True Directional antenna8/2/2015 12:31:41 PM

Pros: this antenna is truly directional if you take it apart one side has foil backing so the signal mostly only goes in one direction, there's no label to front/back so i took them all apart cause I'm toptweaker to find this out and its no easy task at all, my hands, fingernails and arthritis are killing me now, if you take it apart make sure you label the sides, works killer once you get it in the right direction, its held together by 4 clips 2 left and 2 right side they are spaced about i 1 inch from top and bottom, didn't break any of them in the process which is surprising

Cons: there's no label to front back, critical oversight!!! please Rosewill fix this cause it doesn't work right if its not facing the right way.

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Its not doa5/12/2013 2:48:02 AM

Pros: Its not doa

Cons: dont know how long before it goes mia

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Works ok3/19/2013 4:15:05 AM

Pros: Works like it should and snaps in tightly so tight in fact that when i removed it to move some stuff around in my case the plastic housing around the pins on my mobo came right off! no damage though i just gently aligned it back onto the pins and then super glued the pin housing it so it wont happen again.

Cons: A little bulky i had to shave the rubber on the sides all the way off so it would fit next to my power supply connector on my msi board.

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Decent results with pc3/18/2013 6:43:58 PM

Pros: i used this on my lower end acer 27" lcd and it really helped with the washed out looking colors. FYI i use the sports setting input c3 on the remote and the setting are not user adjustable you get settings 1-6 and off and thats it. Would definitely recommend to anyone not pleased with their lcd color output and has a hdmi connection. The best way to tell the difference between settings is on non moving objects or paused a movie.

Cons: there are no cons considering the price.

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