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Love These Earbuds6/26/2013 6:43:27 AM

Pros: comfortable, great sound best sound quality of Sony, Klipsch, S0L Republic, equal to or better than Bose. Buy these.

Cons: packaging, cord material

Overall Review: I had a pair of Koss earbuds for several years until a wire finally began to short out. In a quest to replace them, I thought I would try something new because I assumed that earbud technology had come a long way and I just wanted to try something different. I bought Sony. The sound quality was awful compared to what I was used to. So, I decided to try a pair of Klipsch earbuds from Newegg. You can't go wrong with Klipsch can you? In fact, you can. Those were the worst earbuds I tried. You can find my review on them on Newegg. Next I decided to try Bose earbuds and Koss headphones (you know, the kind that clamp on your head) that I purchased locally. The Koss sounded great, but I wear these many hours per week because I use them to block out background noise at work. I couldn't deal with that clamping all day and the heat build up. Also, ever seen "hat head"? Well, I got "headphone head". The Bose sounded fine. They weren't real comfortable. And, they had one major flaw for me, they didn't block out background noise. That was a deal killer for me. Next, on the recommendation of a friend, I tried S0L Republic. Mistake. They fit horribly and didn't sound good at all. They suffered the same critical flaw that the Klipsch suffered from, too. The sound from bumping or rubbing the cord travels straight to the ear drum. So, I went back to wearing the Sony's, and compared to all of these other purchase, I decided that they didn't sound "that bad". Never the less, I ordered the Koss earbuds from Newegg (the ones I am reviewing today). After wearing the Sony earbuds while waiting for the Koss to come in, I started thinking that I should have just stuck with the Sony's. They really aren't "that bad". The Sony's are light and comfortable. They just lack great sound quality. Finally, the Koss arrived. I am trying them for the first time as I type this review. Well, now I understand why the Sony's sounded so poor when I first tried them. The Koss blow them away. Of all of the earbuds that I have tried, the Koss have the best sound and are the most comfortable. The only thing that I like more about the Sony earbuds is the material that the cord is made from. The material that the Koss is made from seems to be more like the Klipsch, which I don't like (find that review on Newegg). But, the Koss seem to be more immune to the problem, possibly because the foam pieces that fit in the ear do not transmit the sound generated when bumping or rubbing the cord. Or, maybe the material is slightly different and less susceptible to transmitting noise. The bottom line is that these headphones have the richest fullest range of sound that I have experienced. If I'm not mistaken, they sound better than the first pair of Koss that I owned and was looking to replace.

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update5/23/2013 8:49:30 AM

Pros: Okay sound.

Cons: The cords create sound when rubbed or bumped against any object such as clothing and chairs. This sound transfers along the cords to your ears. Even subtle movements such as the expansion of my chest from breathing creates noise that is much louder than the audio from my phone. The problem is the material that the cords are made from. It is so noisy that I'm finding the longer I use these ear buds, the less I can stand to use them. I hope this review makes sense. It's hard to differentiate between audio that comes from the speakers and the mechanical sound that travels along the wire as a vibration.

Overall Review: I will likely have to find a different pair of headphones. The only way I can stand to use these anymore is to sit motionless. Sorry. I have always loved Klipsch. But, I hate my headphones. I'm giving them 2 stars because they sound okay.

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slowest drive I ever owned1/24/2011 4:19:54 PM

Pros: large capacity, quiet, cool

Cons: Too slow to be useful, if it was a 250 GB drive, I might not notice it so much. But, at 1.5TB, it would take forever to fill it.

Overall Review: Part of the problem is that it comes formatted as NTFS. And, I use Linux and Mac. Never the less, I tried to keep it as NTFS because I bought Acronis to do my backups, which I can run from CD, and it seems to prefer NTFS (even though it's built with Linux -- hypocrites!). So, it might be possible that the ntfs-3g driver might be the main drag on performance.

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Works as Expected7/6/2010 7:42:26 AM

Pros: I purchased this for my son. So, I don't have any first hand use of the product. But, he hasn't mentioned having any problems with it. He did mention that his friend has another blue tooth product (I think Katz or something like that) that doesn't hold the change as long as the Sony.

Cons: none

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Good Product7/6/2010 7:38:44 AM

Pros: Easy to use. Solid and feels stable on the desk. eSATA is nice.

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is the 2nd Rosewill product that I have purchased, the first being an external HD enclosure. I have been having really good luck with Rosewill products. They feel well engineered and high quality. I am certain I will buy more Rosewill products in the future.

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Horrible Product -- DO NOT BUY7/30/2009 6:34:09 PM

Pros: None


Overall Review: I am on my second router. It is doing the same thing as the first one. The problem is that it reboots itself while uploading files approximately > 2 MB. At my expense, I returned my first router to them because I was about 2 days past my 30 day return policy with Newegg. It 2 days to get my router to them and 9 days to get back. The one I sent was my brand new and unmarked. The one they sent back to me was a refurbished scratched model. They didn't even include all of the parts. Stick with Linksys. DO NOT BUY FROM TRENDNET!!!!!

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Nice product7/14/2009 8:22:39 PM

Pros: Very nicely engineered.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Just be aware that one of the leds is not always on. It indicates activity.

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Good/Bad/Ugly3/25/2009 7:32:22 PM

Pros: Picture and video quality is good. Canon offers good phone support.

Cons: Video management is quite difficult. My situation may not be like too many others. I'm not a Windows user. So, the included software is worthless to me. I use a Linux and a Mac Book Pro. HD files are *HUGE*. You will run out of room *VERY QUICKLY* where you have a limited amount of space (such as a laptop). So, I prefer to store and transfer my files to my Linux box. This also avoids transferring *HUGE* files over my network. I want to retain the original Canon files, so as to retain the highest quality image, in tact. So, this complicates things. iMovie 09 has an option to export to an archive, but it you have to use iMovie to create it. And, you can't add movies to the archive without going through iMovie. Really, I blame Apple. But, if you own an Apple and want to buy this camera, you may be very disappointed. It is possible to just plug the camera in to the mac and import. But, you end up (con't in "Other Thoughts")...

Overall Review: (con't from "Cons").... But, you end up with the files stored on the mac in a lower quality than HD. That's fine for uploading to youtube or making a DVD. I'm very frustrated with managing files created by this camera. Another thing that gripes me is that I bought a hard disk based camera thinking I could drag and drop in a fraction of the time compared to the video (unlike tape that must be transferred real time). This is disappointing because not only was this not the case, transferring takes much longer than real time because the mac has to transcode, too. I would not recommend buying this camera, even though the camera itself is good in terms of quality. The file management just sucks. No eyepiece. I really wish it had an eyepiece, but I knew it didn't have one before I bought it.

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