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Comments: Nice case! I'll start with the bad and end on the good. Cons; There are only 2 power lines. Each has a number of connectors. But if you're picky about dedicating a single line to your high-end video card.. forget about it. I bought the case for the BLUE face plate.... You get a MUCH DARKER BLUE than the picture. I ended up sticking to the silver... it's a shame that color was the real reason I chose this case over another. But the silver is nice and works with the blue lights. 5 fans are nice but the daisy chain all the way around the case is just silly and would be difficult for novice to figure out (the instructions just say "connect all the fans to eachother".).There is a lot of excess wire hanging around. 4 mother board spacers is all that came with it instead of the typical 9. Also there is a lock, but I didn't get a key. The case window is very large, exposing alot of aluminum from the carriages and frame, just not aesthically pleasing. I'm still debating whether or not to paint the interior to blend the look. (I'm going to end up water cooling it so I'm not too worried about dispensation). All of my drives are pretty standard, NEC DVD, and floppy drive both have about a 16th of an inch gap around the front panel. It's covered up when the front is closed, so not a big deal. Ending on the good foot: The fans are quiet! Even the PSU! There is plenty of room to hide wires and cables. The carriages are removeable to help clean up the look. The window is easily removed and the rivets are re-usable if you have other ideas for sprucing up the case. Summary; This is a great case for an intermediate to advanced modder. A novice will have trouble with the following: the instructions are on the outside UNDER ALL THE SHIPPING LABELS. I had 5 labels from the manufacturer and FED-EX covering all the instructions, not that I needed them except to locate the missing key (which I didn't find). 10 minutes installing the board... 35 minutes removing the labels to figure out how for a novice. The case is wire happy and daisy chain happy, neither of which are any builders friend. But they have room to hide it. Also this is listed as a Mid-Tower and it's a full 4 inches taller than my other mid tower, so I would say it's borderline Full-tower if it's not a misprint.

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