Great affordable card8/27/2013 11:05:39 AM

Pros: Very quiet. I can run Hitman 2 and Saints Row 3 on ultra settings with out hearing the fans on this card. Huge upgrade to my old Nvidia 460 card. Two of these in SLI can compete with a TITAN card at almost half the price. I have this paired with a Core i7 Haswell CPU. It has handled any game I can throw at it. It fits great in my SilverStone Fortress Series FT03 case.

Cons: I have to save up and buy another one to do SLI (Newegg made me type something here).

Overall Review: Wonderful card at an affordable price. You can't beat the 4GB of VRAM either for future proofing. If you need more performance, but another and do SLI for TITAN performance at almost half the price.

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