Don't Bother total waste of money7/26/2020 9:19:45 AM

Pros: None all Bad seriously ONE EGG FOR THE WHOLE SET UP These people didn't think it through i mean atleast make it where i can actually use the fans without the HUB total JUNK THEY LOOK NICE SITTING ON MY DESK NOW TRASH LOST SOME GOOD MONEY ON RUBBISH !

Cons: Where do i begin just a bunch un thought of made parts i need a molex connector for power not even sata powered in the end i couldn't even use the parts and what's even worst the hub is broken as well these fans have no normal fan connection without the hub makes the pretty useless

Overall Review: Stick with well known brands that have parts that work will never buy again i have three fans that can't do JACK very unhappy never again !

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Never got Promotion promised7/4/2020 5:52:46 PM

Pros: Still haven't used the card it's installed in my 6950x build just to use for short projects Card Is good for what it is needed for

Cons: Never got my Copy of Deliver us the moon but yet when I made a complaint I have to go through the whole give them my order when I clicked on my order to complain ! Seriously if you guys don't have the promotional items in stock make sure it reflects that before people buy

Overall Review: I am giving them two eggs for the fact that lately anything I order from them the boxes looks smashed and drowned in a river somewhere Also the Delivery times were pushed back many times there is no excuse for that

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Manufacturer Response:
We appreciate your feedback on the RTX 2060 KO graphics card. For the Deliver Us The Moon promotion, that promotional game code would have needed to be requested from after you register the product to a member account. In regards to any shipping damage, we would recommend to contact the seller in order to report any damages. Please feel free to reach out to us by calling 1-888-881-3842 or e-mail us at, referencing ticket #3854551, and we would be happy to assist further. Regards, EVGA
Gigabyte has done it again !9/29/2018 6:05:10 PM

Pros: Out the box this card is Charged asf ! Boosted to 1999mhz on stock settings max temp 74 scored pretty healthy 6843 on Valley Benchmark running res 1600x900 this is the resolution the forum I go to requires Update just Purchased another for Sli and didn't get hit by the miner craze ha it cost as much as my first 1080TI $700 now using Sli no need to even look at RTX Keep in mind this card uses 2x8 Pin connectors so make sure you have both because it needs a lot of juice

Cons: Ridiculously huge shroud For those who use's SLI like me it might be a problem even with a full tower because of Motherboard connectors like usb and sound wires even boot power reset wires might be at risk but would not know till I have a second card

Overall Review: Starting the Tinkering process Overclocking changing settings so far it's a solid card Still gave it Five Eggs it's a good card and nothing to overwhelming because of the Shroud

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Not so good this time2/20/2017 8:20:03 PM

Pros: Good case for the price I bought one before

Cons: Broken power connector to the fan hub in the back of the case it was shipped with a broken sata connector hence my cable management went south

Overall Review: If possible I wish they would just ship me a new cable and be done with it

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Warp speeds9/24/2013 2:08:21 PM

Pros: Ridiculous speeds works as advertise stock settings Didn't need to use XMP I just set it to 2400mhz and it took it with no issues Great stability and cool as a cucumber never felt it get warm at all

Cons: It had a little weight to them didn't expect that but then again you are paying for top notch Ram That is not even a issue but had to point it out

Overall Review: If you are running a Top tier Rig you would want to go with this 31,000Mbs score in WinSAT who can ask for more All I can say is it beats Corsair Vengeance hands down and I do mean Beat down I never even got close to these score using good Corsair ram

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7/8/2012 2:16:07 AM

Pros: Good Board when it Behaves Every chip I have used in it has ran very nice on stock voltage even when Oc'ed I like that fact I was able to do Crossfire and maybe add another card later on for Trifire

Cons: Board has a limitation on V-core I read people use more then 1.5v Best I can get is 1.449 and I hear others are hitting almost 1.7v Not to mention my first board the capacitor poped under the Oc genie which i never used lucky it didn't take anything with it ended up getting a new one via RMA What I dont understand is the APS active phase switching and DRMOS if these are power states for OC'ingf why don't they take effect ? is it a program or something i have to install MSI never made that clear

Overall Review: The board is very well layed out but has flaws This is my first Msi Board I have been ok thus far with there offerings But if you want to OC without limits I dont think this is the Board

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
620 Khuler7/7/2012 5:36:13 AM

Pros: My First time User and saw very nice temps over Air Currently I am Running 8120 Oc'ed to 4.4 Ghz Fsb 226 Corsair Vengeance Ram 1600mhz Oc'ed 1808 mhz stock voltage This Puppy is Idle 14-15c Underload 38c That's with running benches games burning

Cons: Stock fan worked well at first paired with a coolermaster fan Push /Pull But ... Got a new Board because of Rma same set up Temps were Insane 50c climbing come to find out the stock fan sucks I would recommend getting 2 good reliable fans with speed coontrol like Kaze Yjuni Scythe got two of those Bad Boys my temps are steady just like above Which makes it less of a hassle later on

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