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Quiet, Powerful Card2/11/2015 2:40:35 PM

Pros: Quiet, Powerful,Nice Packaging Card. Although I have just had the card for 1 day I have run a few benchmarking tools including 3dmark , 3dmark 11 , Unique Heaven Unique Valley and Kombuster to see if I could hear any Coil Whine.I also overclocked it.. Core +100 and Memory +200 but do not care to go any higher. and So far so good. Am so happy I chose this one. Please not the card is huge so make sure you have enough room. A case with good airflow would not hurt either.

Cons: Could be a con depending on the size of your case. As far as the card 3.5 .5 gig affair i I could care less. I wanted a card that could handle a modded Skyrim.

Overall Review: I read countless reviews, and the MSI GAMING 4G was my first choice until I saw the LE model which has slightly slower clocks for a few dollars less. The Asus was my 2nd choice.

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Am Shocked...12/2/2014 6:25:03 PM

Pros: Virtually Silent...... If I put my ear next to the case with the side panel off I can hear it and even during a quick benchmark with 3dmark and Unique Valley the fans stay under 50 percent.. Idles around 32 or so degrees max I have hit was 67 .. I would post some scores but they are consistent with what is already out there. I have never owned a Power Color Card always having gone with XFX Asus or MSI and when I saw the box, their web site and the size of the expected the worse .. but was pleasantly surprised. Got it with 3 Free games so that is a bonus..

Cons: Would have really liked 3gb and considered the R9 280 but the added power requirements, as well as from what I read and saw on review sites softened the blow.. :)

Overall Review: I just installed the card and did a few benchmarks ..will try and update if I have any problems..

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