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Poor Range on both 2.4 and 5hz bands, even with DDWRT5/5/2013 10:22:08 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, very stable once you install DDWRT

Cons: Even the latest stock Netgear firmware from 2013 this is unstable and will cause connections to "cycle" frequently which is a pain. This means it disconnects then connects again after a few seconds. Only fix is to restart (unplug, wait plug it back in), then it works fine for a few weeks or a few days depending on its "mood". I only get -64dbi on 2.4ghz band and -71dbi on the 5ghz band upstairs. With my Linksys E4200 with ddwrt with stock settings gets -55dbi and -60dbi respectively. Both mounted in the same location running on the same channels. This means the Netgear maintains a 50-60Mbps connection and Linksys will maintain a 72-114Mbps connection.

Overall Review: If you can afford something that costs twice as much range, just get an ASUS, it will have far better range as long as you use inSSIDer or something to figure out which channels are open.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello SSEiYah, We are sorry that your aren't 100% satisfied with the WNDR3400. If you would like for our technicians to take a look and see if they can help-- they would be more than glad to. They can be reached at If you would like to reach us directly you can email us at Please provide a copy and paste of your review and any detailed information that you can add. Regards, NETGEAR Team
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Amazing at the $200 price point for such a compact set11/27/2012 7:08:05 PM

Pros: Smooth Clear Highs, good upper-midrange, takes power well. These are quite "musical" speakers.

Cons: These cannot handle serious power (I tested with a very powerful Rotel receiver), however are good for entry-level receivers. They lake mid-bass, however with a small sub it should not be too bad. Do not expect mid-bass out of a 4" driver.

Overall Review: I bought these for a bedroom system. I have a very low power HTIB 5.1 Amplifier and these things really sound amazing. As far as clarity and high midrange goes, they are not to far off from my living room speakers which cost 20 times more. These will get very loud at what I'm guessing is around 20w rms area. Most sub-$300 receivers cannot output more than 20-30watts RMS cleanly, so these are a perfect match. Forget the "max" ratings, it is all about what it can output cleanly. Google it if you need more info. Either way with low to moderate power these sound good for most music types and great for most 5.1 tracks. Ignore the uneducated folk who say these "blow", if you feed any speaker "distorted power" it will burn the voice coils and "blow". If you want "loud", buy a better receiver.

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