Not Bad For The Price1/13/2017 7:47:08 PM

Pros: Initial review of this tablet. Received it today and played around with it for a couple of hours. Setup went fast, WiFi connected and did not drop as I walked from one end of the house to the other. Web pages loaded fast and downloads from Google Play were equally as fast. Videos streamed well with no stuttering. Did not try any games, but should play simple ones fairly well. The screen was clear and bright as long as I viewed it straight on. Update: Loaded a few simple games and they played well, no issues. See update in Cons.

Cons: Install of programs took some time. For example, Facebook took about 2 minutes to install. The front camera is not worth mentioning and the rear is borderline usable. The USB port feels cheap and flimsy. Be carefull plugging in the cable. The screen will become fuzzy and images blur out if not viewed straight on. Update: It is now stuck in a boot loop. It locked up while on Facebook and it is not rooted. Recovery mode did not work and it is very hot. Worked well for a bit. Might be I just got a bad one.

Overall Review: This is a $65.00 device meant to access the internet, check email, social media and watch videos. It does all of this fairly well. As long as you realize it's not a Samsung or Apple and will not perform as one, you will be pleased with it. I would not purchase this as a first tablet for a child. It will more than likely be unusable within a week. Stick with one that is designed with children in mind and will stand some abuse. On a side note. Come on manufacturers pony up and make 2 gigs of RAM standard. What's with these sub-standard cameras? You can put a good camera with a flash in a cell phone that's 1/3 the size of a 10 inch tablet. It should be easy to fit one in.

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Good Buy5/10/2010 3:26:04 PM

Pros: Very easy to set up, nice economy board. Onboard vid is fine for office aps, surfing, and BASIC games. Don't expect bleeding edge performance though. If you're looking for a simple, low cost board for a budget build this should fit your needs.

Cons: There is no case speaker connection available in the front case connections. Not a big deal to me, but to some it might be important.

Overall Review: I used this board with a Sempron 2100 dual core and 2 gigs of Wintec DDR2 800. My Daughter has been using this almost 24/7 for the past several months with no issues. All parts purchased from Newegg of course!

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Thumbs Up!5/10/2010 2:34:32 PM

Pros: Very nice case for the money. The metal is a bit on the thin side but nothing that can't be worked with. I had no trouble putting in cards as others have complained about. I'll be using these for client econobox builds.

Cons: Be careful when pulling the front off to add the optical drive(s). The plastic is more fragile than most other cases I've used over the years. Other than that I can't find anything to complain about.

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Never A Coaster9/16/2008 5:27:22 PM

Pros: I've been using these for over a year and as the title says, never a coaster. I do a lot of video encoding and as a result, a lot of burning. Over the years I've used everything from Sony to Maxell to Verbatum. These HP's have never failed. More than I can say about the others.

Cons: A bit higher priced than other brands. Remember you get what you pay for.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very Stable1/2/2006 7:05:58 PM

Pros: I've owned this supply for about 7 months. All rails are within 2% of spec under full load. I'm powering an OC'ed A64 system with no problems.

Cons: None at this time, very stable.

Overall Review: If you're looking for a stable econo PSU, look no further.

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DOA8/25/2005 2:07:41 PM

Comments: The card arrived DOA. Well, not quite. As long as I used the DVI adaptor I could get a screen full of artifacts. VGA port was dead. I tried the card in several other rigs with the same results. Did the AOpen forum thing, no help. This is actually the first part that I've ordered from Newegg that was DOA in the past 3 years. As usual Newegg's C.S. is fantastic! No problems with the RMA.

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Great Board5/7/2005 6:36:05 PM

Comments: Used this board for an econo build for my wife. Coupled with a Celly D (2.53), 512Mb PC2100 (Rosewill) and a Chaintech FX5200, it makes a wonderful system for her needs. The board set up in a breeze, no problems at all. I've used Chaintech boards in the past for client builds, with only one that went bad. If you're looking for an economy system, this is a fantastic board to base it around.

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Great board for the price1/7/2003 8:20:13 AM

Comments: This board is bullet proof. Very easy to set up. Ran it for 72 hours straight with no hiccups. Appears to be very stable. One thing to look out for is the style of HS/F used. There is a choke mounted in front of the socket that will get in the way of any large coolers. I used a Spreeze Big Block and just cleared it.

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