Straight out of box - appears working but plug in wall F04 error = DOA8/31/2021 9:49:30 AM

Pros: Appears working until plug in wall first time.

Cons: F04 error = DOA According to APC website: F03 On-Battery Xcap Overload ****F04 Clamp Short F05 Charge Error F06 Relay Welding F07 Temperature F09 Internal Error Errors F03-F09 cannot be corrected by the user, contact SEIT Technical Support for assistance.

Overall Review: My first one works great. But this one is DOA. Processing RMA.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for taking the time to review the BR1500MS2. We are very sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced with this unit. The Back-UPS models carry a three year warranty. If you have not done so already please reach out to APC via our support webpage and contact our chat or email support team so we can assist you with a no cost warranty replacement.
Best case I ever bought or used7/29/2021 6:06:31 PM

Pros: Lots of space, if need more just remove something. Recommended in LTT videos. Everything is organized, well thought out, and practical. The more I look into it there is more to like. Outstanding value, will purchase another soon.

Cons: Nothing. Everything is great.

Overall Review: Outstanding value, will purchase more because it is great workmanship.

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Working but requires knowledge not found in manuals7/29/2021 5:15:00 PM

Pros: Lots of features and cooling. BIOS - once configured - has lots of great info. Tremendous memory expansion, three PCIe slots, LGA 1200 CPU compatibility. A little bit expensive, but much cheaper than 590 series. Runs PCIe 3.0 version components and bus.

Cons: Similar BIOS and boot problems as everyone else - required re-flashing to latest BIOS. First boot was F7 BIOS. From withing BIOS flashed to latest F20 BIOS - required separate download from website and USB drive. But, upon reboot - DOA. Required unzipping F20 zip file, mangling the name of one expanded file, and REMOVING everything from the motherboard - CPU, RAM, SSD, and some motherboard cables. Then turn on power supply, insert USB in special BIOS port, and press flash BIOS button. If you did everything right the USB drive should start flashing, and your CPU system fans will spin up. Once all the motherboard lights stop flashing - goes dark - you are done. I found removing everything to flash the BIOS to latest version was painful. I tried one XMP memory configuration on my G.Skill RAM and it did not work. So I disabled XMP until I have time to troubleshoot. I probably should not have bought XMP 2.0 memory.

Overall Review: Lots of features on this motherboard. I will updated review after using it for a month or so. Painful to get started and on the latest BIOS.

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Small, powerful, practical1/12/2015 9:09:19 PM

Pros: Awesome charger about the size of an iPhone 4 stacked three high. Works great to charge all my devices. The simple AC cord is long enough to reach the outlet while the device sits on my desktop. Really a great deal when on sale at Newegg!!

Cons: They now have more powerful models with 6 ports. Some of the best quality models have FCC and CE and other certifications, and power protection from line surges. This inexpensive model does not have some of these features. But, for my purposes this inexpensive product works great.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Awesome for Android 4.37/30/2013 9:34:50 AM

Pros: I am a Newegg Eggxpert but they did NOT send me this device. They have not sent me any products to review all year. LOL Yet, I have a new Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and use the Nexus 7 Settings, Display, Wireless display (Miracast) feature with the PTV3000 and it WORKS GREAT. It just works for both new Nexus 7 (2013) and PTV3000 out of the box. The full Nexus 7 screen is cast to the HDMI monitor or TV. This is an outstanding solution for wireless projection of applications on the Nexus 7.

Cons: The device requires a mini-usb charge cable, which comes in the box. Would have preferred micro-usb. Google added Settings, Display, Wireless display (Miracast) project in Android 4.2.1. You can look at Netgear's website for procedures to upgrade firmware (latest 4 July 2013). It was a little hackney on the Nexus 4 prior to Android 4.3.

Overall Review: For non-Android 4.3 uses it might have issues, but specifically for Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 (2013) it is freaking awesome. You can browse the web with full wi-fi access while casting the screen with Wireless display. In case you were wondering about other issues mentioned by other reviewers, I don't know. Sorry, but I have no incentive to conduct further tests for Newegg. You can come to xda-developers and read more. Good luck.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Fantastic AP, Inexpensive4/20/2013 5:52:21 PM

Pros: Easy setup using CDROM or copying files to hard disk. I configured the security using WEP because it works flawlessly, and WPA(2) locked up twice after a week. I put this AP on a remote switch, auto configured using DHCP (or set fixed IP), and set a security password. The wireless performance is fantastic and everything connects easily including tablets, laptops, phones. The price is amazing on Newegg, great job!

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this because of all the Newegg reviews. It is wonderful. Works without any problems, its fast and connects with everything. Great price, too.

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Our Favorite Router for Range, Speed, Reliability3/18/2013 4:53:56 PM

Pros: After three months the TP-Link WDR4300 router has become our favorite router. It has amazing range and speed using the three antennas provided. After installation under a desk you can literally walk to the next door neighbor's and connect on Wi-Fi. Amazing range. The router's low profile and adjustable antennas fit anywhere. The router has simultaneously supported multiple (up to 10) PCs and laptops both wired and wireless, our entertainment center streaming videos, tablets and phones via Wi-Fi. Everything we try works and no glitches nor lock ups. If you are looking for inexpensive router with great features this is it. Some of the key features include dual 2.4GHz (300Mbps) and 5GHz (450Mbps) bands, 2 USB ports (media server, shared files, or printing), 4 solid 1Gbps LAN ports with indicator lights, 1Gbps WAN port, simple Web configuration, WPS setup, and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab, and WEP, WPA/WPA2 security. When selecting a Wi-Fi band (manual configuration only) you should use a smartphone with Wifi Analyzer and walk to each various client location checking for band interference. Do this with your original router and new router turned off. This measures your environment for WiFi congestion and helps find the most available band without congestion. If you want top performance this can help, but typical users should have no issues with default (auto) band configuration. I want to repeat the fact you need to use a three stream dual band client for top rated throughput. If you are using this router for gaming you will likely want your PC to be co-located or with 10-20 feet of the router on the 5GHz N band. The dual band feature allows us to connect multiple devices without conflict simultaneously. I use a TEW-684UB Dual Band Wireless N Adapter from Newegg ($30 USD) for my laptop (USB 2.0) and it works great on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. We tested the router's USB ports for file sharing, and media streaming and it worked great. Our TV entertainment center connects via wireless N 5GHz and streams movies in full HD. The USB port also supports printing.

Cons: None. The strengths are perfect and I do not want to quibble.

Overall Review: We enjoy this router. It is now hard to test other routers at home, because everyone pulls them off and reconnects this TP-Link WDR4300. Funny. Everyone in our family loves this router. The WDR4300 router never needs a reset, and it has run reliably for three months. If I wanted an inexpensive, fast, long range, feature rich router this would be the one to buy. Our favorite router.

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Inexpensive, Many Features, but Media Streaming Problems3/17/2013 5:07:55 PM

Pros: Installs simply with software disk, experts can log in and use wizards. Our install detected a bad network cable, very cool. The DIR-657 has 4x LAN and 1x WAN 1Gbps ports, and wireless rated for 300Mbps IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab, IEEE 802.11n/g. We measured a WAN Uplink Speed of 1042Kbps (1MB/sec) on the WAN connected to Cable and Broadband network. Our first on wired LAN client was 113ms ping, 5.05 Mbps down, 0.93 Mbps upload (good for our area). At first the router & Wi-Fi work perfectly. On the LAN we connected a Synology file server, which can practically serve files up to 240 Mbps (30 MBps) on the LAN. A Synology PC client on the D-Link DIR-657 wired LAN measured a file download rate over 200 Mbps (25 MBps), and 2.4GHz wireless client file download was over 96 Mbps (12 MBps). Comparisons were about x10 to x20 times faster than the old MR814 router we replaced. The web configuration tool has five categories Setup, Advanced, Tools, Status, Support. The Support category is the key, with explanations of each feature. Click Support on the top toolbar for a feature map. Then click on one of the four left menu categories: Setup, Advanced, Tools, or Status to display a page with detailed explanation of each feature. There are many option web pages: Setup has 6, Advanced has 17, Tools has 9, Status has 8, Support has 5. You can test drive a DIR-657 simulator at the D-Link website: An updated firmware version is available on D-Link support website: After a couple weeks we decided to try streaming movies using the Synology Media Server to our TV over Wi-Fi. This router locked up, with details listed under Cons below. Since D-Link puts so much detail into their support, I opened a ticket and they promptly responded. Basically, I performed a factory reset, and followed their instructions completely, but while streaming improved the router still locked up. Due to our families complaints we removed the router from use until a streaming fix becomes available.

Cons: Basically two (2) major flaws. **First, there are no indicator lights for the 4 LAN ports, and no method in the web interface to check nor test LAN ports. **Second, Media Streaming over Wi-Fi continued to lock up our router requiring a complete power down reset. Also, the router locked up completely while copying large files over Wi-Fi. I recognize everyone has a different situation and your mileage may vary - this may be a great router for you. But, none of the other routers we tested had these problems. I tried many advanced configuration options to improve the streaming and large file transfer. Finally, the steps suggested by D-Link support might help others. I reset the router first. Here is the response we got: ---------- As per the information provided in the email, we understand that the router locks up when either streaming movies or copying large files over wireless connection. We would suggest you to do the following steps:- Step 1 Open a web browser and type the IP address of the DIR series router into the address bar (default is Press Enter. Step 2 The default user name is admin (all lower case) and the default password is blank (nothing). Click on OK. Step 3 Click on the Advanced tab and click on Firewall settings tab to the left. Under ALG configuration, uncheck the option "RTSP". Click on Save settings. Step 4 Click on the Advanced tab and click on Advanced network tab to the left. Check the option "Enable Multicast Streams". Click on Save settings. Step 5 Click on the Advanced tab and click on Advanced wireless tab to the left. Check the option "WMM Enable". Click on Save settings. Step 6 Click on the Advanced tab and click on QoS engine to the left. Uncheck the option "Enable QoS Engine". Click on Save settings. Verify the connectivity. If the issue persists, we would suggest you to reset and reconfigure the router. Note:Resetting the router will wipe out all the settings on the device. ---------- I really liked this router at first. There were no Wi-Fi issues during normal use before Media Streaming, and copying large files over Wi-Fi.

Overall Review: The router has a great case design. It is nice looking, easy to install, and unobtrusive. The price is amazingly low for the speed, capabilities. If it works for you, no doubt you will love it. However, we disliked the lack of LAN indicator lights and lack of LAN port checks in the web interface. Also, the lockups became intolerable and other family members pulled out the router repeatedly after it locked up during Media Streaming and copying large files over Wi-Fi. I cannot recommend this router favorably until something is fixed in firmware or otherwise fixed via workaround to give reliable streaming. It is possible D-Link will resolve my issue in the future and I can update my review.

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Outstanding Router Performance, Range, Reliability3/16/2013 7:27:37 AM

Pros: After 3 months use the R6200 is an outstanding router providing both 2.4Ghz/5Ghz bands, and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n and IEEE 802.11ac for flexibility. The incredible feature set results in the fastest response time, longest range, and best reliability - no hiccups yet. The Netgear 6200 WiFi router is very easy to setup and use. The quick start setup guide is easy and it works. This router is shipped secure by default with the network name and password attached to the front of the device. The device includes four 1GB wired ports, and one USB 2.0 port for either storage or printing. Documentation, latest firmware can be found at Robust parental controls are included for content filtering and defining access schedules. It uses a third-party provider OpenDNS. This service also allows for changing of settings while away from the home with remote access. More information on this service is available at A bandwidth meter with warning settings is available to configure and manage bandwidth usage. You can configuration of specific channels for both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz to avoid interference from nearby WiFi networks. Additionally there are applications to configure the router for PC, tablet, and smart phone. Testing This router was tested with connections to multiple wireless devices, including: computers, Xbox, Wii, iPad, and smart phones. I easily connected a wireless device using WPS connection method with no need to enter security settings or password. The R6200 increased the range, connection speeds compared to my previous wireless N router. The wireless 5 Ghz connections worked great and consistently measured faster connection speeds when compared to the 2.4 Ghz connection. AC protocol devices are supported. The guest network works great on both 2.4/5 Ghz networks. The default guest network settings do not allow access to any computers on the other 2.4 or 5 Ghz networks, but it is configurable to share or deny access to other connected devices or networks. Note that the guest network does not allow access to the Netgear router configuration URL, unless access is granted to the guest network. Movie streaming is available from the USB connection. I plugged a USB stick with 2 GB movie into the router. It played on both the network share and media server. I streamed the movie from the network share as well as through the DLNA media server. This was done at the same time other clients were connected via WiFi and doing online gaming. Movies can also be copied directly to the USB media share device. Also tested was access to remote networks via VPN. This router was able to connect using a VPN connection with no configuration changes required. The connection was fast and stable for an entire day across the WiFi network at the same time as online games were played. Also the performance is now so good with online gaming that Xbox Live has made our console the host server!

Cons: Cost is high comparable to basic N routers, but the full suite of R6200 features and reliability are worth the extra cost. You might be limited using N protocol, because few AC adapter options exist to connect on 802.11ac. Search the "List of 802.11ac Hardware" on wikidevi for a current list.

Overall Review: With 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz networks for both and standard and guest networks, this device has support for a total or four simultaneous networks. Each network can easily be configured separately for security and performance based on the needs of the connected devices. The Netgear 6200 is both simple to setup for the average consumer and has all the advanced features and performance characteristics of technology savvy consumers. This is a great WiFi router for work or play with media streaming and online gaming. A fantastic product, and highly recommended to purchase.

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Awesome WiFi Client Adapter3/12/2013 1:31:52 PM

Pros: Got this on discount at Newegg, almost a steal of a price. Works great to add high speed 2.4 or 5 Ghz connectivity to my laptop or desktop. The ability to connect on 5 Ghz is important for me. The drivers work great on Windows 7 x64, but I did not test Windows 8. The speed and range are superior to my internal 2.4 Ghz (only) laptop WiFi.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Neat looking package, with cool indicator light. People wonder what it is and ask me. Funny.

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Bargain price, Compabible with Mac Mini 20113/12/2013 1:25:11 PM

Pros: Perfect compatibility with Mac Mini 2011. Upgraded my mini to 16GB. Additionally, with a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD from Newegg, this makes my original $600 mini powerful enough to easily run 12GB Fusion virtual machines. The W7x64 Windows Experience Index inside the VM (aside from graphics) is 7.7 to 7.9 for both RAM and disk. Wow

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Researched this and I believe this is the most popular and compatible RAM for upgrading the Mac Mini 2011. Definitely the price is awesome, too.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great sound quality3/12/2013 1:17:22 PM

Pros: Awesome device transmits on 86Mhz just below the FM band. Hooked it to a TV in a crowded room. The receiver and headset sound quality was 5x5 at over 30 feet away.

Cons: Not a big con, but I added my own wall charger, AC to 12v adapter, to run the base station. This saves two AAA batteries. Now only the receiver needs two AAA batteries.

Overall Review: Amazing for the price. Includes cables to hook to TV or other devices, and a headset with receiver. Works great and sounds great, may buy another for a friend. Originally, I thought of using a Bluetooth transmitter but the cheap cost, complete package, and great quality here is unbeatable.

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Outstanding Performance, Reliability12/14/2012 10:23:15 AM

Pros: Newegg: same as original review

Cons: Newegg: same as original review

Overall Review: Newegg: This is an update to my original review. Please add following to my original review's Other thoughts section: -------------- COMMENTS UPDATED: 840 and 840 Pro firmware versions updated Dec 13, 2012 Update firmware using Samsung Magician v3.2, or manual download at: Drill down on your model 840 or 840 Pro, Support, See all Downloads, Firmware Firmware dated Dec 13, 2012. Addresses the following issues : 1. Improved dirty drive write performance. Update: 840 Pro, Dec 13, 2012: DXM04B0Q Update: 840, Dec 13, 2012: DXT07B0Q Everyone suggests a backup of important data before applying a firmware update. If you are worried? Wait until Anandtech, Hardforum, others get a chance to evaluate, report and discuss. The 830 series did not get this update. Also, I just purchased and 256GB 840 Pro from Newegg as my second laptop drive.

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Great if advantages meet your requirements10/29/2012 9:16:47 AM

Pros: verage 4 stars. 5 stars if you need these pros, or 3 stars if you are bothered by cons. Huge portable storage - 1TB Amazing 1TB in 2.5 inch format, case slightly larger than 9.5mm thick drive. Low power consumption drive, powered via USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0 compatible). Advanced twin 500GB platter capacity gives better than 7200RPM drive performance, only when reading single large sequential (unbroken) files. Up to 105 to 110 MB/s sequential 2MB read/write performance. Incredible sequential performance due to Advanced Format, which has 4k sectors (eight times larger than the previous 512b). Very quiet. Clever case design with USB 3.0/2.0 compatible cable and interchangeable adapters for SATA/300 drive to USB 3.0, Thunderbird, Firewire. Great price, value for huge 1TB amount of storage. As a package this drive is great value. Compact 1TB storage 2.5 format with 18 inch cable is perfect for mobile use.

Cons: Mobile use caution!!! Slick plastic case looks great, but spinning drive is easily destroyed if slips or dropped in operation. I have personally destroyed a similar drive that slipped off my mini-tower PC onto the carpet. Click-click not funny. Highly recommend owners attach rubber feet (not include) or velcro to a fixed surface. Real world use 28 MB/s read/write performance (non sequential) lower than comparable 38 MB/s 7200RPM drives, including if used with Windows Backup software. 5400 RPM slow speed causes latency performance bottleneck with heavy workload or many small files. USB 3.0 and NCQ : Native Command Queuing does not overcome 5400 RPM latency bottleneck on many small files. Drive may hang older PCs and laptops because USB 3.0 and multi core CPU helps prevent hangs. Windows backup software will be useless for many because of slow real world performance and latency bottleneck. However, it is great to backup single large files up to 1TB total. Either Mac Time Machine reformat required, or Windows NTFS default format but not both. NTFS is cross compatible but not Time Machine compatible.

Overall Review: Overall you must know your requirements to get full value. Best use for this physically small, high capacity 1TB portable drive is fast mobile backup of single large files (2MB or greater) like MP3 or movies. But, secure the drive with rubber feet or velcro. If you plan to use the Windows Backup software it works best on newer computers with USB 3.0 I/O, and multi core capable CPU to prevent hangs. MacOS users will need to reformat to use on Time Machine backup. Technical summary: ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB 1000.2 GB Firmware: 2AR10001 Serial Number: S2TPJ9FC517718 Interface: USB(Serial ATA) Transfer Mode: SATA/300 Buffer Size 8192 KB Rotation Rate: 5400 RPM ATA8-ACS | ATA8-ACS version 6 SMART, 48bit LBA, APM, AAM, NCQ 33 degrees Centigrade S.M.A.R.T. : Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology 48bit LBA : 48bit Logical Block Addressing APM : Advanced Power Management AAM : Automatic Acoustic Management NCQ : Native Command Queuing Important Note: Physical internal drive is SAMSUNG Spinpoint M8 HN-M101MBB 1TB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive. Because Seagate bought a portion of Samsung's drive manufacturing facilities. Existing informational and review sites are: (1) All Newegg's reviews for HN-M101MBB and (2) Storage Review for HN-M101MBB for great performance info. (3) Seagate knowledge base. Take a look. -- Newegg: Internal physical drive reviews on Newegg: SAMSUNG Spinpoint M8 HN-M101MBB 1TB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive -- Seagate: MacOS setup at Format for MacOS at Seagate drive FAQ at Windows backup software include 1 year free cloud storage, after 1 year rates: 10GB | $19.99 | 12 months 25GB | $49.99 | 12 months 50GB | $99.99 | 12 months

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Great performance, price, lifetime9/26/2012 4:44:36 PM

Pros: These are sp120 high performance edition 2350 rpm (35 dBA/63 CFM) or, if you need quiet get alternate sp120 quiet edition 1450 rpm (23 dBA/38 CFM) SP model for static pressure, best for heat sinks & water cooler radiators, etc. Otherwise use AF model (air-flow) for case fans. - Cost effective and economical set. - 120mm - 7V to 12V power - Optional red, white, or blue color rings, or black without ring - SP model, static pressure, direct air flow. - Fan blades removable, great for cleaning - If fan stuck, will restart on delay circuit - Hydraulic bearing system for longest life - Rubber mounts, effective vibration damping Note: Damping important because vibration can be noticed between home floors These are very quiet, vibration free, high performance fans at great price.

Cons: - Single speed only, medium length cables - More noise than some models but noticeable only in quiet room - Mounting rubber grommets fragile

Overall Review: Overall, top notch performance and price compared to other brands. SP120 are quiet, great performance and long life, but not most powerful. Ran for over month in hot, dusty environment and flawless. I read all the reviews across web, and these fans are consistently a surprising value.

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Just works7/10/2012 7:35:19 AM

Pros: I like this SanDisk flash because it is reliable, fast, and big with 32GB storage space. It holds entire libraries of books, music, photos or large archive files. I almost never need to check how much space remains. It is smaller than most USB flash drives, and almost all computers and cameras now accept SDHC format if they have the SD socket.

Cons: Higher priced than some competitive brands, but with SanDisk I think you get better value in reliability, and compatibility.

Overall Review: A few computers, tablets do not allow any SD card to be pushed in flush with the opening. This results in the card sticking out slightly. In these cases I have to be careful not to damage the SD card when storing my computer. Also, if the computer pushes against something this can release the SD card from the socket, so I am careful not to lose it.

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Best Drive5/4/2012 7:25:43 AM

Pros: Drive is newest technology, fastest IO, no problems with Windows 7 x64 compatibility. Love the 7mm format, plan to use drive in my ultra laptop where normal 9.5mm does not work. The Magician software is easy to use, configures the OS automatically, and maintains high IO performance. No more drive slow down after filling disk or continuous usage.

Cons: Price varies, depending on where and when purchased, and is high priced at retail level. Newegg has some great bargains - so bookmark the product listing and keep checking for a couple weeks. I was going to buy a smaller version, until a Newegg sale *forced* me to get the 512GB monster. Very happy with drive, although quite expensive.

Overall Review: Read all the reviews, agree write speed is not as high as some. But, for my normal OS usage it is great. I no longer experience "coffee break" delays booting, nor starting up Visual Studio, etc. I loaded lots of software on my drive, almost filling it. After running tests with Magician software I noticed my read and write speeds drop. So I ran the performance optimization and speeds were back up to original. I think the Magician software should be running in the OS at all times, to handle TRIM garbage collection, but not sure. This drive has great read speeds, even for SATA II, and it is top of the line currently.

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Great equipment & software6/10/2011 8:36:27 AM

Pros: Works great, lots of features. The hardware it quite well implemented. Disk screws have rubber grommets, ventilation goes directly from front to back across vertical oriented drives, charger sits separately.

Cons: I found bare metal backup using acronis going slow. I checked network (Control Panel, System, Network), interface and status and it said 100mbps. So during an acronis backup I pulled their cable and used one of my own gigabit cables. It continued to work flawlessly, and status now reports "1000, full duplex, MTU 1500". I have not tried jumbo frames yet.

Overall Review: Need to try out more features. The email server looks interesting, but seems to require a fixed IP and dns configuration. Lots of fun, though.

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Stunning great.6/7/2011 9:53:41 AM

Pros: Amazing. Updated via internet to Android Honeycomb v3.1 just after midnight on 1st day ownership (notification required). Very impressive screen, great battery life, lots of support websites and help. This is the fastest response android device I have seen or used. I have used PdaNet and bluetooth tethering and skype works (at the moment). Lots of software and features, too many to say.

Cons: Chargers seem to be a critical component. Hard to find replacements at the moment. Requires USB 3.0 extension cable to extend the length (A male to A female) which are rare (but sold on Newegg). Hackers have made do-it-yourself chargers for car and AC but I do not like that alternative. Some chargers have overheated/failed for people, and it worries me. Loaded Google Maps but there were issues loading the SpeechSysthesis (does not install as of today). The maps and everything else appears to work.

Overall Review: I feel like I am using a real PC with this tablet, especially with the keyboard attachment. Very powerful with all the android applications in marketplace (not all compatible).

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Works Great6/7/2011 9:42:56 AM

Pros: Responsive keys. Charges tablet continuously. Red/green indicator light on keyboard shows its charging status. Solid construction. Special hot keys speed up tablet usage.

Cons: Minor: Some getting-used-to required. Because android back key in place of ESC, home key actually works for home, search key for search, list apps key, etc. Once used to it, it is easy.

Overall Review: The bluetooth and wireless keys are helpful. There are lots of other pre-programmed keys. It would be nice to be able to program them ourselves. It might be possible, but I do not know of any documentation of special features.

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Good luck1/3/2011 8:16:11 AM

Pros: Hope it works for you.

Cons: Did not work for me, but I hope it works for you. Does not provide specified power output to my devices. Therefore, my devices will not charge properly using this car charger.

Overall Review: Newegg delivery was amazingly fast and impressive.

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Good for some uses12/30/2010 6:06:05 PM

Pros: Probably works on Apple products, but not on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet - which also requires 2.1amps at 5 volts. Tore it open to check, and the circuitry exists for converting 12v into 5v at higher amperage (like 2A) and 10 watts. Newegg shipping and delivery was 1st class, quick and efficient as always!

Cons: Does not work on all 2.1Amp and 5v charged items, like my Galaxy tablet. It is a shame, and I was hoping for more flexibility. Once its inserted into the car adapter, it is difficult to remove (nothing to grab) because this thing is very small. Good luck.

Overall Review: We really need a universal charger for the car, that charges all the latest pads/smartphones/etc with 2.1Amps and 5volts at about 10 watts.

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website support9/9/2010 6:32:42 PM

Pros: In response to another reviewer: They have the Samsung SSD Magician Tool (exe) on this web page. At the moment it is version 1 (beta), but they have updated this site since last week (9 Sep 2010). These are great drives.

Cons: None, except high SSD prices overall.

Overall Review: Samsung uses different controllers than some other SSD manufacturers. Check performance reviews carefully.

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Great product5/21/2010 1:47:06 PM

Pros: Metal lid, top and bottom. Single (powered) USB 3.0 cable runs either HD or SSD equally well. Cables are 1ft long which is perfect length for laptop to connect to drive and small to pack in bag. Looks great, professional, good indicator lights. Rubber feet inside (x4) hold drive in place without screws. I get over 100MB/s on old SSD (no cmd queue) using this chassis and USB 3.0 ExpressCard on laptop. It is slightly (1-2MB/s) faster than eSATA ExpressCard on same port and drives. Stays cool to touch. Detected by W7x64 with insert every time, much better than my eSATA ExpressCard and cables. Also, can handle the larger 12mm thick 2.5in drives.

Cons: I do not have the latest SSD (cmd queuing) so I did not test how it works with those, but no problems found so far. Specs say it works with drives up to 1TB, but did not test.

Overall Review: Using it with Koutech dual USB 3.0 ExpressCard is easy because card is powered with 5v from USB 2.0 port. No need to provide DC 5v to the individual enclosures.

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Great idea and implementation5/20/2010 8:28:50 PM

Pros: This may be the best product I ever purchased from Newegg. The design is brilliant, because the express card is powered with the USB 5v cable, e.g. one USB port. And, it only takes one USB 3.0 cable each and you can run two drives on USB 3.0. The Koutech USB 3.0 2.5 chassis with this cable are at least as fast, if not faster, than my eSATA on the same drives and ExpressCard slot in my laptop. With an old SSD (no cmd queue) I get over 100MB/s reads.

Cons: I am not sure why the ExpressCard requires the extra 5v power from one USB port, or if it depends on the type(s) of drives we are running on USB 3.0.

Overall Review: The USB 2.0 5v power cable is not intrusive because it allows me to chain a device in the USB 2.0 port with it. This product totally rocks with the Koutech IO-EEU230 2.5" Black USB 3.0 External Enclosure, also sold here at Newegg.

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