Fine for a few months3/30/2021 5:43:57 PM

Cons: These lasted for about four months before the bearings went on both of them. RMA'ing and hoping that the next batch won't have the same problem

Overall Review: fine with a Phanteks build, but these require an adapter if you're using them with anything else I believe

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Samuel We are sorry to hear about your experience with our 140SK fans. These do fans do not require a specific adapter to connect to your motherboard as they use standard fan connectors that all computer fans uses. Our fans are covered with 5 years of warranty so please contact Customer Care at for warranty assistance and replacement.
All things considered not bad. Just needs a Van Halen sticker.4/23/2019 6:08:21 PM

Pros: - spacious - good airflow - decent cable management - tons of screws included

Cons: - plastics a bit flimsy - would have liked top mount PSU - PSU not isolated - poor manual - side "window" looks dumb

Overall Review: If you've read this far you've gotten over the outrageous looks of this thing. I got this for my 10 year old son (he loved it) for his first PC and it was not too hard to work in. It was definitely better than my old case, but not as good as my Cougar. It's fine for what it does and what it does do it does fairly well for the price. Plenty of drive bays and cages which are all toolless, but the plastic trays seem very flimsy. Lots of room for fans, and I replaced the rear fan with an Arctic Cooling one as the OEM one seemed loud. I would have preferred to have the PSU isolated but oh well. The perforated side "window" is too silly looking to be "industrial" but hey it adds to the airflow.

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Worked for 3 years, waiting on RMA4/18/2019 4:09:26 PM

Pros: - was fairly reliable

Cons: - went overboard with connections, leads to a tangled mess of unused wire - fairly noisy - died after 3 years

Overall Review: After it started making noise a month ago I requested an RMA, never heard back. It's now dead and I resubmitted my RMA. Still no word. It may not be worth it to return it after shipping costs. Went with a modular Seasonic on a different build and it's glorious.

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flawless3/27/2019 7:53:05 AM

Pros: - perfect performance over past 6 months

Cons: - none

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So far so good3/27/2019 7:51:42 AM

Pros: - modular system helped me get rid of the spaghetti monster in my case - very quiet - great deal with rebate

Cons: - manual could be a bit better - some of the connections were a bit hard to make due to cable stiffness

Overall Review: I bought this to replace my aging Thermaltake Smart 750W PSU which was getting noisy. I didn't realize how noisy it was really until I got this. Even when it was working well the Thermaltake had audible fan noise. This unit is silent. It was a little confusing getting the main connector cable in place and the documentation is pretty scarce, but you figure it out pretty quick. I have not had this product long so I can't comment on its longevity. However Seasonic has a great reputation so I'm crossing my fingers and giving a good recommendation.

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Perfect3/9/2019 5:24:07 AM

Pros: -built a new system and this replaced BOTH my FX6350 and Radeon HD5850. I do mostly casual gaming and thought I may need a discrete graphics card still with this but so far I'm able to play what I want without issue -cooler is great for stock

Cons: -none unless you wanted a prettier LED cooler

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Worked right out of the gate3/9/2019 5:19:54 AM

Pros: -immediately worked with my 2400G without any need to update the BIOS -decent layout of the board for the most part -feature set is good at this price point -you get a postcard to tell your parents you got a new motherboard -the built-in LED is not too obtrusive or obnoxious, but it is red and apparently that's all it's going to be

Cons: -the printing on the board to try and find what headers are what is too small to read, but that's a common problem. the manual explains but having to constantly turn pages to see what "header 6" is gets tiring. -a bit of an odd size -placement of SATA i and 2 is difficult to access with the USB header in place

Overall Review: The postcard still baffles me. I was skeptical of ASRock at first but so far am pleased

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A great budget case3/9/2019 5:11:10 AM

Pros: Pros: -tempered glass panel is a very nice touch over acrylic; the smoked tint will tone down any LED you have a bit (which I like) -PSU enclosure is great for this price point -I like the minimalist, clean design: minimal without being plain -lots of spots for fans and ventilation -fairly easy to work in -includes black screws which is a nice touch - they don't stand out on my black motherboard

Cons: Cons -the cable routing does not have plastic grommets or fins that help hide open spots as some more expensive cases do -it does not have a lot of space for extraneous power supply cables. I had a ton left over and as much as I tried to tuck them away they are still packed in there like springs ready to explode when I take the back panel off. -only space for 2 regular HD drives (I put my HD data drive and my SDD in there) -some of the screws did not seem to be tapped well and would not go in to the standoffs

Overall Review: This was a huge upgrade from my prior old Raidmax case. Has 2 cutouts for what I'm presuming are fan controllers but it seems odd

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Great product except for...3/26/2017 11:45:58 AM

Pros: - Great for the price - Fast - Excellent image quality - UI is not too cluttered

Cons: - It lacks a 5G wifi antenna! This was a big disappointment after I realized it didn't have this, especially as I had just bought a new router with a 5G band.

Overall Review: - This replaced my son's aging iPhone 5 and it's great. Much fewer dropped connections, great battery life.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Samuel We are glad that you are enjoying your phone. Be sure that we appreciate your feed back and considered all your comments about the equipment and its design Please remember that if you have any question or required additional information, you can get in touch with us trough our official channels Hotline Support 888.5HUAWEI / 888.548.2934 E mail Facebook/Huaweimobile(us) Twitter/Huaweideviceusa
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good quality3/26/2017 11:42:18 AM

Pros: -Sound quality seems good. I'm not an audiophile but I definitely picked up a lot of detail with these on than I did just listening through my stereo as well as through my earbuds - Noise cancelling works to block out about 80% of background noise. I haven't tried these on an airplane (will soon) but in general use I found they reduced background noise but didn't completely eliminate it - Comfortable

Cons: - There's a marked hiss when using the noise reduction at the same time as listening to music. It significantly impacts your music experience. Fine for just listening or for podcasts, but don't expect high quality sound. It's fair at best.

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not as good as my cheaper one1/8/2015 7:33:35 PM

Pros: It's comfortable; battery life is good; can act as headphone to listen to music on phone

Cons: My prior Jabra headset, which was just a cheapo model, had a button on the side that you could use to answer or hang up calls, and you could push it to connect to Siri if you wanted. This is supposed to be voice-command friendly but it just hasn't worked for me. Plus I find the "headphone" feature not to my liking. I listen to music a lot in my car and connect through AUX in, not Bluetooth. However when I turn on my earpiece my iPhone automatically switches to that as the output device and I can't listen through the car audio. And the audio quality for music is horrible.

Overall Review: Guess I need to memorize the instruction manual for voice commands a bit better, but why bother.

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Big & quiet6/8/2014 5:51:10 PM

Pros: Very quiet - I think sometimes that the fan has stopped turning it's so quiet. It does bump up a bit but still not too much. I don't overclock, I just wanted something to help with noise and cooling over stock.

Cons: Was a bit big for my board (Biostar TA970). I had to move my 2 RAM sticks down to the lower slots as the fan wouldn't attach with them in the way. If I had 4 sticks in I'd have been stuck.

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wow..what a deal2/18/2014 6:53:39 PM

Pros: Lots of features for a budget board. Setup was a breeze - much easier than I expected given I was replacing a motherboard rather than doing a new build. Booted right up and once all the drivers installed (let Windows try them first rather than use the CD as I locked my system doing that).

Cons: none that I can think of right now - this is still relatively new so hopefully nothing will fry in the next few days.

Overall Review: Replaced my senile Asus M2N-E with dead NIC, dead audio and finicky onboard USB. I honestly expected to have to reinstall windows given this was such a significant upgrade. Only $55!

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very good drive2/11/2014 2:45:23 PM

Pros: much quieter than my last drive, performs as it should

Cons: none

Overall Review: it would be nice if manufacturers could start providing faceplates in colors other than black, like white and silver

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better than I expected8/28/2013 6:23:36 PM

Pros: Feels substantial, not cheap. Does what it should the first time.

Cons: None that I find. Wouldn't use it for serious gaming or if you like a mouse to rest your whole hand on.

Overall Review: Most mice are sloped outward toward the edges, but the buttons on this one are flat or maybe even sloped inward toward the wheel. It's a bit odd at first just for feel but it does help keep your fingers in place. I bought a bluetooth keyboard for my wife's iPad from Perixx and have been pleased with it as well.

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still dodgy, maybe it's my mobo8/28/2013 6:19:06 PM

Pros: Looks sharp, easy to install, like the silver cover

Cons: This replaced a Nippon Labs reader that was going bad, not reading cards, and shooting up "USB device not recognized" errors. I thought replacing it would solve the problems. It reads cards but the USB does not seem to work correctly (won't charge my iPhone) and I'm still getting error messages. Maybe it's my ancient motherboard...

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Watch your fingers!4/7/2010 7:18:15 PM

Pros: Looks very nice externally, clean and simple. Supplied with 2 120mm fans which seem pretty quiet. CPU inlet vent is also perfect. Fine for a budget build.

Cons: Inside edges are REALLY sharp! I got a big hunk taken out of my thumb by a piece of metal while trying to remove a bezel cover. Not much room for cabling. PS had just enough connections for my system.

Overall Review: Using this for a pc built for my sister. I really like the looks of the case but apparently it requires a blood sacrifice before it works. I would buy again though, and maybe ditch the PSU.

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AMD still a great value12/26/2008 5:47:06 AM

Pros: Works fantastic - for the $ I still think AMD is great for most applications and users.

Cons: Wish I had bought this for me instead of my father-in-law's PC

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meh12/26/2008 5:43:54 AM

Pros: compact unit; XP picked up the card reader drives easily, no extra software or drivers to install

Cons: floppy drive was DOA - sounded like an insinkerator chewing up a spoon

Overall Review: Floppy wouldn't read disks, said any disk was unformatted and then couldn't format them. Already RMA'd for a replacement, if this one works - yay. If not, going for separate pieces.

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can't beat 'em12/26/2008 5:38:43 AM

Pros: good quality, good looks, good deal!

Cons: none!

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ok but ViBrAtEs!!!12/14/2008 4:44:36 PM

Pros: inexpensive

Cons: runs loudly and vibrates my whole desk at times when it spins up. don't know if I'll try and replace it

Overall Review: don't know if this is a problem others have

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good board for great price12/13/2008 6:00:19 PM

Pros: very good feature set for the money; ideal for basic or HTPC; fanless

Cons: problems with install CD & audio

Overall Review: I haven't been able to get the sound to work yet. Otherwise this worked great out of the box.

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not bad so far12/12/2008 5:41:05 PM

Pros: relatively light for its size; pretty easy to work in; quiet PS; simple appearance allows for customization or just basic black if you like; first case I didn't slice myself on; space for a side fan; price is nice

Cons: front panel connections are always a PITA; PSU has few connections - not for big rigs

Overall Review: I got this for a build I'm doing for my father in law; a great choice for those on a budget but limited by its power supply

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