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Great Value11/10/2017 11:20:48 AM

Pros: Polk Audio makes some real good audio components. I'm an audiophile, therefore I look for the best that's out there. This PSW 10 is not in the atmosphere of "audiophile critic" level, however it holds its own. I got this about 4 years for a secondary audio system. A terrific value at the current price, let alone at $79.90 that I paid for it. Polk is a great brand above the mid-level to reaching the audiophile category, almost. I mean if you ever heard a Dahlquist sub, it would blow you away. However, it's a lot of money to get to that level. Be that as it may, 90% of users have a great way of entering the sub-woofer universe at such a low cost. Make sure that you set the levels on the back of the speak correctly. Do not over-do it. The 11 o'clock level is just about right. Call Polk on the settings. Experiment. This thing has a good power amp, no doubt about it. Very clean and linear.

Cons: Newegg needs to get me a better price on a HK 3770. Come on Newegg, we can do it.

Overall Review: You's will love this Sub. Considering what a product like this costs to intergrate, if one just bought a 10" speaker woofer you are looking at $50 bucks. Then the amp, knobs, cabinet, etc., Great value for the money.

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Nice fan9/3/2017 12:11:23 AM

Pros: The old one lasted for years. Saw this again on sale with a rebate had to get it again. Wish we could buy at least 2 with a rebate. These fans are very quiet. I'm not into the "lightshow" thingy but it's OK. Mine is mounted in a TT case in the front and the case has this door so I don't see it much. However, in the rear it maybe a good thing. It'll throw off some extra light so you know where to plug in your devices, cables, etc., The blue is very nice. It reminds me of the Pacific ocean...

Cons: We should be able to buy up to 2 of these fans with a rebate.

Overall Review: Good value and quality.

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Excellent 92mm Fans9/3/2017 12:02:24 AM

Pros: Using these in an Antec Solo case, 2 of them in the front. Run them full speed. Well made fans. In the rear part of the case an Antec 120mm 3-speeder as well. These fans last and are quiet. When it comes to cases, case fans and PSU's I stick with quality. I've been there before, buy cheap buy twice. When the Eggster runs a sale on these 92mm get them.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: A note for you fansters. When you get your fan any type of case fan, test them before you install them. Here's how I do it. Get an AC/DC adapter. You know you have those lying around from some gadget, boom box, etc., Snip the plug off at the end of the wire. Then get a molex male to female with an extra molex to hook up the wire and an old 3-pin MB fan that no longer works. Wire them up together and woula! You have a fan tester. Mine is a 12V DC. But you can use a 9V or whatever. It is perfectly safe, trust me. Then if it works you mount it in the case. Easy peasy! 1 more thing: Observe polarity from you DC adapater, + to + and - to -. I just got a Sickle Flow 120MM Coolermaster that's on sale. Tested it and it works. Now to get my $3 rebate.

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NIce Router8/29/2017 10:46:13 PM

Pros: An excellent deal on this AC1900. Retired a Linksys WRT54GL, which was as good as it gets. Was stable as can be. Have used TRENDnet routers, models TEW-652BRP and the TEW-432BRP before. The latter 2 routers worked very well. Once in a while had to be reset, but overall were good units. TRENDnet has excellent support service, unlike when Cisco bought out Linksys. Kinda hard to reach L-sys support. To set up the AC1900 went into the advanced mode of setup then hit a snag. Called TRENDnet's support and they were patient to get the unit setup properly. Instead of using the Advanced tab use the Basic tab for setup. All depends what you want to do with it. The support person waited until all wireless devices worked and were working. This is one reason I like TRENDnet's products. A product is good as its tech support. The deal here at Newegg was fantastic. With the rebate, $39.99? Life is good. Since setting it up last week she's blazing fast on the speed front. D-Load speeds of 110.92 Mbps and 11.31 Mbps. Using the N 600 speed. This unit has 3 desktops, 1 laptop, 1 tablet, 2 BluRays, 2 smartphones and the kitchen sink under control. Thus far all is well.

Cons: It doesn't have antennas? But who wants to poke their eyes out? :)

Overall Review: Get it!

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No complaints on this fan8/29/2017 11:44:18 AM

Pros: Nice fan. It lasted 6 years running 24/7/365. I don't like lights and stuff, but never saw the light sucking air from front of case. Sleeve bearing fans don't last long. This one I got my money's worth. Ordered another one with a rebate. Not bad. Quality I like. Does anyone want to tear apart their case to replace a fan? Not me!

Cons: With this review above, I will get 2 1st class tics to Maui, HI. Right?

Overall Review: Get it while you can,

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Again it's Verbatim (and that's a good thing).7/28/2017 4:59:44 AM

Pros: Go read my review on Verbatim 94554. Same old Verbatim whatever they make! In the good old days they used to make the best 5.25" floppies too. The tradition continues. Made in Taiwan, FYI. That's good.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: My first time using the blank "white surface". Your sharpie can write anything you want on the media. Inside the core you will see Verbatim, which identifies the brand. The cake box spindle is thick plastic. When you lock and twist the box it stays secure, no cd's on the floor. And buying from Newegg is the best! Packed solid as always and quick shipping too! Life is good...Have a nice day Eggsters.

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It's Verbatim, that says it all...7/28/2017 4:50:17 AM

Pros: Reliable from disk 100 to disk 1 in the Spindle. They always use good quality spindle cases that protect the media. Other manufacturers are shipping with thin plastic spindle packs that can sometimes end up, after you lock the box, come apart and your new disks end up on a floor all over the place like the Memorex I got here. A few weeks back got some Memorex CD-R's from Newegg, and the 110th disk (it was a 110 pack) meaning the first one out of the box, on a "verify burn" failed. I've used Memorex before and never had a problem. The cake box was real cheap plastic too. When I rec'd the Verbatim 94712 CD-R's disk 100 was like old times, perfect. In every which way. (Memorex 110 spindle, only for music burns etc., Oh well, live and learn. They are cutting corners everywhere, my guess.

Cons: 0.00 cons

Overall Review: When buying media like this, DVD+R, DL etc., it is critical when using for data backup. I have never ever had a bad Verbatim disk in any format. Data is precious. I use the 94554 or just a few days ago got the 94712 white surface Verbatim CD-R's in a 100 pack. Disk 100 was perfect. Made in Taiwan. And that's a good thing. Newegg shipped promptly, with lots of packaging protecting the product. But that's the way it is with Newegg. I will buy only if Newegg sells and ships any product. Trust me on that one! Have a nice Eggers.

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Total Junk7/23/2017 10:54:38 AM

Pros: NONE.

Cons: You can use these CD-R's for music. But for data, forget about it. I have no idea who is making these CD-R's but it ain't Memorex. Stick with Verbatim, Sony, RiData. And to add insult to injury, I have never had a problem with Memorex CD-R's, DVD+R, Double layer, etc., Only this time and on simple CD-R's. Furthermore, the spindle of 110 it came with is so cheap that you must transfer the disks to your empty cases that are durable. Memorex, R.I.P. DO NOT BUY!

Overall Review: A waste of money, but perhaps it was a waste of my time. Time is money. They are cutting corners with a hedge trimmer! (svbg) "Is it real or is it Memorex"? It's neither. It's junk. I was forced to rate an egg? 0.000 eggs.

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It's the "Western Dog" Black label (Caviar) !1/22/2016 9:48:06 PM

Pros: WDC Black label are the best internal drives for desktops. (And their USB drives too.) This is my second 1TB 1003FZEX. Fast, quiet as can be. The"black label" series were known as the "Caviar Black label". Only get the black label for internal use. The best HDD drives bar none.

Cons: OK here's the con. I have an external 1TB WDC USB where I use dedicated backups for the 0 drive, your O/S C:. I thought this time to use the Acronis clone software off their site. Called tech support as I wasn't familiar using Acronis. Big mistake. The tech walked me thru for the cloning but failed to say to unplug the USB drive. What happened? It cloned my Samsung 840 EVO 120GB to the 1003FZEX fine. It also cloned the same partition to the USB external !!! Wiped all the backups, data, from the USB. Had to unplug the USB and use another desktop to ZERO out the drive, format, etc., 15 hrs worth of time wasted. Make sure that you unplug your USB externals when doing cloning using Acronis. Else you will suffer the same fate. Agggh! Live and learn...It still doesn't make sense, because: one is directing drive A to be cloned to drive B. I should have just used my backups off the USB and skipped Acronis cloning. Anyway...a word to the wise.

Overall Review: I used a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB that is barely 1.5 years old as the O/S C: From 12/2015 it had 44GB left of free space. Then everyday it would lose free space out of thin air. It lost 10GB down to 34GB. At that rate I'd have no space left by now. How can a drive lose free space when you never used 10GB of that free space. Total mystery....The 840 was fast initially, 10-15 seconds on reboot for Win-7 64bit with a i7-4770K CPU. Then as time marched on it took almost a minute. I see no difference in performance using an SSD vs. a HDD. The reset with the 1003FZEX takes about 1m. 15 secs. If I'd do a "clean install it likely would be less. No big deal. But using programs etc., the WDC is blazing fast. I see no difference in performance. And no loss of free disk space with the WDC drive. Drive was packed nice and safe and got here quick using the free ship option. Life is good. The SSD's thing? A touch of hype IMHO. And on top of that, the SSD got 33% fragmented--and you shouldn't defrag SSD's. You can defrag a HDD. Again, I see no performance gain going back to a HDD for the O/S 0-drive. For $75 here at Newegg for 1TB? Peanuts. The 2nd 1003 is a data drive. They run nice and cool, about 27C. Will have to call Samsung as it's still under warranty....

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They work fine12/19/2015 4:00:19 PM

Pros: Great price. Using with Q3HD video recorder. Format fine.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Used Transcend SDHC cards, same speed of 10. These G.Skill are the same quality. A good buy at the $7.99 price.

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Nice PSU.12/18/2015 9:09:19 AM

Pros: Looks like a quality build. The modular setup will reduce temps in your desktop. Seems stable at this point. This PSU replaced a hardworking 5 year old Antec EA-650. The EA-650 was/is superb. I usually only get Antec PSU's, but this EVGA is doing its job. It's too early to tell how it will perform a year or two from now, but thus far A-OK. One more thought. The modular wiring will reduce temps by a few 2 C's at least. That's what the 5 year old EA-650 didn't have, modular wiring. Less wires, more airflow. It came with an adapter to check the PSU for power up. No need for the "paperclip" test. That's nice.

Cons: The PSU doesn't have a good manual. Antec OTOH is detailed. The labeling on the EVGA case has Sata 1-2-3. Well I didn't know whether those cables could be plugged in to power other peripheral devices. Tech support helped out. That needs to be corrected. The cables used only used black color. No traditional color coding on any of the cables. Also, on the 24pin ATX plug in to the PSU you will have to plug in the cable to the left on the PSU for power-up. This wasn't explained in the manual. I don't use the "eco" on the fan thingy. My suggest is just let the PSU run the fan full tilt.

Overall Review: 7 year warranty? Let's see what it can do. Checking voltage specs. it's stable thus far. I'm surprised that EVGA seems to have a winner here in the PSU department. I do like their video cards. Picked this up from Newegg for $85 in November 2015 with a $25 rebate. Haven't got the rebate yet, but EVGA seems to be a good outfit. I doubt that they will fail on the rebate. All in all, a nice PSU. One more thought. Never skimp on your PSU's. Get the best, always.

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Junk! Don't buy any ADATA products.12/18/2015 8:44:05 AM

Pros: Zero.

Cons: A waste of money.

Overall Review: Get Toshiba, Kingston or other quality products.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We are sorry that your UV128 is not working properly. Unfortunately, DOA does occur from time to time and that is why there is a warranty on our products that covers this issue. Please send it in for an RMA exchange and you will receive a working replacement. The ADATA RMA process is a simple and painless procedure. Please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you, ADATA Technology Customer Service Tech Support Email:
This is RiData?12/18/2015 8:41:21 AM

Pros: First disk out of the cake box was bad. I've always used Verbatim, TDK, Memorex and ZERO problems.

Cons: The cake box is very flimsy. I had to transfer all the blanks into a sturdy empty cake box. I have no idea what disk 10 or disk 20 will be. I've read that RiData is the top dog. Well in my case, I'll stick to Verbatim in the future.

Overall Review: They were cheap. Maybe I got a bad batch.

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Superb fan9/9/2015 10:31:26 AM

Pros: What a fan. Quiet in an Enlight case air-duct as can be. Keeps the 8400 Wolfdale CPU at bay. Reliable as can be. A tip. Always do some spring cleaning in your case, twice a year at least. Use large Q-tips if you have them with 91% isopropyl alcohol to wipe the blades, housing, etc., Compressed air is also a good thing. Clean them, and all of your other fans in fact, spicked-n-span. Fans are a magnet for dust particles. The fans will like you a lot. And so will your machine.

Cons: Cons? 0.00 %.

Overall Review: These folks know how to make great fans. Period. Never be afraid to get a Rexus/Top Motor fan.

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This is Antec quality?9/7/2015 10:48:46 PM

Pros: None.

Cons: This 120mm 3-speed fan was to replace an Antec fan in my Antec Solo case bought in 2008 here at Newegg. That's 7 years of service, the original black plastic Tri-cool lasted. Not bad huh? Well, I got more of these "new" white plastic looking fans to replace the sometimes old noisy 2008 one. It did its job nicely. They never drilled out the holes correctly for mounting the fan. Had to rout each hole a bit at a time. One screw hole got routed too much. So, I have 3 screws holding the fan in the rear. Couldn't even use the screws they supplied. Had to use the original 2008 screws. They were longer in length than what you get now. They worked. I can mount a rear fan with eyes closed. This white plastic they are using is simply garbage. If it ain't broken don't fix it. You know the KISS rule? I have read others here suggesting to rout out the holes. Anyone paying attention there Antec. I buy Antec because it's top notch quality. But this? What's this?

Overall Review: took 4 eggs off for each screw hole. Get a Top motor/Rexus fan here. Couldn't even use my Akustic rubber insulator with these "white" fans. I was able to use it with the original Antec fan from 2008 though. A fan? Get real!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello John, We take our customer service very seriously. We are continually reviewing customer feedbacks and finding to make the quality of our products even better. I will definitely bring this issue up with our Product Devlopment Team. Thank you, Justin Ocbina Antec Marketing
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Verbatim is it8/26/2015 7:15:40 AM

Pros: Rarely a coaster. Like in never? Never is a long time...

Cons: Wish it were on sale...

Overall Review: Verbatim is an old US company. Make sure that you use good burners, have CPU that blazes, like my i7 4770K, etc., Good luck. Always check your new media batch. Don't take things for granted that it will be OK. This way you can resolve a problem during the return period. etc.,

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It's Crucial8/26/2015 7:07:21 AM

Pros: Chips made by Crucial/Micron=Same company. Reliable memory. Good tech support. So far, so good. Price was right here at Newegg.

Cons: None. But free would've been best, :) In my dreams. I know...

Overall Review: Whenever you get extra memory do a Memtest86. I had their Ver. 5.0 which included the UEFI boot to cd. DO NOT USE THAT VERSION! When it boots to the cd, you'll see your memory, mfr., speed, SPD, etc., With ver. 5.0 the NEW 2X8 Crucial matched pairs it showed the NEW memory but with the wrong specs, timing etc., Confused? Petrified on my end. It's Crucial, impossible. So, I did the re-boot onto the CD, not using the UEFI option. That will bring you to the lowest Memtest86 version, 4.3. The DOS, iow. You will not see your mem. specs in 4.3. Ran it under that. All was good. Then I went to the Memtest86 site and downloaded their latest version 6.1.0. just for the heck of it. Booted from the BIOS using the UEFI selection. Woula! All the Crucial specs, timings, SPD, etc., showed it correctly, just as the BIOS showed. The story is long but I'll spare you the pain! Get the 6.1.0 version ONLY. It has the old 4.3 DOS version as well the correct UEFI version boot method. Always check new memory for errors. This purchase maxed out my GA-z87-HD3, Gigabyte, to 32G. Haven't noticed much of an improvement in speed or anything, but may come in handy with software that wants it or needs it. Using it under win7-64bit. Samsung EVO 120GB on the C:, with a WDC Caviar Black Label 1TB internal, and an External WD Elements 1TB., The system is perfect. And the Eggster rocks as usual!

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Its' the Western Dog'8/17/2015 2:56:32 PM

Pros: Well it's a WDC drive, it 's not a *.* with an S.

Cons: Too early to tell if it's a con. Time will tell.

Overall Review: Using drive for large video files. All of my drives are WDC. Tested it under XP-Pro SP3, fine. Tested under Win-7 Pro 64 bit. Fine. To defrag such a large capacity drive, it takes a bit of time. But you should already know that. Suggestion: Defrag, defrag, defrag ANY drive. Have been using WDC drives forever. I had some bad luck with Seagate and Maxtor in the distant past. WDC simply is the best. Their Caviars, black label only, is the only drive to use in your desktop. Cheez.I have a WDC 240MG and on up that still work to this day. Yes, you read that right, 240MG. Back in the good old days that was huge in capacity. 4TB's is incredible. Don't use the autorun on the drive. Make a DIR and copy/paste all of the stuff in that DIR. DIR=Folder. Got mine here on the Eggster for $109. Not bad considering that a 240MG drive in 1993 cost $165. Try loading your O/S on 240Mg drive. Hope this 4TB- WDC is what I expect from WDC. The best of rest. Got a couple of 1TB Essentials, fantastic. Those they built them like a tank! In service for a while now, zero problems. Therefore, I got the new 4TB. It is already formatted for you. Just plug the puppy in and that's it. Good luck and happy hunting. Using this under Win/OS's, have no clue what Apple does in regards to file formats, etc., For MSFT O/S you are good to go.

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TT's Urban S31? A Nightmare...6/5/2014 11:21:24 AM

Pros: 0.00

Cons: Where to begin? Needed a case for a "special build" with good cooling. S31 has it. Also needed the 3.5" option to mount a FDD or any 3.5" device. The S31 has it. Read TT's online manual, which is vague, but I've done this so many times before it misled me thinking that one could do it. Wasted nearly 3 hrs. on mounting a 3.5" drive. Unreal. In half that time one could install an entire system build, from A-Z. This is a $100 chassis folks. The pics you see in the 5.25" to 3.50" plastic adapter is clear, until you get the case. Surprise! When you end up mounting a 3.50" device onto the adapter , the backend of the adapter sticks out 2.25" into the MOBO area. An ATX/mATX system board you'll be clipping your caps or other semiconductors, which may be present. That's nice, huh? Called tech support. They confirmed my nightmare. Their solution? Saw it off . Really? This is a $100 case and I have to re-engineer it by sawing off the adapter? WOW! TT's support said they would forward this problem to TT, but I'll never see the solution. Bet on it. Feel bad for tech support, they tried to do their best. This is sub-standard engineering. This is chassis 101! Can't build a chassis, fold up. I was able to reduce the extrusion to 1.3125" but it's not good enough and wrong. Many things converge around that area, like your 24pin connector for starters. Have some cheaper cases that would make this S31 blink. Let alone the Enlight 7250AK6, Enlight 7230 series, which you can still view here on Newegg. Enlight was one of the few mfrs. that was approved by Intel. Both the black and beige Enlights house recent system builds. The beige chassis is 16 yrs. old. It's that good. Or the Antec Solo from 2008 w/4 5.25" bays I got here from Newegg. Quality chassis that work. Newegg doesn't sell the Enlights anymore, our loss. They do have Antec, however. Mounting a 3.5" device in either case is a breeze, simple, correct. 15 min. if that. Mount your 3.5" device on tray, slide in, 1-2-DONE! I thought TT sold quality. Wrong. I mean this is chassis #101. Silly. Other cons...Mounting case fans. Can't use your fan screws. TT uses M3X28mm screws. TT doesn't supply enough. Try finding them at H.Depot. Can't. TT's MOBO screws can be pose a grounding problem. Had to get 4mm washers at HD so the CPU doesn't short out at bootup. Then TT welded the MOBO standoffs too! Stupid, PWR button on "top" and NOT recessed? DUH! The problem in all of this is you can't tell any of the shortcommings of the S31 in the description or the manual. I would expect problems with a no brand mfr. but TT? This is a chassis a case. And there are other things that I've not covered. By far, the worst product I've bought here at Newegg. They don't make the product, but trust me, go and look elsewhere. Find an Enlight case. Or get Antec. Then, you got quality. I'm floored by TT's lack of insight/detail on this product. A waste of money and TIME.

Overall Review: Looks good on paper, but paper doesn't count! Don't waste your dough on this puppy, you'll develop nightmares. OTOH, it did help reduce thermal temps. on Prescott 3.8Ghz by 10C's....But I likely could have had the same result with an Antec. No doubt. Never thought I'd be writing this review...Welcom to Wally World, sorry it's closed.

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Mach 9 speed!5/25/2014 8:25:16 AM

Pros: They are Top Motor (Rexus's branded). It's a Dynatron fan, high quality. Put a pair of wings on your chassis, it'll fly away! They push massive amounts of air at stated specs. A fan controller is a must here. Used molex of course.

Cons: Well, I had an idea what to expect and it exceeded my expectations-they move air! Not really a con. The con was in a this "special build" using an Intel D915PGN N.O.S. system board. The INTC 3.8Ghz Prescott I needed to cool must be the hottest CPU ever made. 115TDP. The problem was, that these fans had zero effect on cooling that CPU. Bizzare! Previous to getting these turbines, used the XIGMA XFS-F1252's, stated specs. @ 1500RPM 45.2 CFM. The XGMA's are super quiet, lower RPM's, put them back in the chassis. Where the solution to the CPU problem was solved, was in INTC's BIOS. Where? Turn off your CPU fan control. Really? Temps dropped from 48C at idle to 39C even reaching 35C on the low end. For a Prescott that's a miracle. Check out the net on the P4 670 Prescott, a nightmare cooling it . Case temps from 40C to 30C on average. INTC rule-of-thumb is maintaining chassis temps at 38C, regardless of the CPU type. Read every white paper of of INTC's site on chassis maximum temps. This was an interestesting experiment. For others this might not apply in regards to using these fans, every system board is different, etc., They may workout perfectly, they move huge amounts of air. However, a solution was found elsewhere. Regardless, will keep the two Top Motors. Will need a fan control on them. I came back to Rexus Top-Motor as I have their 92mm mounted in a air-duct, Enlight chassis, cooling an E8400 Wolfdale. Temps 35C idle 42C at load. Chassis temps at 28C. And only 2-80mm, 1 intake 1 exhaust. Been running this sysytem for 4 years 24/7/365. The Rexus is top notch. No cons. Can't hear the Rexus 92mm, the case is dead quiet.

Overall Review: Cooling solutions come out from left field...

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Great fan value5/25/2014 7:26:06 AM

Pros: 1st time on the XIGMA brand for me. I've used nearly every top-notch mfr. in the fan dep't. At reg.price nothing can beat this fan. At sale price of $9.99 for 4 fans? Zero brainer. Quiet, very quiet. Well made, quality build. Used 3 in a new build, can't hear them...

Cons: Came with 3 pin connector only...Got Apevia adapters to get molex from Newegg. If you need the full RPM capacity, that's why you buy 'em, right? Then run 'em at stated spec. rate of 1500 RPM +/- 10% like these are rated. These fans are so quiet at 100% stated RPM's you'll be amazed. (However this is not really a con on the molex thingie...You can always snip the 3-pin and Y in the molex with the 3-pin and woula, you have both options. It's easier getting the adapters though.)

Overall Review: After I got these, also got XIGMA's XOF-F1252's, strictly exhaust. The XOF's are superb. This brand makes some of the quietest fans out there. Quality workmanship and value. If Newegg didn't put these fans on sale, wouldn't had the opp. to know of XIGMA's quality, in the world of fans. Thanks Newegg! Before you mount any fan in your chassis, get a 9V DC adapter. Wire-up a molex and or 3 pin female connector. Plug the fan into the molex, for example, then plug the 9V adapter into your 120VAC strip. If the fan turns, spins, then and then only you can mount it into your chassis. This goes for any fan you buy. TEST THEM first, save yourself time if you get a flakey one. I have a dedicated 9VDC adapter all wired up just for fan testing tucked away. Easy simple and a timesaver.)

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XOF-F1252's5/25/2014 6:42:05 AM

Pros: First try on this brand, a bullseye buy. High quality fans. One should note that these are strictly exhaust fans, look at the mounting screw holes. Very smooth running fans. Your ear must be within 6" to barley hear them. Quality of materials and workmanship is on the high end. The cable is round 'shielded' type, nice touch. Come with 3-pin + molex. I use the , letting them rip as fast as they can, can't hear them, Quiet. Got the lime green ones. Use to the plain black typical fan color, wasn't sure if I'd be into color or not, but a nice touch. Too bad I'll never see the color, it's in the rear :( Previous to these Ximgas, got the Ximga 4-pack XFS-F1252's. The F1252's do intake and exhaust, excellent value and performance. The latter are your standard black fan and come with a 3 pin only, no molex. Got both versions here when Newegg ran a sale recently. Even at reg. price they are an excellent buy. In the fan dep't. will look at XIGMA brand offerings first, next time around. Thanks Newegg, the sale drew me to try these out. Well worth the effort...

Cons: What color to choose? Wow, now that's not fair, what a con! Way too quiet...That's a con?

Overall Review: I think these fans will last a long time, I can feel the quality build in these XIMGA's. I usually wait before posting a review, letting a product prove its worth, but been running them 24/7 no complaints at all. (Too bad I couldn't use 2 fans on the top exhaust in a new TT Urban 31 new-build chassis, but that's TT's problem of poor engineering. TT put crossbars where the fans mount. The fan blades hit the crossbars. Had to use the XFS-F1252's instead. The XOF's would've been the perfect solution. The reason I got 'em is for exhaust application! But that's another story...)

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LPT Bracket header5/16/2014 5:39:28 AM

Pros: Same ones that others charge 10X more. And the rest of those come from the same place-China. Good quality steel, cable, etc., And mine came direct from China! (as promised, within the 5-15 biz fay window). Not bat at all.

Cons: The bracket should've been gold plated? None at all...

Overall Review: After reading other reviewers not getting thier orders on time, I had my doubts. Those must've been shipped by a slow boat from China? I wish the rain would stop...too much rain everywhere.

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Dangerous!!!5/7/2014 7:40:54 AM


Cons: If you want to get this C12G USB 2.0 flash drive STUCK in your USB port you came to the right place. This Team flash drive is NOT the standard length of your typical flash drive. It's about 1/4th the size in length. Due to the fact that you cannot grasp the body of the drive being so short, it gets stuck in your precious USB 2.00 port. That's exactly what happened with me. I had to use needle nose pliers, VERY carefully, and remove it from my desktop port. I have very high end cases, this could have been a disaster. Using the pliers I got it out. The Team C12g broke into pieces. Thankfully no damage was done to my PC. What a shame, we're polluting the enviroment... I got this as a "bonus" with the Malwares Anti-Malware software package for free. If you get one in an offer, THROW it away. Do not buy one straight out, it's total junk.

Overall Review: They should take this product off the market, free or not. No Team products for me, that's fer sure... Will it ever stop raining?

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Samsung 840 EVO Desktop Kit4/20/2014 3:05:50 PM

Pros: It's a Samsung product... Sequental Read: 547 MB/s Sequential Write: 501 MB/s Random Read IOPS: 94068 Random Write IOPS: 54808 Firmware Ver: EXT0BB6Q Above Test Results using Performance Testing. CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K MB: GA-Z87-HD3 Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP, Size 8Gb Vid. Card: EVGA GT630 O/S: Win 7-64bit. NOTHING is overclocked, running everything at stock. Cold boot, about 18 secs. Re-Boot about 20 secs. And that's plenty fast, as if you need to enter into BIOS any faster than that could be a headache. Too many user reviews focus on the re-boot. The focus should be when using applications, etc., That's where the rubber meets the road. We shall see in time...

Cons: Got the kit, thinking why go look for a drive tray bracket etc., Well, the 3.5" drive tray went ito a Antec Sonata Solo case, whereby Antec didn't have the side holes as it was designed mounting a HDD under, using the 4 screw mounting. Also Antec's drive tray is oversized so that air can circulate around a hard drive. Solution? Monted the 840 EVO on the tray in the kit. Then used 7.875" plasit ties on each side of the Samsung drive tray to secure the tray to Antec's drive tray. Nice and secure, but a surprise nevertheless. Either way I think the kit was worth it, for a few bucks more. The other accessories may come in handy down the road in the kit. The moral of the story here? Check your case and see how your HDD mounts. Then proceed from there. Never assume anything. But, this is really not a con, just sharing a personal experience.

Overall Review: The Magician software that comes with the drive is superb. Don't know how long SSD drives last, but this one has a 3 year warranty. Afterall, they are like your USB flash drive. First time using a SSD as the O/S boot drive. I will miss defrag, as you do NOT defrag SSD drives. I also miss WDC HDD being the 0 drive, the Caviars (black label) that is. But, WDC will become the data drive, so all is not lost.

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