Still running great9/14/2020 3:31:54 PM

Pros: Good but now dated Tech. I'm still running mine and it was purchased in 2014! And i game every single day!

Cons: none

Overall Review: I just felt like giving Western D props for making such a solid HD. And it last for so long.

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lasted 4 months and quit and almost melted my Proc.7/29/2018 12:04:03 PM

Pros: Looks nice in your case if you're going for a clean look.

Cons: Not that much better than a big air cooled heat sink temps wise. Failed on me after about 4 months of use. This was the first and last water cooling I will do , back to Zaman cooling products which are reliable.

Overall Review: So i was running a big Zalman heat sink and my build was solid for 2 years. Then i decided to go with the cleaner look and bought the Hydo, didn't hold up. Zalman back in now. I know some people like that clean look, but i have to many friends that tell me how often their liquid cooled rigs fail on them in no time. I'll always run air cooled cards and back to air cooled PSU for me. They just work and don't fail.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi John, We at CORSAIR aim to provide the best quality tech support and customer service in the industry and we are sorry that you are having a bad experience with a Corsair product. I recommend that you submit a ticket at so that we can troubleshoot the issue. You can also call us at 888-222-4346 to speak to a Technical Support Specialist. Tech Support is open from 8:30 to 5:30 Pacific time Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Gamers only12/9/2015 8:36:13 PM

Pros: I have been gaming with 3 Asus 1st gen 144htz monitors in surround setup for 3 years now,with the latest monitors released, it was either upgrade to display port or continue buying cards with dual DVI and run SLI..the problem with multi monitor configurations is the games..85% of them won't work right without using a wide screen fixer running in the back ground, not to mention most games don't support SLI. So i decided to go with this monitor and pair it with my new EVGA 980ti..I simply got tired of the three monitor setup, This monitor is easy to hook up the mini display port, the stand is very sturdy and the over all build is very impressive, it has tilt but no height adjust, which is no big deal to me. The menu is a snap and very easy to navigate on , it has 3 gamers modes that you can custom adjust to your liking, 144htz..its fast, i can't tell a difference from my old asus 144. The curve is very cool and it looks great playing battlefield 4. This monitor is made for gamers, not for web page content..It is one huge monitor and measures a full 35" x 13.5. So i am very happy with it , I consider it an alternative to a very wide single screen surround gaming experince ..when combined to a 980ti everything is set ultra with no dips below 144fps..fantastic. This is the way things are heading, the need for SLI is not needed anymore and games run better with a single powerful card. No dead pixels , this monitor is top notch , i am happy with my purchase.

Cons: maybe the price

Overall Review: Well the resolution , but if it were more there would be less in once you game on 144htz monitors there is no going back. Nvidea DSR allows you to crank up the resolution higher, but i really don't notice much of a difference, perhaps on some older games?

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Second one and a DUD2/12/2015 4:15:12 PM

Pros: Nice looking Bios ,easy to navigate around Bios flash is pretty easy .

Cons: This is my second Board, The first one had two dead ram dimms, sent it back for a replacement. Note, this board does random power shut downs like other viewers have stated. 2 months in on the second board and it just stopped posting and will not boot..SO its dead..matched with board with the Haswell 4790k. I have read the Haswell cpu have sleep state issues, that being said , is it just ASUS can't get this board to pass quality control ? If I were looking to buy this board i seriously would avoid it , especially paired with the Haswell CPU. I will not try a third in this is going in the trash as one big loss..I will NOT waste my money twice on shipping to get a third possible dud and then have a third of the price reinvested again for a board that should have worked great for the price that it originally costs. I will be looking at other alternatives in MB in the future.

Overall Review: What happened to quality control? why is buying a ASUS board now nothing more than a gamble, you might get a good one or it might last 2 months..Bahhh..I work to hard for my money and better things to do then tear my rig down 3 times in a row. Seriously avoid this board and be wise.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer We do value your time and effort in posting your thoughts about this product. We will take note of this concern that you happen to experience and we do apologize for this, as it caused you inconvenience. I would like to assist you on this matter, to do that, kindly elaborate more of this concern, so I can give the best resolution for the problem that you experienced with the product. Please email me at and place case # N150377175 in the subject line for a reference. Best regards, Manuel ASUS Customer Loyalty
Do your reserach11/28/2014 9:43:42 AM

Pros: Let me just say first off it ,I upgraded from a first gen I7 940. Night and day increase in games , My FPS doubled in most games as i was bottle necked on with my 680's in SLI.

Cons: You will have to upgrade your PSU to (compatible with Haswell)

Overall Review: I am having shut down issues and this is due to the Haswell processor,it needs a matching PSU that is compatible with the HAswell CPU .. this should have been noted in the buyer guidelines, just another expense to the builder that already had a very nice PSU that is still good but now not compatible ..deducted an egg for it not being noted in guidelines .

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Geat fan..but..11/23/2014 7:50:17 PM

Pros: Great fan ,this is my second one after the first one i used for 5 years on my 1366 mb. Keeps my new Proc nice and cool.

Cons: Can we not design a way to install this fan any harder Zalman?? fut the wuck..This fan is a total pain to install, all the other reviews on spot on, it took me over an hour to put it together, i egg deducted for the terrible mounting design.

Overall Review: Make sure you have patients and time in your day before you attempt to install this fan.

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Best Monitor for gaming4/6/2013 1:00:52 PM

Pros: I am running 3 of these monitors in surround and i must say the games shine.some games aren't ready for surround but there is ways around that with some tweaking.i am not so much for the 3/D gaming but i tried it and it does work well,but the speed at 144hz is night and day in comparison to 60hz .if you are a gamer you owe it to yourself to make the switch.i can see the difference even from 120hz to 144hz, some have said you can't but i can. no more screen tearing that is what i was having in the past with my old 60hz LG playing BO2. some people don't realize they have screen tearing but it exists if you run a fast video card or sli..why would you spend so much money on sli or a $1000 video card that is only displaying 1/2 of what you are seeing on a 60hz monitor? i waited 3 months before i reviewed my experience and i am pleased. 1920 /1080 is good for now, most games made no difference in visual aspect above that and aren't developed for monitors above 1080. now at 144hz you will see how smooth game play is . i never tried the external speakers i use my head set ,the stand is good and sturdy and the menu buttons are just right .you can quick click for brightness adjust (which i have found at 50% is good for me).the brightness is a little high but that is ok and can be easily adjusted to your liking. colors are right on and vibrant .another key feature is (game mode,scenery,standard,night view)so it is easy with a click to get brightness preselected in the menu when you want it, i have mine set on game mode mostly. Skyrim, BO2,need some fixes to play in surround but look fantastic when applied. Amnesia looks fantastic in surround and no fixes were needed.(am looking forward to release of Amnesia AMFP)i am happy with my purchase .

Cons: A bit of back light bleed off around edges of the screen. adjusting my brightness down to 50% helped .if you decide to go surround (3x monitors) be prepared to have a headache with most games as they are not supporting this technology yet..i don't know why either but you will have to run some programs in the background to fix the 5760x1800 widescreen.BO2 is one of these games that don't work in surround unless you run a program fix in the back ground its annoying . and no you ATI guys it won't work for you either.

Overall Review: I am running nvidea 680sc x2 sli for my setup in surround. they are 2 gig cards and i am just fine no need for 4 gig cards yet. for example i have vsync enabled and i lock in 144fps steady on BO2..with 3 monitors..smooth as butter we will see what happens when Battlefied 4 comes out.

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good card when it works9/5/2012 4:58:42 PM

Pros: Well i have owned this card for a couple months it runs all games at highest settings without problems 1920x1020 /I7 3.20/Asus formula 3 12 gigs and 1000 antec pwr.probably the best card out for 2 gigs ...

Cons: like another reviewer stated below..i am one of the unfortunate...about a month in and the constant blue screen crashes. games crashing on start up i have ran all the tests on heaven etc..the card will not OC at all 10mhz+ will crash heaven along with any game . i am not sold on the way these new cards are clocked to run..i have never had problems with any previous 200/500 series cards.. this card is being RMA

Overall Review: I had thought it was drivers at first but it is this card very unstable ..EVGA stands by the waranty i will be going with a 4 gig card next ..i don't know if this card is clocked too high for it's 2 gig ,and might not be stable

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, If you have any issues setting up your RMA or with your replacement please contact me directly, with your serial number. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager
works6/3/2012 7:43:30 AM

Pros: This ram still works going on a year now..although my MB lost a dim a week ago,so i am upgrading soon.(Asus rampage formula 3) will not run at 2000 speed, only at 1866..this is not XMP rated ram..i would suggest dominator that is rated xmp profiles..

Cons: none

Overall Review: next ram i buy will be DOMINATOR..look for this in your next purchase to run correct get what you pay for _Intel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) support_

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Good Card6/14/2011 8:42:12 AM

Pros: Advantages over running SLI . to many games experience micro stutter and simply don't support SLI . running this dual GPU card you have that edge over SLI. it is fact..Runs a lot cooler than my old 295 evga card and uses less power. drivers keep getting better..i am satisfied.. Crysis runs Flawless....everything set extreme..

Cons: cost of course..hard to get when it's out of stock..

Overall Review: i have a EVGA 590 and you don't..what ya gonna do about it..get one! perfect for 3 monitors in tri 3D vision ...SICK..maybe soon..maybe..wish these monitors were cheaper to utilize what this card is made for..

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Great for gaming6/14/2011 8:17:51 AM

Pros: This is my second i900 series proc. lighting damage got my old rig..i decided to stick with the 1366 bridge old chip was the i920 which was a great chip and overclocked like mad on air. no problems with this new 3.2 i960 Bloomfield. runs a 7.7 on windows experience test. perfect for me.. great for a gaming rig which is what i use it for. exceptional will be future proof for a few years easy..get it

Cons: new hex cores are pricey and not needed for gaming yet unless you like to brag..not a con just saying

Overall Review: i960 Bloomfield 12 g Corsair 2000 Crucial 128 g SSD = O.S. velocity Raptor 600g = games 590 EVGA card= awesome 1000 Antec 1200 series psu

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DOA6/14/2011 7:56:26 AM

Pros: Packed in a good box..Newegg is fast on delivery as always and has a wonderful return department..thank you newegg

Cons: DOA.. sent it back for replacement..out another $10 on return shipping not including the shipping i paid to get this HD..not worth the $ now..couple more yrs and platter drives will be a thing of the past..price is holding SSD back.

Overall Review: I am running my OS on a 128g SSD..fantastic speed..wanted this Raptor for my games..I am reading a lot of reviewers getting Velocity Raptors DOA. this used to be a great HD ..shipping costs money and it is cheaper for me to buy at the local electronics store for a HD that could be defective like a lot of these Raptors...

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Perfect for your Antec 12006/14/2011 7:40:36 AM

Pros: My old Antec quatro 850 went 2.5 yrs until lightning finished her off. Picked this PSU for my new build..cable length is a must in a Antec 1200 case,I researched because i did NOT want to buy a PSU with to short of cables. your 24pin will reach behind the back of MB which is very nice placement. all cable lengths and very long with extra cables to run anything you need even a duall GPU quad setup like the new 590 gforce which i am running this card but not in quad but you have the extra channel dual PCI-E 6+2 needed...PERFECT. runs quiet

Cons: NOta

Overall Review: Antec 1200 case ASUS Rampage MB 12gig corsair ram i960 3.2 590 EVGA crucial ssd 128 g velocity raptor 600 g

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Great for the price6/14/2011 7:16:38 AM

Pros: 2 yrs of hard use. mic sounds great i left it attached always. bass is deep and sound quality is fantastic. very comfortable on my ears for long evenings. for the price you won't find a better set period.i have dropped them many times,many reviewers claim more expensive headsets loose sound once dropped. why pay $100 for that chance?. these were plugged in my Logitech 5.0 control on my desk=back of creative sound card=great for gaming experience. my opinion if you already have a good sound card you don't need a $100 headset.

Cons: they are sturdy and they hold up to dropping....but not getting the cord wrapped up in the sweeper....

Overall Review: would buy again ..over 300 some reviews enough said

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Nice upgrade12/11/2010 6:19:11 PM

Pros: This is my first SSD. I did my homework first and read up on SSD. W7 was 17min install. W7 119.2 empty space left for your programs. this is a very fast score went from 5.9 to 7.8.

Cons: the price...will buy another and run raid0 next year when prices come down

Overall Review: Do not pay attention to those that write you need firmware updates for stability..they have other hardware problems and you risk screwing up your bios. I installed W7 in forced AHCI mode in the BIOS. you must force this mode before you install your OS.(only works for WV/W7,Not XP)this will make it run faster then in ide mode. do your research first ... I ran ATTO benchmark and R/W were 285mb. very close to spec and faster than it would be running in IDE. JUst buy it and be first in game. raptor what???

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