Owned for over 6 months now8/15/2016 6:40:59 AM

Pros: -3.0x16 slot is a huge + I've been running EVGA Gtx 970 w/ great results

Cons: Honestly I have no complaints.

Overall Review: BIOS was easy to navigate. OC interface is not for beginners but not advanced. Would recommend for anyone wanting to build a powerful miniITX combo.

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One heck of a deck12/15/2015 4:46:03 PM

Pros: These cards saved my life. Ive been battling cancer for months now. Every night the hospital stays got longer and lonely. Until I received these as a bonus for purchasing a DVD of my favorite Christmas movie Kingdom of Heaven. Anyway after eating these cards with my evening pudding for 40 nights my tumors were in recession. Thank you Intel.

Cons: Not that tasty

Overall Review: Would highly recommend for patients fighting cancer.

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RMA'D and New Card is Grooving8/5/2015 1:51:41 PM

Pros: -Fast Shipping both times. Took two days from ordering to receive card for my original and replacement -ACX 2.0 is pretty neat cooling system with the card running under load at about 69C -New Card replacement appears stable up to this point. -Stock settings are more then enough for Full HD gaming -Excellent customer service

Cons: -First card was defective with constant stability issues with no apparent solution. RMA'd to NewEgg for refund. Received replacement instead. -Power consumption. See Specifications for more. Not a shock or anything just note it. -The fact NVIDIA created a card advertised as 4GB GDDR5 VRAM and the design makes the card drop FPS massively for demand high then 3.5GB. Experience this issue when attempting to up the Frame Scaling in GTA V. Makes no sense to go one scale up and drop to 9 FPS when a step below I was at 50-60.

Overall Review: Current set up: INTEL DZ77GA-70K i5-3570k OC 4.1GHZ 16 GB DDR3 750W Consair CX750 2TB WD HDD 7200RPM Plus this 970 upgraded from Asus Radeon HD 7850 Bench marked GTA V, BF4, SkyRim(Modded/No ENB),FSX @ 1920x1080 FULL HD. GTA V ran in between 50-60 FPS at maxed out setting and Frame Scaling set to 3/4 (0.750). I did notice down to 30-40 when in some thick grassy areas. In an Urban environment I had good to great FPS. BF4: Maxed out and Scale Resolution set to 145 I was still achieving 55-60 FPS throughout all games online. Past 150 is where is starts to dip in 45-55 FPS range. SkyRim: Maxed Out Plus Mods to include High Resolution textures for most all the game ran 60 FPS straight through. I haven't tried ENB yet but I'm sure this card can handle it and still run 30 FPS. FSX: All Ultra setting ran a clear 50-60 FPS. I haven't tried to tweak the mesh complexity and range but It does look mighty nice. I did have to RMA one to begin with and NewEgg agree'd it was defective. MY symptoms ranged from games instability to full on computer freezing. Tried many routes to fix the issue but even event logs didn't show any application errors. I sent it back to them requesting a refund. Didn't know you couldn't do that with this product so I received a new one. Been messing around with it all day and am pretty satisfied to get the product I paid for. 4/5 stars for the 3.5GB issue.

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Music Producer's Perspective11/26/2012 5:52:20 AM

Pros: As a producer I use a wide variety of head phones, monitor speakers, equipment, ect... So here's the life of pro's: -BLue tooth feature is neat to have and connected seamlessly to my iPhone/IPad -Internal power source does away with switching out batteries -great low frequency reception -on ear remote makes selecting songs from a set playlist and volume adjustment ideal for workout purposes -presentation is sleek,smooth, and sexy which is what beats are famous for -Back up 3.5mm plug included -perfect for the average person who doesn't concern themselves too much with sound quality. If you're a tech savvy person you should be able to achieve the sound you want through your mobile device equalizer options.

Cons: Cons: -First n foremost the price. For the average consumer $279.00 retail is a pretty penny for the amount of UMPHFF in these head phones. If you want a real quality head phone for price I would recommend Sennheiser. -Higher frequency come across clear enough but is mild-moderately drowned by the muffled middle frequencies. It took some tweaking with the apple equalizer to get the sound I thought was best -I've purchased the studio Beats by Dre and had a negative experience with the left ear phones internal wiring disconnecting and becoming inoperable. I'm giving this company a second chance with this medium high quality head phones. -noise cancellation isn't fantastic but it gets the job done

Overall Review: I'm giving these head phones 4/5 eggs. Docking one egg for the fact I can acquire better head phones for a cheaper price. The wireless feature is what makes these headphones jump up retail. The sound quality is above average but if you don't mind wires and want to have a set of beats I would highly reccemend saving $20-$30 and purchases the Studio Beats by Dre. If you want a better sound quality and a cheaper head phone look into Sennhieser.

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