweek (or ezsetup, I cannot quite remember), I was able to get a stable 4.0GHz on the processor and 2735MHz on the 2666MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM I have. Despite what some reviewers have stated about the 1080p gaming on this processor and/or board, I was running the FX 9590 with 1866 Memory before upgrading to this and in games like Doom, I went from a stable 60fps up somewhere between 140-175fps running two Asus Strix GTX 1070 OC cards in SLI. I know there will still be a lot more bugs for both AMD and Asus to work out, however, after seeing the difference from running the 9590 to this, I will be anxious to see what bios update will bring to the table and hope that AMD will finally give Intel a run for their money. 5/4/2017 Just to give an update on my previous review, i decided to go ahead and come back and add a few more comments to this review. After using this motherboard for over a month now, I can say that with the right bios version (1002), I have been able to run a stable overclock at or a little above 4.0GHz (and have had it stable at 4.1GHz for a while before other device drivers updated (Nvidia Share for example) and have been very impressed with its performance as well as its ease of use. Under no conditions would I consider myself to be more than an average PC user with minimal skills when it comes to overclocking, but if I was able to get these numbers, then I would assume most people would be able to get the same (unless I just managed to win the silicone lottery with my 1800x). With this board and my 1800x, I've been able to do some amazing gameplay videos for my youtube channel without the need to run my game capture on a different system. So to date the system I have has the following components in it: Ryzen 7 1800x @ 4.0GHz Asus Crosshair VI Hero Motherboard (2) 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 Memory @ 2735MHz (2) Asus Strix ROG GTX 1070's OC in SLI (2) Western Digital 4TB HHDs (not in raid) EVGA 1000 Watt Supernova G3 Power Supply NZXT Phantom 820 Case in White NZXT Hue+ LED Lights (with extension kit x1 ) NZXT Internal USB Hub (motherboard only has one USB 2.0 Header) NZXT Kraken X62 280MM AIO Liquid Cooler LG BD-RW Drive The build video and some gameplay videos can be seen on my channel on Youtube @ I would definitely recommend this motherboard to anyone who is interested in building a Ryzen based system as I believe that this motherboard offers a lot more to the average user and has many features that more advanced users would even enjoy.

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great value for a quality product3/25/2012 1:14:17 AM

Pros: Durable and very stylish. Very cheap but made from quality plastic. Fits my EVO 3d perfect and still allows easy access to the buttons, 2d-3d switch, camera button and volume and power buttons. Expecially nice when laying my phone on my work desk. Allows plenty of space between the screen and cameras to the desk so greatly minimizes risk of damage and scratching to my phone.

Cons: Little difficult to put on, but was also very cautious cause got the case same day as my phone so been on my phone since I've gotten it. Also made my power button very sensitive, but guess not too bad since many cases I've had for other phones would have to strain to get the power button pressed it.

Overall Review: If you have an EVO 3d, then don't pass this product up. Would spend 20 bucks in the mall or other cellular stores, but for this price plus free shipping then would be dumb not to get. Genes why I gave it the full 5 eggs.

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Excellent CPU2/16/2008 7:55:51 PM

Pros: Just got this CPU the other day along with all new parts for my new gaming rig and couldn't have done better as far as the selection on AM2 CPUs goes. Had gotten the Scythe Cross KAMA CPU cooler and idles around 34C and under full load about 47C. Also used ArticSilver 5 Ceramique which was easy to apply on the CPU

Cons: most expensive x2 athlon around, but not a con when compaired to Intel's branded CPUs.

Overall Review: Little too early to tell, but when more demanding games come to market, I'll have to see about OC, staying at factor setting for a bit since mobo reads it as an unknown AMD processor, but may just be the mobo.

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Was on a budget but made a good investment2/16/2008 7:48:21 PM

Pros: Nice looks and performance with the gamer in mind. Bought two of these and ran FSX without crossfire enabled and was able to place settings on high and res on med to low and handled fery nicely, then enabled crossfire and ran it @ 1680x1050 and let me tell you something... WOW!!! at details that high with that resolution, I could see my house from here...

Cons: none other than installing on my Motherboard which only has one slot between the two PCI-E x16 slots. But got case with 120mm fan on the side directly above the cards, so everythings nice and cool, kind of a pro really. Good cooling even with both cards next to eachother.

Overall Review: Catalyst drivers are new to me since I've been on Nvidia for the past 8 years, and with these cards in my rig, HELL WITH NVIDIA, AMEN TO ATI!!!

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Awesome Motherboard for less than 90 bucks2/16/2008 7:40:17 PM

Pros: Supports Raid 0, Very nice boot screen, instead of seeing text like I'm used to. Comes with plenty of goodies, supports crossfire, handles my x2 6400 black edition very well, onboard sound is very compariable to my sound blaster HD card.

Cons: didn't put itself together, and still won't wash my dishes.

Overall Review: If you wanna overclock later on, but don't want to spend much on the board (in my case, got this board and x2 6400 black edition for later oc), then this is the board to go. Also, running two HIS IceQ Turbo HD2600xt cards and using Aspire X-Navigator case and reversed 120mm fan to intake air, no overheating once so ever and OC the cards a little

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Awesome for the price2/16/2008 7:32:42 PM

Pros: Plenty of potential for great airflow. Keeps my dual HD2600XTs cool considering both cards are on top of another, just flipped the 120mm fan around and perfect cooling for my crossfire setup. Used included power supply (since lacks wattage for my new rig) in my old system and all voltages are ok and seems stable. I'm always loosing the few screws that come with most cases, but the amount of screws that came with this case is insane!!! also, both side panels have thumb screws, nice...

Cons: some parts do seem to be very cheap

Overall Review: ECS KA3 MVP mobo,Athlon 64 x2 6400 Black Edit., dual HIS HD2600xt IceQ Turbo PCI-E x16,4GB OCZ DDR2 800 RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium x64 version, Seagate 500GB 32mb 7200RPM HDD Sata3g/s, ABS BZ700 PSU,

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Simple solution to crossfire problems1/29/2008 9:08:14 AM

Pros: see other thoughts

Cons: see other thoughts

Overall Review: I believe there is a simple solution to running a high end crossfire setup with double height crossfire cards, the typical problem that I've seen is people have their top card overheat, I've researched a solution, since the fans on these cards suck air out of the case and blow it out the back, I believe having a case with a vent fan on the bottom of the side pannel (such as the Apsire x-navigator series with 120mm fan) could be a solution, just reverse the air flow to suck air into the case therefore supplying cool air to both cards should allow sufficent air flow to both cards. Average rating due to not currently owning this mobo, plan to order once tax refund comes and will write follow up review.

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3 years of overclocking, still ticking12/17/2007 10:11:09 AM

Pros: For the price compared to the wattage, a very good buy. The chrome finish with the bright blue LEDs make it a very attractive psu. With as many problems as I've had with other psus, this one has outlasted them all, ranging from antec, to raidmax and down to this powmax. Definately a good buy.

Cons: Probably one of the luck one's who recieved a good psu, took the game of chance and got lucky (according to other reviews)

Overall Review: My system is a little on the low end side, Athlon 64 2800+ socket 754, but overclocking the 1.8GHz up to 2.2GHz, as well as overclocking my AGPx8 FX5600 Nvidia card. Bought this with the board and cpu when they first came out, no problems other than finding the right voltages for OC. If you do like I did, get it, get lucky and be happy for wattage at a low price.

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