Excellent Card for the Size!10/24/2013 4:50:11 PM

Pros: This tiny little card is amazing for the price! There is no game I have tried that it can't play in med/high settings in 1080p. It runs very quiet and idles at 40 and maxes at 65 on temps in a slim, small htpc case with only one 80mm case fan! Also only uses about 50-60 watts of power...

Cons: The ONLY con is you can get an equivalent card for about $30 cheaper. But this card is made for htpcs, slim cases and low power sff builds.

Overall Review: I use this card in an htpc case. I can play most games on high settings at 2x or no AA. Battlefield 3 will play 1080p on low and medium type settings at 50-60 fps. Or 720p high settings at about 60+ fps. This is my bedroom pc i use it to play on. I use the android app called touch pad to control mouse keyboard functions on my GS3. And I use an xbox 360 controller with a wireless receiver for the games I play. I cant wait for the steam controller to come out. then i can play nearly everything! This is the best low profile card on the market, hands down!

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Still working3/27/2013 1:04:05 PM

Pros: I have owned this power supply since 6/28 2011. Soon to be 2 years. It is now powering my i5 2500k oc to 4.7, my overclocked gtx 670, 2 hardrives, one ssd, one dvd burner, one blu-ray drive, and a bunch of fans. My computer is running over 12 hours a day. So that is over 7500 hours and everything is fine. I would not hesitate to buy another one.

Cons: 2 year Warranty will run out soon. Not much of a con as I have a newer PS ive had laying around and I am too lazy to install, lol.

Overall Review: Buy it.

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Mixed bag1/5/2013 9:59:00 AM

Pros: Performs well. Great fps on everything I play maxed out in 1080p.

Cons: Where do I start? This isn't the card I ordered. It looks nothing like in the picture. And that would be fine if there wasn't vent holes in the side of the card. The problem with this design is that hot air gets blown out under the card and gets sucked back in. This blower is supposed to be pushing air out of the back of the case! :( Major Disappointment! Card is fairly loud when playing games. Also I DIDN'T receive my free PNY hdmi cable.

Overall Review: I can't blame PNY for this, Newegg sent me the wrong card. I want to send it back to Newegg. I'm sad because $320 was a good deal. A deal to good to be true, apparently. I rate this 2/5 for newegg. 4/5 for PNY. I really want a refund or a different card. I dread not being able to use my pc for a week though. This is the first time Newegg has ever let me down.

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Great12/12/2012 5:42:36 PM

Pros: Best cooler for the price. Dropped my temps by about 19 degrees at max on i5 2500k. Year and a half later still working flawlessly(fan is fine).

Cons: It's big, fits fine in an Antec 300 case though.

Overall Review: I clean it out every 4-5 months. But I live in very dusty/filthy conditions. lol

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Still working fine12/12/2012 5:30:57 PM

Pros: Overclocked the hell out of it one night when i got drunk. Worked great for 3 months until I killed my Asus board overclocking my 965 2 be (also drunk at the time). I was to lazy to RMA. So then I got drunk and ordered an I5 and a much nicer MB. No regrets afterwards. Now I have my i5 overclocked to 4.7 after I got drunk again one night. Anyhow, its still working a year and a half later, card no longer overclocked, i5 still overclocked. I game at 1080p just fine with this baby.

Cons: Im an alcoholic.

Overall Review: I'll upgrade to a 660 ti or 670 soon enough. I'm just waiting for the price to come down a little more. This has been a great card.

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Not Reliable5/8/2012 11:07:58 AM

Pros: Saved a few seconds on boot times.

Cons: Three weeks after purchase it started making screeching noises. Shortly after, it died. My data died with it.

Overall Review: Second experience with Seagate, second bad experience with Seagate. Get SSD if you want the real deal, or stick with a basic HDD. Didn't order from here.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent6/28/2011 8:16:09 PM

Pros: Great case, great cooling. Even with the 2 top fans it cools good.

Cons: If you want to play games with a high end gfx card($350+) add 1 or 2 case fans, otherwise you wont have any problems.

Overall Review: i want to buy another antec 300, but i don't have the components to fill it with. oh well.

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Waste of money...6/28/2011 8:08:24 PM

Pros: Sounds so cold.

Cons: Temperature was exactly the same as the stock mud colored thermal paste that came with my processor. Was applied exactly the same way and the result was exactly the same in temp readings.

Overall Review: I would like to compare this thermal paste to monster cables(early 2000s), I feel like im getting ripped off with all the hype. I will never invest in thermal paste again. Instead ill use the brown slime that is free and provides the same temps.

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Works Fine6/28/2011 7:47:39 PM

Pros: Quiet and it works.

Cons: Price could have been better as the cache is so low compared to what is out now.

Overall Review: none.

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Works6/28/2011 7:44:12 PM

Pros: No problems with the ram.

Cons: Problems with mb accepting the ram. Had to run it at 1333. Not a con though, its the mbs fault.

Overall Review: 1 stick runs all the games I want and need, even the newest ones.

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A little Worried6/28/2011 7:36:40 PM

Pros: Has alot of oc features for $90. Decent features.

Cons: Failed to post 2 times after 1.5 weeks. No problems since then, but I have a feeling it will be a problem in the near future and im not sure whether i should get something else right now or put my system at jeopardy with this risky motherboard(so I've heard). It didn't support my ddr3 1600 ram. Only works at 1333. But that's not a big deal because the performance difference is negligible.

Overall Review: I know there is a 30 day return with refund at newegg. Ive been so busy i haven't had time to mess with it. And now its too late. I could have bought better with my money and now its out of stock, so im sure it wont be carried anymore. I should have read up more before i purchased this board, I feel like its the worst part in my pc.

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Happy Owner6/28/2011 7:01:46 PM

Pros: Blazing fast and a great price. Best bang for the buck, hands down! This processor does many tasks faster than an i7, although the i7 has it beat in most cases. Look it it up and find out for yourself. Get this and a $200+ graphics card and you've got yourself a great budget gaming pc. I went with the GTX 560 ti($230). No lag on anything at 1080p on all high settings.

Cons: Runs at high temps. With stock heat sink it idled around 43-45 in my antec 300 case. Max load around 60-62. I like to keep it cool so i ordered 2 more case fans and a heatsink($50 altogether) now it idles around 29-30 and under 50 and under on prime95(100% processing). I know i did an overkill on the cooling, but I like to keep everything cool, its just how i roll.

Overall Review: Make sure you have a case with good airflow and you shouldn't have a problem. If you don't then you'll probably want an aftermarket heatsink or more case fans. I think i could have got by without the heatsink and just spent $10 on 2 case fans to cool everything in my pc better.

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