5 years finally died7/13/2017 10:29:12 AM

Pros: worked perfectly for 5 years, ran nearly 24/7. Quiet, stable. Finally kicked the bucket without warning. Gives me a reason to rebuild my computer.

Cons: None

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great headset3/24/2014 8:52:57 AM

Pros: This headset is a good headset. It provides nice quality surround sound and is comfortable to boot. The mic is solid and picks up almost no background noise. Very comfortable and can actually be worn for hours on end without discomfort. The cable is very long and the only downside is it tangles quite easily.

Cons: The cord can easily get tangled.

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Best mouse I have owned3/24/2014 8:36:39 AM

Pros: I have gone through many mice in my years as a gamer. This mouse is the best I have owned. So many dpi settings and so easy to switch between them all. I can set it low to get accurate shots off or speed it up if i need to track a moving target. The colors are a great pro but the sensitivity and tracking this mouse has is phenomenal. The scroll wheel doesn't jam or make noise its smooth and the buttons are sturdy. I like the weights that you can adjust to your liking and as someone with average hands its a perfect fit. The software that comes with it is easy to use and allows for so much configuration. From remapping any button to changing the color scheme. The cord is a very nice braided cable and seems very strong.

Cons: None at all, for the price its the best.

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Couldnt ask for more3/24/2014 8:26:27 AM

Pros: This card is amazing, compared to its higher priced competition I believe this card out performs. I have bought many other brands but Zotac is proving to be the more reliable manufacturer. It powers through every game I own like nothing can stop it. Max settings its still pulling 60fps (due to v sync) on everything from SWTOR to ESO. Best card I have owned yet, bought it to replace its 9800 counterpart.

Cons: None, its quiet, fast, reliable and never runs hot.

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Very good headset3/24/2014 8:19:10 AM

Pros: I used this headset for over a year and it worked perfectly. Heck it still does, the optional mics are a nice element to this headset. The mics are easy enough to remove and reattach. The cord length is adequate and almost never tangled unlike my other headsets. very sturdy connectors and the ability to remove the majority of the cord and be able to use these as just headsets is nice. I would still be using these if the padding in them did not wear out and split. Sound quality is great and the mics work wonders, clearest audio pickup i have had with almost no background noise. Perfect for gaming!

Cons: None other than the padding wearing out.

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decent2/10/2011 6:52:15 PM

Pros: great sound quality for the price, worked great for the 5 months that i had it.

Cons: the controls on the cord are cheaply made, the wires detached from the circuit board in the housing for the controls and shorted my set.

Overall Review: didn't use it too much maybe twice a week for the 5 months, not sure if it was just a bad pair i had. was able to send it back in for another pair. all in all good for the price still seeing how long this new pair will last (wont use the controls on this one) 6 months and counting on new set.

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