ASROCK Formula/AC board top notch!12/10/2013 9:56:12 AM

Pros: High quality Ethernet, wifi AC/BT included, HDMI in, very high quality PCB board and hardware, onboard sound rivals the best dedicated sound cards, stellar 5 year warranty

Cons: None, but a lot of unverified users posting reviews here who I doubt even own this board.

Overall Review: First off, you have one user here stating you need to route the wireless antennas outside of the case. That's not true. The antennas bolt to the I/O shield.......then you run the extender outside of the case, or you can replace with a pair of antennas that bolt directly onto the I/O shield if you want. Second, one user here wrote a review complaining about no wifi/BT........well that's because you have to get the "AC" model. The regular formula board has no wifi AC/BT nor claims to. Glad that gentleman is a stickler for details when he orders up products....... 3rd gentleman is giving himself a 5 star rating on technical knowledge, yet he can't boot up his OS? Really? This board's BIOS is about as straightforward and easy to diagnose as they come. Obviously he didn't read the manual either, which gives a few more details than he let on. ;) Some people should NOT be allowed to post a review IMO. This is a fantastic board, be sure to update BIOS to latest 1.6 revision and you will have a rock solid OCing/gaming board that is the best of the best.

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Best matx z87 on the market12/2/2013 10:25:11 PM

Pros: Board construction(8 layer pcb, copper layered, high gold content in cpu/pci slots)very high quality true digital X phase design. Top notch on board sound(Sound card NOT required). High quality caps, chokes etc (CHL8328 PWM chip w/NEXFET mosfets) Tons of USB 3.0 and Sata 3 ports HDMI IN port Plenty of fan headers Great software

Cons: None

Overall Review: Thinking about an Asus ROG board, but don't want to pay the price? Seriously consider this board. IMO this Matx board is the best z87 micro ATX board currently on the market. Fantastic on board sound rivaling high quality dedicated sound cards, in many ways besting them including a very low noise floor. Audiophiles with a high quality set of headphones will really be impressed with the clarity and punch of this audio solution. Tons of fan headers and I/O ports, the quality and quantity of items packed onto this board is impressive overall. Make sure you update the BIOS when received and be rewarded with a fantastic foundation for your performance rig.

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