Not a polished product6/2/2016 5:03:56 AM

Pros: Nice packaging and compact.

Cons: Bought two these recently when newegg was blowing these out for $5 a piece. Once is useable and the other is a brick for all intents. Found out the hard way that TP-LINK does not support this item anymore. Their current firmware listed on the website is outdated and the shipped product had a newer firmware. I found this out after the fact as I "updated" one device with what was listed on the TP-Link site as the latest and greatest firmware to only find the shipped product had a new version installed but was not list on the TP-Link site. So basically I got the non flashed unit setup in client mode and it works fine, just I do not think I am able to get back in to change it. Straight ethernet cable hookup to unit and you cannot access the manual listed IP for the menu settings, you can only access it by wireless. Since I have set it up in client mode, I do not know how I am going to access the settings menus unless I do a hard reset. The second unit, is basically bricked with the firmware updated. It functions somewhat in router mode but getting in is a struggle. My computer skill set is above average and have worked and setup home networks with hardly any issue, but this product has turned into one of the worst experience of my computer life and do not recommend.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Donald W., Thank you for reviewing our product, we appreciate your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you encountered these difficulties. Due to the symptoms described, our Support Team would appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you in order to properly address this concern. At your earliest convenience, please send an e-mail including your contact details along with a copy and paste of your review to our Support Team at the address below so we may have a Support Agent follow up with you for assistance. Your case reference number is 160607-008756. We thank you again for your feedback and certainly hope this experience will not discourage you from checking out more of our great networking products in the future. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team (866) 225-8139
Does the job10/4/2011 4:39:48 AM

Pros: Small, sleek, very portable.

Cons: Since it does lack a metal connection case around the contacts for keying, you sometimes have the tendency to try and install it upside down.

Overall Review: Not a bad portable USB drive. Fits on my key chain very well and does not stick out of lap top like a big hot dog that traditional older designs seem to do.

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Compact and full featured5/3/2011 5:43:38 AM

Pros: Works great and initial phone pairing is very easy. Answering calls is a breeze with clear audio coming from unit. Portable and can be taken between cars very easily. FM tie-in is nice but with some exceptions (see cons).

Cons: If you live in a heavy urbanized area, the frequency range that is given for syncing the FM function with the car radio can have overlap bleeding with ground FM stations. In other words if you sync a clear signal and drive a short distance of 5-10 miles, another ground FM station will bleed in and you have to get another frequency from unit and try again. Not a true "Con" since you still have audio from the unit that is self contained.

Overall Review: Can only pair with one phone at a time.

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1st one DOA, replacement works great.9/11/2010 6:21:20 PM

Pros: Support for AMD 6 core cpu's. 4 memory slots with 16 gig total supported. 6 SATA device. Quite a bit of support for over clocking if that is your thing.

Cons: 1st MB was DOA. Received quick RMA replacement from Newegg and it worked fine. You do have to update the bios for support of the AMD 6 core CPU's like the 1055 and 1090

Overall Review: Other than the 1st board be DOA, it has been a somewhat good running board on the replacement one sent. Kinda did not like having to flash the bios for support of my 1055t but such is life.

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Failed after 24 hours4/6/2010 8:51:46 AM

Pros: $55 shipped price. Decent performance when it worked.

Cons: After about 24 hours of use time the drive started to fail. Windows 7 started to lag bad and reboot started CHKDSK showing numerous bad sectors. Called WD for RMA and 'Ronnie" in Bangalore was a not helpful. Took Ronnie numerous hold calls to figure out CC info and get RMA started.

Overall Review: Received RMA confirmation e-mail and it appears they are sending me some Chinese market model WD8088AADS drive. It would be a 808.8 GB drive. Seem "8" is some lucky number for them. I will say this is my first bad HD in over 15 years

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Good Value2/11/2010 7:29:31 AM

Pros: Great value and great price. Install was very easy and did not have to use the CD. Took firmware flash great with no problem. Been running my Xbox360 and TIVO through the LAN and wireless has been excellent all through a 2100 sqft house. This also was my first time using WPA2 instead of WEP.

Cons: Front LED status light are practically worthless to me. This unit replaced a 8 year old D-Link 614+ 802.11b unit and I was more use to the lights on it than anything, so it is more of a preference issue. The LED's are also very bright, so if you have it setup in a bedroom you plan on sleeping in, expect a lot of distracting light pollution in the room at night. As previously mentioned in other reviewers, it does get a little warm .

Overall Review: While I do not expect it to last 8 years like my old D=Link 614+, I think if it last 1 or 2 years, money well spent. I would almost think of it as a disposable cell phone that you will probably upgrade in a year or two anyways due to the technology evolving.

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Took two times to get right!7/20/2009 4:54:29 AM

Pros: Good range and great web interface.

Cons: Had to send first one back due to unit dropping off every 2-3 days. Value lost when you have to pay return shipping and no compensation for it.

Overall Review: Overall satisfied as replacement seems to be working fine. Did have to setup a static IP so the WAN would be recognized coming off my SMC router. Even with hassle of RMA replacement, still half the cost than buying a new unit at Best Buy.

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