decent specs, mediocre quality7/4/2018 11:15:25 PM

Pros: HD screen, 7 gen i 5. SSD drive. 8 gb ram. Sounds good right?

Cons: Cheap components. My first had wifi issues that I had to solve going outside ACER tech. Second has been sent in for replacement for a dead screen. ( Yes the laptop works when connected with an external monitor) If this company wants to rise above the rep for hi spec, cheap component option, it needs to step up it's game.

Overall Review: I am very experienced with computer tech. I can't recommend ACER except as a budget brand with a decent CPU but low quality peripheral components that make it's reliability and daily use an issue. Better than the HP "G" series but mediocre at best.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Peter, We are sorry to hear you are unhappy that your Acer Aspire 5 laptop has had wifi issues and also needed repair for the display. We understand it is frustrating when a laptop needs service, but since you took advantage of the warranty on your product we will get your laptop repaired and back to you as quickly as possible. If you need further assistance with your laptop or the repair, please fill out this form so that we can contact and assist you: We appreciate you taking the time to write this review and providing your feedback. Thank you Acer America
Slow as a Dog1/25/2018 7:35:11 PM

Pros: Nice screen, KB and touch pad

Cons: I have an i3 5th gen. Side by side this 7th gen is slower. Downloads are hours long. Bootup is slow. I know what CPU it has yet is performs like a Celeron. Unbearable. All drivers are up to date and I compared it side by side with other similar laptops. This thing SUCKS! No wonder they have so many "refurbished". I am quite sure people returned them for lack of performance. I would guess it is a design flaw in the subsystems. It's not the CPU or Win 10.

Overall Review: Avoid like the plague!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Peter, We are sorry you are unhappy with your Acer recertified notebook. These products have a 90-day warranty against hardware defects. If you are within your warranty period please contact PlanetROI who provides warranty service and support for the recertified products. Contact information should be included in box with the computer. They will be happy to provide assistance with your recertified Acer and offer repair if it is needed. Here is their contact information in case you need: 844.433.8476 Best regards, Acer America