1440p 144hz Monster3/5/2020 8:55:35 AM

Pros: - Runs everything I throw at it at 144hz at 1440p - beautiful card looks amazing in my case! - All white perfection! - great rgb controls - no sag at all surprisingly!

Cons: - Huge card little longer than my gtx 1070 strix but almost double the width - honestly can't think of a lot other than the price!

Overall Review: If you have the money and want to game 4k 60fps or 144hz 1440p then get this card. I have unboxing and review on my youtube look it up channel name Tanex

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WOW! Beautiful Case!3/5/2020 8:49:09 AM

Pros: -Glass looks amazing! -LED Fans give amazing RGB glow lights up half the room at night lol. -Very easy to build in -Plenty of included screws for everything

Cons: - Fingerprint magnet for sure! - DON'T FORGET TO CONNECT SATA POWER TO THE CASE CABLES OR FANS RGB WON'T WORK - also plug fan headers into motherboard chassis fan header - front io panel was a little confusing and PLED was a little flimsy - Hard to get glass side panels on back side sometimes

Overall Review: Beautiful Case I have no regrets!

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Best GPU I've ever owned11/14/2017 7:31:02 AM

Pros: Runs every thing on ultra, cool leds, asus

Cons: None

Overall Review: Every thing I play it automatically recommends ultra I love that! Pick this GPU up you won't be disappointed

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Wow!11/14/2017 7:25:29 AM

Pros: So many cores, so much power, overclockable

Cons: None

Overall Review: I used this to build my first ever gaming and streaming pc and I have never been more impressed a lot of people said go with the 7700k but with the multicore performance it surpassed the 7700k so glad I went with ryzen

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