Nice Board12/9/2005 9:20:57 PM

Pros: i got this board in place of a sli-premium i rma'd, so far sooo great, games run stable and it stays nice and cool running my x1800xl vid card and amd 4000+, i have 1 gig kingston pc3200 ram, which doesnt work in dual channel again, probably something with my ram, thats why im getting 2 gig dual channel kit of cosair ram hehehe.

Cons: my ram doesnt work in this board so i have to get new ram, well thats fine for me

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Awsome Board but....12/9/2005 9:17:19 PM

Pros: this board was good, stable, ran things nicely, will buy asus again, Higly recommended.

Cons: the asus boot-up screen was discolored, and i had major problems ram configuration in dual channel set up, gonna rma it for a sli-deluxe

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WOW12/9/2005 9:13:11 PM

Pros: this thing is unbeliveable, this plays games flawlessly, everything i want with everything on max settings no lag, bf2 and doom3 beautiful.

Cons: nothing really, but it might've been better on a non-nforce sli board.

Overall Review: an awsome upgrade from a 9700pro, GO ATI!!! NEWEGG ROCKS

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FREAKING SWEET12/9/2005 9:06:39 PM

Pros: fast, just plain fast, this thing is unbelivable, is comparible to my friedns fx-55, its a beautiful to own. i mean 2.41 ghz 1 mb l2 cache, beautiful


Overall Review: wanted a fx-55, but didnt have the revenue, so i opted for the 4000+, very wise decison

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