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Pretty good for the price.11/30/2011 2:30:53 PM

Pros: This is a great beginner setup. I had this combo for about 8 months. The subs actually sound pretty great for how inexpensive they are. I found the bass knob pretty handy when pulling up next to a cop at an intersection.

Cons: The amp is seriously underrated for the subs so if you have it around max volume it will heat up really fast. Living in Arizona, it would overheat occasionally unless i folded my backseat down and had the windows down to get air to flow over it.

Overall Review: If your are looking to add some bass to your setup but not go all out, this is the best combo to get started. If it came with an amp that put out more power, it would be perfect.

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Solution for top fans.6/28/2011 11:24:03 AM

Pros: This case is big and has plenty of space for everything you need.

Cons: Spring latches are a little flimsy, but there are 2 other screws holding the panel so who cares.

Overall Review: I bought two Xigmatek 200mm fans for the top (knowing they wouldn't fit) but I wanted to try and figure something out anyways. The fans are a bit larger, but the thin outer ring is kinda flexible, so i gently pushed the fan and the outer part started to bend more like an oval, but not permanent, only because I was pushing, and the fan popped up into the top. It's holding itself up from the pressure of the fan being kinda bent, but the fan blades spin without hitting anything. No need for drilling holes or anything else. They are holding in very tight, and don't move at all. It may seem a little sketchy, but they are in snug enough to where it is safe to leave them.

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Very clean case.6/23/2011 8:13:58 AM

Pros: This case is amazing. Lots of room for everything you need. Plenty of fan slots. The black interior is very nice and clean looking. I like that the orange on the outside is actually plastic inserts and not paint, so there won't be any fading or rubbing off. Cable management is a breeze in this case. The spring loaded case screws are a nice touch as well.

Cons: The spring latch on the main panel broke almost immediately, but it didn't really bother me because I can just take one out of my brother's old Phantom case. Always expect plastic pieces to break, and be glad when they don't. So not worth taking an egg off for.

Overall Review: I have found a solution for the 200mm fan dilemma. I bought 2 Orange Xigmatek 200mm fans for the top (knowing they wouldn't fit) to try and figure something out. I was able to get them in without any drilling or any modifications to the case or fans themselves. The outside of the Xigmatek fans is fairly easy to bend so all I did was take out the stock fan, which is now on the side panel, put the new fan where it goes and carefully push to where the ring around the fan bent like an oval and then it popped right in! No need for screws or anything since there is a lip on each side of the case holding them up. Made me a lot happier with my purchases.

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