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Just too different - for me10/28/2015 10:28:40 AM

Pros: * Great tracking (Bluetrack) * Great build quality * As expected, nice software integration with Windows (10 in my case) * Blue Start Menu button is handy

Cons: Just too different for me. I gave this mouse a month of 8 hrs a day use before writing this review and it still feels strange to me. Not sure if I'll ever love the mouse ergonomics.

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Poor Reliability11/19/2007 6:58:24 AM

Pros: Fast, Good Value...

Cons: Bought four of these to build a Raid. One of the four was DOA. After 3 months, another failed.

Overall Review: Typically very happy with WD, not sure what's going on with this model.

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Rev 1.x No Good10/4/2003 2:25:37 PM

Comments: Ordered on 9/26 and got Rev 1.x which has irritated me a bit considering there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the way Rev 2s and Rev 1s are allocated by Newegg. I'd bet the active cooling makes a HUGE difference. Many Rev 1.x's are not stable out of the box. They can freeze if there's any extended/difficult use. Prime95 for me crashes in about 5 seconds (with stock settings). Most have recommended boosting Vcore to 1.80. I did this and it runs hotter but doesn't seem to freeze anymore during games (still can't last more than 2 minutes on Prime95. Rumor is that 3/10 Rev 1.x's are not stable to quantify a bit. Had to get this because my 8RDA+ died in Hurricane Isabel, and it's difficult to find these days because it's such a great board. Would prefer to have back my 8RDA+...

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