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If you want a grind, then you *might* enjoy it.7/24/2012 5:58:06 AM

Pros: It's fun the first time through and the cut scenes are well done.

Cons: When you hit inferno it gets very difficult. Difficulty in of itself isn't a problem, but the fact that you have to grind the same act (there are only 4 acts in the game) for many weeks in hopes of upgrading just 1 piece of gear (you have 12 slots) from random drops is asinine. The only alternative is to buy an item from the real money auction house. Let me say that another way...if you want to see it through until the REAL end, you'll be forking out more money beyond your purchase of the game. As such, the in-game economy is broken beyond belief and prices are inflated through the roof.

Overall Review: If I knew the game was going to be like this I would have waited for it to drop to half-price before buying. I still doubt I would have seen it through until clearing act 4 on inferno, but I made it to act 3 without giving blizzard any more of my money and I've moved on to other worthwhile games.

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Happy Overall7/1/2010 5:44:50 AM

Pros: I was running dual raptors in RAID 0 before, and this is faster. When testing a read on large sequential files (153MB/s compared to 232MB/s). The write speed is actually a tad bit slower on large sequential files, but that's the nature of SSDs (153MB/S to 138MB/s). It's when you get into smaller files and random access reads/writes where these really shine - they are 5 to 15 times faster depending on file size. AND my boot time has been shaved by 20 secs (windows 7) and it's even shorter if you count how quickly the apps in my system tray are done comparatively. I'm very pleased with the results. I'm a gamer so I'm not sure about CS5 loadtimes, but it's much faster in both WoW and Bad Company 2.

Cons: As it is OEM, you'll need to buy a mount for 3.5" if you're on a desktop PC like me. Directions are sparse, but if you're on Windows 7, just do a fresh install and a lot of it is done for you.

Overall Review: Also, look for an open source app called SSD Tweaker and save yourself time of looking through white papers, forum posts and other reviews as it will do all the minor tweaks for maximum performance for you. People that are complaining need to tweak it a little bit. I shopped around for awhile and there are faster drives, but I wanted a drive that was at least 100gigs and was less than two bucks per gig before I'd buy. Bang for buck, I couldn't have asked for more.

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