Great server case for 6-8 GPU mining.7/21/2018 2:56:36 PM

Pros: - Adjustable fan rails in the middle, with PWM breakouts (molex powered). - Reversible support rail for GPU's: 6 pairs of holes on one side, 8 pairs of holes on the other. - Lots of room inside for cable management. - Dedicated area for a single 3.5inch drive or 2.5inch drive, near the SATA ports of the motherboard. - Good for modification if you're not completely satisfied. - Clean look, solid build.

Cons: - Requires a 1200W or more PSU if you're going to be filling it up with 6x of anything. This raises the cost of each individual PSU, versus multi PSU power supplies. Would be nice if it was compatible with server PSU style since they are cheaper. I doubt there will be room for 2 psu's here. - No mounting on floor for PCI extenders under the video cards. - Doesn't come with fans. You'll need 3x 120mm in the front, 5x 80mm in the middle, and optionally 4x 80mm in the back.

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