Update to my first review after 4 wks1/20/2014 5:48:14 PM

Pros: Fast!! Quiet Runs excellent after 4 weeks Automatic BIOS update on first connection Runs low temps @ stock settings Choice of installing software - NO BLOATWARE 5 Bars on 5ghz wireless on second floor! Plays COD/Team Fortress II/COD/etc at full settings

Cons: Very few. Already stated the one four pin fan connection for case (actually has two to include CPU fan). Fixed with a cheap converter with no issues.

Overall Review: Disregard the negative reviews about bloat ware. The disk is very well designed and gives you the option to install all or pick what you want to install. The loss of two eggs for the placement of connectors I believe is excessive. This board is well designed (my first ITX and I'm very impressed). They fit everything in with the video card, RAM and stock CPU cooler in mind. I played Day of Defeat and Team Fortress II before I had my case fans running with amazingly no issues (40c - 50c temps on CPU). I'm going to buy another one when I can find a small enough case with two slots for the video card! I7 4770K MSI GTX 760 (made for this board) G.Skill Sniper 8Gb 250 SSD 1TB Seagate HD

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1/11/2014 3:18:04 PM

Pros: Quiet! Good cord management. A lot of cords! But they are all wrapped.

Cons: Missing any 3 pin connectors for fans. Find this strange as they are standard on cases. Had to order converters after receiving this power supply. They do include 2 four pin power connectors.

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1/11/2014 3:13:13 PM

Pros: Fits nicely and performs outstanding. Fits with the ITX board and inside the case with no problems. Image quality is great. Very quiet.

Cons: None really - noted the card reaches 80c when under stress loads but have not noticed a drop in performance.

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1/11/2014 3:10:58 PM

Pros: Good design. Well thought out. Easy installation of components. Looks great!

Cons: Like many, I found a broken plastic attachment where the case leg is secured by a screw into the base. It looks like they use power drivers in the factory and just over tightened this one. I took one egg for this as it did weaken the case a bit. However, it is completely usable without it and I don't fear the case breaking or falling due to the loss of this single screw hold. They just need better attention to detail as the case is great otherwise.

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1/11/2014 3:06:18 PM

Pros: Nice heft. Smooth movement. Haven't even gotten into programming yet. Fits my hand and my 11 year old's hand fine. Nice long cord. I will probably buy another one to replace my other PC gaming mouse.

Cons: None really.

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1/11/2014 3:04:25 PM

Pros: Easy install. Fairly quiet. Free DVD viewing software. Well worth the money - can't believe how cheap these have become.

Cons: No cables.... but what do you expect for below $20 bucks?

Overall Review: Burns no problem, noticeably faster read rate than my 2 year old burner.

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1/11/2014 3:01:49 PM

Pros: Great product. Cheaper than downloading directly from Malwarebytes! Lifetime subscription! What more can you ask.

Cons: None

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Great Router1/11/2014 2:59:49 PM

Pros: Easiest setup I've had with a router. Immediately worked upon installation. Setup both bands and linked it to a FIOS router. Plug and play ease. Recognized a 4TB usb drive I connected to the USB3 immediately and allows access to all connected devices to the drive. Actually really enjoyed setting this one up. Nice heft to it without being too big. It is a bit bigger than my FIOS router. Extended my wireless range but quite bit! Have 5 Ghz available in the entire house. Guest network, media server are bonus items!

Cons: Not many to be honest. Could have used a couple more LAN ports (4) but that is an easy fix.

Overall Review: Well designed and well thought out device. Enjoyed the ease of use. All my devices have connected to this with no problems. No dropped signals (yet). My FIOS would drop the cell phones quite often.

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Pretty Good - especially the price!12/29/2013 4:37:47 PM

Pros: Pretty solid build. Built in Bluetooth and WiFi work great. Sound not bad, great when paired with BT speaker. Good battery life. For the money, it is a great buy. The BT was what had me worried, but it works great. Video is fine and we have no problem watching movies or videos on it. Not as good as my Samsung Tablet, but for what I paid, I'm not disappointed.

Cons: Not really a con, but it is noticeably slower than my Samsung. But then, I expected some speed issues.

Overall Review: I notice they lump all the reviews together under all models, so make sure you order the Blue Tooth model as some reviewers have mentioned purchasing one and not getting blue tooth.

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Pretty Darn Good Product12/20/2009 6:34:49 PM

Pros: Heats a 22x12 room in about 10 minutes. Wall mountable! The heat is a comfortable even heat. This heater does a great job in the kids room. Keeps the room perfectly warm at low setting. Replaced a noisy, ceramic fan heater that couldn't keep the room warm.

Cons: Only that I bought it locally instead of waiting for the Newegg sale! Please read "other thoughts" for smell/noise.

Overall Review: This is a "mica" based heater. For the people complaining about the smell - Put it in the garage or outside and heat it up to high for about an hour. The smell will cook off and not return - it is no different than a grill or toaster. As for the noise. It is nothing compared to a fan or a house furnace. Those complaining about the noise are pretty picky. The popping noise is from the metal and mica expanding and contracting when it heats and then when it turns off. It makes a couple of popping sounds that you don't even notice after the first time. The wall mount is excellent as it keeps it above the kids reach - important as the front can get a bit hot when on. It doesn't get too hot on the back, against the wall as there is a natural 1/2 inch gap or so from the mount. I'm very pleased with the product and impressed that it heats the entire room at a low setting. It heated my entire unheated garage (26x54) on high in about 40 minutes when I burned it in.

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So/So4/2/2009 5:40:49 PM

Pros: Excellent sound, force feedback is very impressive. Comfortable and fit the head nicely.

Cons: Many connection issues. Have to have it plugged in prior opening windows. The drivers and driver support are minimal and do little to address issues of dropping and of occasional static.

Overall Review: Have had to reinstall drivers three times now. In hindsight, would buy another brand.

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Bummer3/20/2009 3:38:38 PM

Pros: When it worked, it burned quickly. When it died, it died quickly.

Cons: Died after 2 months of light use. Asus product support is not stellar. Their support staff are friendly and in US. Their RMA process is pretty bad. Customer has to pay to pack and ship. No cross shipment policy.

Overall Review: RMA process has destroyed me as a future Asus customer. With credit card advanced replacement almost institutional, I would have only been out the shipping. Now my Asus cost me an additional $12 and no drive for two weeks. Asus should be better than that.

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Great Service Good Board2/6/2009 3:16:28 PM

Pros: After getting replacement, board is fast, easy to setup with very easy to understand case connectors. Lots of USB ports!! I am very pleased with the mobo even after the first DOA. Sometimes you get a bad one, but like usually, Newegg fixed the problem.

Cons: First mobo was DOA. Verified quickly with MSI and Newegg RMA'd. Board has an issue with MSI N260GTX. MSI says it is a bio issue, but no current fix. Every 1 out of 3 boots, video fails to boot but a simple reboot will fix it.

Overall Review: Newegg customer support was outstanding. However, I did make the mistake of sending in the Rebate prior to verifying the board was DOA. Newegg has a vaugue policy of not honoring RMA's if you have removed the UPC code. The fact I purchased a replacement board to facilitate the replacement saved my bacon. Also, buying a replacement board to speed up the RMA process negatively impacts any email discount on the original product. I had an instant discount code from email that was not applied to the replacement board. However, Newegg honored the discount once I contacted Customer Service.

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