Works great after boot.7/20/2021 8:10:38 AM

Pros: Need to troubleshoot further, but its having issues on coldboot. None of my other usb peripherals are having this issue. Its plugged into a usb 3.1 port.

Overall Review: Well worth it if you play competitive FPS games and have a nice pair of cans.

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Great card6/22/2021 12:09:53 PM

Pros: Performs as expected!

Overall Review: Got on a shuffle at a decent price

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Its a refurb and works great, but i wish it came with the usb connector to the pc.2/1/2021 8:17:57 AM

Pros: Works great!

Cons: Had to buy the pc connection cable on a “different website” separately

Overall Review: For the money, you’d think a cheap cable would be included.

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Perfect for the price!2/1/2021 8:15:33 AM

Overall Review: No issus so far. Their special ram caching method works well - transfers of large files dont drop to regular hdd speeds after a couple gigs has moved like drives with small anounts of dram.

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Got a old nvme drive laying around?2/1/2021 8:13:23 AM

Overall Review: I had a 1tb nvme i salvaged from a laptop, and only 1x slots left on my desktop mobo (Asus x570-p). Throw the drive onto this bad boy, slap it into that 1x slot and youve got the maximum 1GB/s read/writes. Slower then drive would be if it was on a proper 4x m2 slot? Of course. Is it double SATA ssd speeds though? Yes! If you only have 1x slots left, this works fine!

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Works as advertised1/28/2021 8:55:46 AM

Overall Review: Connected a asus XG-100f sfp+ network card to the available sfp+ on my UDM pro. Negotiated a 10gb connection with no issues/fuss with this DAC cable. Plug in and play.

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Great PSU! Super quiet.9/24/2020 8:27:09 PM

Pros: Wanting something so i'd be ready for the mid-range rtx 3000 series cards. This PSU is definitely quiet!

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Not sure why this hasn't been reviewed before now. It's a good wattage, with a good 80 plus cert at a good price.

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Works great!6/22/2020 6:08:12 PM

Overall Review: !

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Second one of these purchased1/21/2020 11:08:07 AM

Pros: No issues. As this was an “oem” listing, the packaging was pretty meager. No issues with cushioning, just zero documentation. Drive functions as fast as advertised and as can be seen from review sites.

Cons: No documentation?

Overall Review: Good hard drive for game storage

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Works fine in Lenovo L340 ryzen laptop12/3/2019 10:50:15 AM

Pros: Works

Cons: None

Overall Review: Now have 16 gigs on my laptop for pretty cheap. No complaints.

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Very fast for the price7/3/2019 7:00:52 PM

Pros: -Fast 3500u. -Very quiet. -Vega 8 graphics plays most modern games well at 720p. -Keyboard is good quality and accurate - as Lenovo is known for. -Easy to add NVME ssd with a clean version of windows 10 -no flex in body. Very steady and comfortable. -DVD drive, if you're into that. -Full numpad. -Screen, some how qualifies for HDR streaming. You can enable it in windows 10 and watch HDR using the edge browser through Youtube.

Cons: -Associate pictures are inaccurate. This does not have a back-lit keyboard. Spacebar in above picture shows that it has the backlight on/off function key. Not true. -A bit heavy -Brushed aluminum is susceptible to smudging. - Mine appears to turbo to 3.2ghz max across various tests from AIDA64, prime95. Rated max turbo for ryzen 3500u is 3.7ghz. Not necessarily a con, however. Laptop is whisper quiet now matter what.

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SO FAR SO GOOD!4/22/2017 10:08:46 PM

Pros: Exactly what it says on the tin. This server just works as expected.

Cons: No first boot i was getting a no video/no post. Looked around online and was immediately greeted with an article on how to clear the NVRAM(unplug power, flick up dip switch 6 on the system maintenance switch, power on unit for about 3 minutes, power down, put the dip switch back to it's original position) and now it's booting normally.

Overall Review: Updated firmware pretty easily too. No HDD's included, but finding and purchasing compatible hardware is not difficult. Managed to find 2 x 146GB SAS 10k drives with qualified part #'s on "a competing site" for, like, $30.

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Xbox one external drive10/21/2015 10:16:01 PM

Pros: Bought it for $40 to just be external storage for my Xbox one. Does the job. Had to connect it to a pc first and delete and format the preinstalled partition, but once I did that the Xbox recognized it immediately.

Cons: None so far. Works as expected.

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12/2/2014 6:29:28 AM

Pros: **Only had one day** Took a risk on this refurb card for 100 bucks. Turned out to be a great idea. Paired with a FX-8320 and 8 GB of ram, i'm getting 60fps at 1080p in planetside on ultra-- no sweat. Had a GTX 650 ti (very small footprint card) and this card thankfully is not that much bigger. This card is also quieter than my old nvidia jobby, too. This is a great upgrade from a previous mid-range card upgrade. If you already have a high end card from a couple years ago, you likely won't see much improvement.

Cons: None so far. Hopefully won't have to use my warranty any time soon.

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Amendment to earlier post dtated 8/8/20128/29/2012 2:39:08 PM

Pros: I've received my replacement drive from OCZ. Steven Cheng has courteously ensured that the RMA process has met my satisfaction, and i believe it has. It took them 1 day to process the RMA and the new drive was shipped via 2 day air, which was greatly appreciated.

Cons: None for now.

Overall Review: As for now, I definitely feel that OCZ have gone out of their way to make sure my product replacement was a success. My replacement drive is working great, so that's why i've given them 5 stars.

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Nice router2/23/2012 5:11:40 AM

Pros: Easy setup. Replaced old router with same settings as before and everything's working great. All my devices are none-the-wiser. Old router was crashing and losing connection on tumblr sites and others, and had not had a firmware update since 2009, so i decided it was time to move on. As a refurb I got version 1 and FM 1.0.00. Updated to 1.0.02. Got mine for 26 bucks on a daily deal. Bought a lot of stuff refurb on newegg and haven't been disappointed. This is actually doing a noticeably better job at streaming to my media devices, too. Nothing I've bench marked, but my xbox's are playing movies with less hiccups.

Cons: For the price? None.

Overall Review: At 30 bucks, it's a great standard home use router.

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