RYZEN 4000 = competence.3/28/2021 5:26:25 PM

Pros: thinLightweightmore powerful than it looks

Cons: not upgradeableno thunderboltonly 2 usb3 ports

Overall Review: Not a gaming laptop...but...Its deceptively strong and quiet. the fans are a not whiney, but they are audible.Heat is not as bad as on some laptops, its noticeable but not a furnace, and on a desk with a fanpad you would not have any issue.the only con i can think of is the 8gb ram isn't upgradeable....to my knowledge, unless you are willing to do a board mod, which DEFINITELY isn't warranty safe, and I'm not even sure the bios would detect it if you did. But the APU is very ram dependent, so some higher end games are just going to not run well unless you take some advanced measures and tweaks to prevent Vram usage.This could be a non issue if the thing had a thunderbolt port...external graphics would be wonderful...But this is not a gaming laptop...its a general use laptop, a daily carry. and for that and lite gaming, lite productivity...its maybe one of the best laptops i have experienced at this price, especially great if you got a discount.I feel like its going to age poorly, but for now, with the gpu shortage, and just general chaos in the PC market...its not bad at all.

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