Good Card - Over Priced to Get here!6/25/2021 1:08:47 PM

Pros: Easy install and runs loud when maxed out. Never above 70C. Takes a 2.9 slots to install - just saying its big because of cooling. No issues with install or working out of the box.

Cons: Came in a totally opened box - no plastic cover seal on box. Card was sealed in the box - not much in way of instructions. No English on the box - but is original over seas packaging. Just a way steep gouge on price. Had been waiting almost 4 months for a NewEgg shuffle to come my way - no luck and could not wait any longer.

Overall Review: OK Card - would buy the card again if I wanted a new rig with high end video. Not fair market price, but I already had a 5 year old computer with failing video card and could not wait longer than 4 months with a new rig in the corner.

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