DDR4 3600 C169/6/2021 7:52:32 AM

Overall Review: Not a lot to say. Installed in a Crosshair VIII Extreme mobo with an AMD 5900x. Went in the UEFI and enabled DOCP and rebooted. The memory kit is running at advertised speeds and so far it's stable. The build is still new enough that I haven't had time to stress test the modules yet and as long as I don't start getting errors, I might not. If you want a little higher speed memory kit to run on an AMD build, this is one of the kits to choose.

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Great video card8/23/2021 4:49:29 PM

Pros: Runs cool! It's idling right now at 28C and the max I've seen was 44C under full load with a small overclock.

Cons: The price

Overall Review: This card replaced a GTX 1080 so it was a pretty major upgrade in graphics. It's currently running on a Crosshair VI Extreme mobo (X370 and PCIe 3) with a Ryzen 1800X processor so it's hampered by that. I have a Ryzen 5900X sitting here now and a Crosshair VIII Extreme (X570 and PCIe 4) mobo is on preorder so that will get upgraded when the board is finally released and the video card ought to see it's full potential. The video card auto overclocks to 2550 MHz and hit 2629 MHz with the overclock button in the Radeon software. I personally don't see a reason right now to try to push that any farther but I'll probably play with it a little more after I get the rest of my system upgraded just to see what it will do. My Time Spy score more than doubled with just the addition of the video card and it will raise again when I can get the new processor installed. The card does require three 8 pin PCIe cables for power and I've seen around 350 Watts power draw under full load so a good power supply is required. I've got mine on a 1000 Watt Corsair power supply and it handles everything in my system fine. Like I said in the Pros section, the card does run nice and cool with the water block that's installed. The clock speed doesn't vary by more than 30 or 40 MHz under full load, usually staying around 2590 MHz. I'll update this after I get the new mobo, processor, and ram installed and the card can work to it's full potential.

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Good Controller8/10/2011 5:11:13 AM

Pros: It does the job and at 6 channels and 30W a channel it can handle high performance fans or multiple fans per channel. Plenty of adapter and extension cables.

Cons: The LEDs are pretty bright.

Overall Review: I bought two Delta 240 CFM fans when I bought this controller and this is necessary to control the noise and RPMs from those fans. I have my water cooler and all the case fans on my Antec Nine Hundred Two hooked up thru this controller and it's nice to be able to dial the fan speeds to where I want them to get the cooling I'm needing at the moment. The LEDs will light up a room by themselves and I'm going to take a little black paint and cover most of the dials to mute the light out a little. The computer sits in my bedroom and the light is a little too bright for just a night light. I like it though and wished now I'd bought one a lot sooner!

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WOW!8/10/2011 4:58:37 AM

Pros: 1. moves a LOT of air! 2. Molex adapter with tach or standard three pin plug 3. Did I mention that it moves a LOT of air? 4. well build fan... very sturdy 5. 240 CFM at 5200 RPM!!

Cons: I gotta say it's the noise but you can expect that out of a 5200 RPM fan. I put two of these in my case and my vacuum cleaner is quieter than these at full RPM. I also installed a fan controller and dialed down to about 50% they're almost silent and still move a lot of air. If you don't get a fan controller with this fan then have your case in a different room or be ready to wear headphones all of the time it's running... they're that loud.

Overall Review: I put two of these on a Corsair H60 as a push/pull setup and it's way overkill. I'm going to take one out and put my side fan back in so my video card can have some direct air blowing on it. At 2100 RPM these dropped my CPU temp from 40C to 34C and I shut one off and the temps didn't go back up so the pull fan is coming back out and I'll keep it for a spare or to put in another build.

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Great power supply 3+ years8/7/2011 4:54:13 AM

Pros: I've had this power supply for close to 4 years now and it's still going strong, never a hiccup out of it yet. I keep transferring it between builds and it's on my third build now and might get used for the fourth... but I'll probably go modular on it to get rid of the unneeded cable. Current build uses a bottom mount PSU and the extra cable length on this unit is plenty long enough to reach everything.

Cons: Not Modular... but I knew that when I bought it.

Overall Review: My current build: Antec nine hundred two case /w optional side fan Asus M2n32-SLI Deluxe AMD Phenom Quad Core 9950 BE OC to 3GHz Corsair H60 w/ push-pull fans AMD/XFX Radeon HD 6870 BE (factory OC) 2 x 320GB WD 2 x 2TB WD in mirrored RAID 2 DVD burners hec Zephyr 750W PSU

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