This thing is friggin awesome...3/5/2015 1:14:50 PM

Pros: I returned the EA6100 by the same linksys company to staples and got this. I only did that because I realized the antennas are not removable. And it did not have gigabit ethernet and usb 3.0. This has no antennas. But for 95.69 including tax not bad. Betsy was on clearance for 84.99 but had none so staples matched it for 3 bucks more. Not bad so I took it. Didn't have time to haggle for 3 bucks. Still cheaper by 2 dollars and 17 cents. And this has gigabit ethernet and usb 3.0 so not bad. Only 1 port but still not bad. The range is awesome. It covers my whole house 4200 sq feet. No previous router I ever had did that. As for setup painless. I had some computer issues. 2 calls to tech support and all is good now. They were very helpful and polite. I could not open Kept taking me to something or the other. But its my computer not their fault. Something about a search engine. But he said replace with and walla I'm in. Just replace the part not the whole address. And I'm in. No need to signup for anything. I'm in now. I got stuck on the firmware page for 30 minutes. So I reset the router with ehreset button on the back and then I went back in and said I agree to the terms and I said skip automatic. The I logged in and updated firmware. Then I reset the router and went back in and did auto setup. No asking for firmware this time and walls all was setup. Now I'm on the internet and all my devices are working like magic. This is the best router I have ever had thew pleasure of owning. Not sure why all the negative reviews.

Cons: none.

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This thing is totally awesome!!!3/4/2015 8:02:40 PM

Pros: This is the best router I've had in a long time. It covers the whole house. Not sure why the negative reviews. But this is the best modem ever. I realized this doesn't have removable antennas. But no need. I even get 5 bars in my basement which I never used to get. I got this from staples for 89 bucks today. Best router ever.

Cons: Antennas are not removable.

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1 word awesome!!4/1/2014 8:07:37 PM

Pros: Lightning Fast...

Cons: None`

Overall Review: This awesome. My boot time is now 15 seconds. And everything else is lightning fast. The only problem is the updates took for ever to install. But once 8.1 was installed everything was super fast. Not the hard drives fault. I think 8.1 is faster than 8.

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Nice3/25/2014 11:58:09 AM

Pros: Nice price and works great.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I can't say about games. My mom doesn't play games. But basic web and email works great. Got this from elsewhere for 30 bukcs for a custom build for my mom and works great. Surprised at all the DOAs. Mine works great with an MSI H61M-E33/W8. Moral of the story only buy msi cards if you have a msi motherboard.

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Good case10/13/2006 11:23:53 PM

Pros: Good airflow. Easy install.

Cons: Could be more roomy.

Overall Review: I got one of these a few months ago locally. It is great. No removable motherboard tray. But alot more quiet than my previous Thermaltake 7000D I got from here. But it's not that roomy. Don't know what everybody else is talking about. If I'm not suing all the drives it's OK. But if I stuff everything in it's not that big. Could be biffer depth wise. Overall great case though.

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Excellent10/20/2005 10:12:08 PM

Comments: No problems with my card. Great card. A tight fit yes. But only cuz of the way my toolless Thermaltake V7000D was designed. Works nicely. The guy who yelled fire here probably had other issues involved. No fire for me. Fits in to my PCI slot. Not too big. My only gripe is that Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools says my hard drive is a SCSI hard drive and not SATA. So does Windows XP. But no bigee. No the cards fault. Great card. ivnj

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No bad!!10/20/2005 7:37:47 PM

Comments: I finally see 2 reviews. I thought i was going to be the first. Anyway, I finally got mine today. Yes lots of wires, but OK. One small crack on the side of the plastic where the shade of blue dosn't match. But hardly noticeable. I've ordered from Newegg before and they are OK, so I blame UPS. The CD drives are not hard to install at. all. You just install the grey tool free rail guides backwards so the tabs you push together to remove the drive face the front of the drive. Then from the front you open the covers, two doors (one with the fan controls and one with the bay covers)or what have you and slip them in. Even the top slot is not hard. And before you close the covers just remember to remove the screws covering the hole in front of the bay you put the CD drive in. Works great. When you shut the covers (doors) You never see the gray rails. Just the CD drive. So I love this case. But a few gripes. The specs here say 22.9" depth. The manual even says 580MM (about 22.83") depth. But I measured only 21 inches depth and about 19 height (not 23") 2 inches are missing. But inside still way more room than my old Ahanix Romeo which I also baught here. Nice room between motherboard and cd drives. Place to put the wires so I never cram and hit the motherboard. Another gripe is the PCI toolless things are nice. But hard to close. The gray tabs get stuck when putting them back in. Also the manual they provide with the case is nice but too vauge. They never said where to put the case alarm wire. Where does it hook up. And a few other things I vaugly remember of hand. Oh, and they never mentioned what that black box with the red knob inside on the floor is. And which way to flip the red switch. Also only 2 fans glow but no bigee. And they didn't provide enough gold motherboard standoffs in the screws bag. 2 were missing. I had to use my own. And my last case offered a removable motherboard tray. Not this one I was surprised. Also the the 2 exposed 3.5 bays that go to the outside were not toolless. Everything else is tooless so why not those 2 exposed 3.5 bays. Also my power button never fell off. And to the guy who said the fan control thing gets in the way of PCI. If you mean the black box on the floor with the red flip switch. No problem. Case is so roomy I had no problem getting mine in. All my pci cards fit without any problems. the fit is a little hard. But because of the toollessdesign and nothing to do with the fan box. But everything squeezed in just fine. So over all Great case. Not perfect, but pretty good for an atx case.

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Excelnt9/25/2005 12:38:31 AM

Comments: Heat is no issue for me. A 60mm fani s included in this case and I just add one of these and I've never had heat issues. ivnj

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Excelent9/25/2005 12:33:02 AM

Comments: The paint does scratch a littlr easily as one mentioned ont the front bezel part. But the rest is solod. I have the blue colored one. No problems. The power supply is not noisy at all. The CPU fan sometimes. But only if a cable hits it or gets in the way. A little tight but the most sturdy case I've ever uesd. The CD-ROM drive mounts very sturdy. Cuz first it goes into a holder first and then 2 screws mount it to the body. But I've also used a POWMAX and very cheap so I know. Very sturdy. IN-WIN makes good products. The button is not hard to press at all for the CD-ROM drive to eject unless you didn't inatall the drive right. My only gripe is FLOPPY disk drives are becomming outdated. And the front bezel only allows for a floppy disk drive and not a full 3.5 driive. Otherwise a good case and I'd probably buy one again. And I love newegg. Not bad only 10 shipping. So I'd buy again. ivnj

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Excelent9/24/2005 10:07:07 PM

Comments: I never had overheating issues with mine. Just installed one of these and all is good. Very roomy and easy to install everything. No problems for me. ivnj

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Excelent9/24/2005 9:55:23 PM

Comments: I didn't even know there was second revision. I don't know which version mine is but it looks just like the pictures here. So roomy no need for round cables. And right put of the box no issues. New had a problems with Antec PSUs. I even baught one for my main machine. Pricy. But my machine is much more stable. No hngups like before with the ceheapee guys. 55 stars for this case. ivnj

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Ok, but...9/14/2005 7:38:04 PM

Comments: Nice card. But I keep geeting "Bad Pool Header Data" when I attach internal usb devices. Has to be the card the all my devies can't be bad. And if I use them else eleswhere externally no error. So the card has got issues.

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