What a relief after AX89X disaster, workhorse.2/16/2021 9:18:27 AM

Pros: Reliable! Especially after my terrible experience with AX89X. Doesn’t crash, doesn’t need to be rebooted. Performance doesn’t degrade. I have it up and running without interruptions for several weeks now. I have about 20 WiFi devices in my house. 2 WiFi 5GHz bands. Very long 2.4Ghz range. Almost 150 feet. Great WiFi 6 speeds if you have compatible WiFi 6 devices. Dual WAN for IP speeds more than 1gbps Very quiet. Never overheats. Open VPN server, great for small business remote access Covers completely 2500 sq feet house, plus basement. No need in mesh network. However can be scaled up for larger house with AiMesh if needed. Great for multiple video streams and for gamers. Free network protection - Costs thousands if you buy comparable commercial grade router. QOS.

Cons: Too few Ethernet ports. Especially comparing to predecessor model 5300 and newer AX89X Range of 5GHz bands seems to be a little shorter than on AX89. But not by much. Speed of 5GHz band about 5-10% less than AX89X.

Overall Review: Good Performance combined with excellent reliability and firmware stability. Plus future proof.

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AX89X Worst Decision Ever. Not stable, keeps rebooting9/24/2020 6:30:07 PM

Pros: -great and compelling set of features. That was my main reason for buying, along with descent quality of Asus, I used t have AC88 -great looks -WiFi6 support -iMesh -Speed

Cons: - Reliability -Terrible firmware (or hardware. who knows at this point) -Number of issues for $$ spent, ROI is terrible, just buy the cheapest linksys

Overall Review: LAST UPDATE 9/24/2020 I would not recommend this product! MOREOVER I beg you to spend your hard earned money for something else. After owning it for about 5 months and giving it multiple chances I'm giving up. I so wanted it to be a good router (well, it had to be excellent for this kind of $$). I'm on latest firmware - It is more stable than previous releases. But gosh, it keeps rebooting at least a couple times a day. I tried everything they suggested in other posts here, disabling WiFi6 (however why it is even a suggestion! I have already WiFi6 devices at home!), etc, etc. Then, they (Asus) will respond you, pretending that they care. They will assign you meaningless case number and never respond if you sent them details. I guess there's nothing they can do at this point. If I could I'd give it 0 Stars.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Vadim S., I'm sorry to hear that you have been having issues with this router, and with ASUS Support. This is absolutely not the kind of experience that we want any of our customers to have. Can you send me an email at your earliest convenience so that I can investigate your case and we can discuss repair options? I'd be happy to get an RMA started for you. Please reach out to me at cl-lane@asus.com and include case #N200989357 in your email for reference. ​Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support