It doesn't like Malwarebytes?5/20/2015 11:07:59 AM

Pros: Great deal on the price of this Lifetime version when on sale. Don't have to worry about expiring every year. Automatically blocks some suspected bad websites. Download version, get the download link and product keys after payment clears via email.

Cons: When installing Vipre Internet Security, it wants Malwarebytes uninstalled first. Uninstalled Malwarebytes and finished the installation of Vipre, then reinstalled Malwarebytes. Both worked, but, Malwarebytes would lose its scheduled tasks (scheduled updating and scans) every couple weeks or so. Contacted Malwarebytes support and couldn't determine what was causing it to lose its scheduled tasks as it was so intermittent. I have since removed Vipre from that system and using a different AV, and Malwarebytes hasn't lost its scheduled tasks since. Uses a lot of resources when Vipre is doing its weekly full scan. Slows the system down to where it is unusable until the scan completes. Aborting the scan and rebooting the system would get the system back to normal, until the next full scan. Better to schedule a full scan when you just leave the computer on overnight.

Overall Review: I had a version of Vipre as part of GFI-Max remote monitoring service called Managed Antivirus and it worked well. It didn't have the issues with Malwarebytes nor slowing the system down during its full scans. Because of monthly cost of the GFI-Max service with Managed Antivirus (Vipre), I discontinued GFI and bought this lifetime version of Vipre hoping it would run similarly. I have since installed this version of Vipre on another system that doesn't have Malwarebytes and it's working, so far.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Good tool to use, of many.1/23/2015 3:17:52 PM

Pros: It blocks bad websites for malware. Does updates and scans automatically. I recommend, install, and resell this on many of my customer's systems. This OEM version is good for 3 systems (at one site) for 1 year

Cons: Cost, can be bought online from the Malwarebytes site for $5 less. Only good for 3 systems for 1 year in the same household. When I resell this to a customer that only has one system, the other 2 uses go unused. It doesn't offer a bootable media option to remove Rootkit issues. Need to use MBAR, and other bootable tools to get rid of malware that loads when the OS starts.

Overall Review: Miss the single system, lifetime version. Could install that on a system, and if the computer is replaced, could be uninstalled and reinstalled it on their new one. This is just one of many utility programs I use when a customer brings a system in. I start out with Malwarebytes' TechBench to scan the system, and install Malwarebytes, but often have to use MBAR, Hitman Pro, and other tools to remove malware that this program doesn't always catch and clean. Once the system is clean, then I offer to resell this program with the service, or leave the free trial on for them to use.

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Meh...1/23/2015 2:43:36 PM

Pros: It fits the Samsung Note 4 nicely. The ID slot on it is a nice feature that some of the other Note 4 cases don't offer. Cost less than the others available, got it for under $5. The snap appears to function fine, for now.

Cons: The leather doesn't seem to be very good quality. Thinner than on others. Will see if this case will last as long as my phone's contract.

Overall Review: You get what you pay for. For five bucks, not too bad of a deal. I had a similar case for my Note 2 that lasted well and is of better quality, but cost a few bucks more. I did a quick search for Note 4 cases and this one looked similar to the one I had for the Note 2, but didn't find out until I received it that its quality isn't the same. It also has a snap instead of a magnetic clasp.

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Not great...3/29/2012 10:11:37 PM

Pros: Looks nice. Got for a good price.

Cons: Not intuitive on setting up or using. Have an older (circa 1995) TV and a LCD TV that I wanted to use with this remote. Should have number buttons to allow going from channel 4 to channel 70 without having to scan through the channels between or setting up the names of each station and remember which name goes for which channel.

Overall Review: Hooked it up and programmed it for the 2 TV's and then tried to use it. Used it for a couple days and went back to the original remotes. Now makes a pretty paperweight.

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Could be better...3/29/2012 10:02:51 PM

Pros: Works as 2 drives connected with a port multiplier SATA adapter.

Cons: Doesn't seem to make 'exact' copies. Cloned a Win 7 laptop drive to another drive and after swapping drives on the laptop, the computer wasn't recognized by the domain controller, had to remove and re-add the computer to the domain. Also, Windows Live Mail didn't work after cloning, got an error stating the Calendar was corrupt (fix not found). Pulled the cloned drive and reinstalled the original, re-added to domain again and the Mail worked. So much for being an 'exact' clone, should be able to swap the drives and continue working with the new/cloned drive. The idiot lights for cloning. The instructions state pushing the button to start the cloning process and the 4 (BRIGHT) lights will be on until the cloning is complete and only 1 light will remain. There is NO indication otherwise that it is cloning or how long it will take.

Overall Review: This works fine for using as 2 drive bays connected to an eSata port multiplier. Should be able to duplicate/clone drives without having to disconnect from the computer! The duplication feature could be better. Instructions say cloning is done at 4MB/minute???

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Works, for me.1/9/2012 5:40:33 PM

Pros: I have the Verizon "free" LG VX-5600 phone and it reads the call log, contact list, pictures, etc., and allows me to backup the contact list, add ringtones, etc. Before this, if I took a picture from this phone, I had no way to get it on a computer unless I messaged it, which I refuse to pay Verizon for messaging service just to transfer pictures. I've had other cell phones in the past that included similar software (or I bought it seperately) to backup contacts, add ringtones, etc. This software works as well as any of those. The price was right when I bought this at eight bucks.

Cons: It won't connect with an iPod Touch. Figured if it supported the iPhone, it might work on the Touch for backing up contact list, etc., without using iTunes software. I know the Touch is NOT a phone, but that would be a nice feature to have.

Overall Review: People buy this because it's cheap, then find out it doesn't work with their phone? Then leave bad reviews because they didn't do their homework before purchasing? Check the specs to see if your phone and carrier are supported with this. It looks like it works with the major carriers and most cell phones, as long as they're not the 'disposible' type (pay-as-you-go) which usually don't offer a USB connection. As far as limited to 8 phones? Is that really an issue? There are phones that have software available (or included with them) to do what this program already does so to use this software on that many phones is a non-issue for most people. If you're trying to clone a lot of phones, there is better software available that doesn't have these limits. For the price of this at $8, using it for 8 phones is only a buck a phone. If you can afford 8 or more phones, you can afford another copy of this, or get a higher end product that will handle it. Don't just buy this because it's ch

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Same as Ricoh and Xerox8/22/2011 2:40:25 PM

Pros: This is a great deal on a duplex printing/network laser printer! The Samsung ML-2851ND is the same model as the Ricoh SP-3300 (different colour) and the Xerox Phaser 3250 (different top) so searching for its accessories and supplies gives more choices.

Cons: The maintenance cycle on this printer is only 50K pages. A maintenance kit (fuser, transfer roller, pick roller) for this printer costs more than the printer did.

Overall Review: No problems, yet. It got over 2K pages on its included starter toner cartridge. The service manual for this (and the Xerox) give good information, and on how to print the demo, status, cleaning, and diagnostic pages from the panel (push for 2, 5 10 or 15 seconds). I found a Ricoh 2nd paper tray (TK1070) that works fine (but different colour) from a popular auction site for under $30, the Samsung tray is also available, but for over $60. Also found a 128MB memory card for this printer for $25. So, for under $200 (including Newegg's printer price), it's upgraded to 160GB RAM and 500-sheet capacity!

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Egg-siting!4/1/2011 10:16:25 PM

Pros: Compatable with most everything, except Apple.

Cons: The price of $41.11 for these??? Can't wait to see the Deal of the Day on 4/20...

Overall Review: Found these cook fast with a Quad Core, not so for an Atom.

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Problems9/2/2010 2:11:43 PM

Pros: Price

Cons: Bad quality control? I got two sets. I put one set into a Dell OptiPlex 330 and it wouldn't boot. Put in the second set and it booted fine. RMA'd the one set back to Newegg. The Dell system worked for 3 months with the new memory, then got BSOD. Replaced the memory with the second PNY set and it's working again - for now...

Overall Review: Newegg's RMA service for the first set was great! Since the second set failed outside of Newegg's 30-day return policy, I'm RMA'ing that set back to PNY.

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Compact USB charger12/29/2009 9:23:44 PM

Pros: Comes with 6 various adapter tips for charging Apple iPod, phone, GPS, etc., devices. Comes with a small cloth bag to keep everything. Good price for a small compact AC travel charger for portable devices.

Cons: Doesn't come with the micro-USB adapter for charging the BlackBerry Pearl/Storm series. Looks like the Micro-USB adapter UA-U11 is available for another $5 (plus shipping) from the tekkeon website.

Overall Review: I was hoping to use this charger for all of my portable devices, including my BlackBerry. For now, I'll have to use my BlackBerry charger and this charger.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Older version?11/18/2009 11:17:03 AM

Pros: The Microsoft Resource Kit books are great to add to a technical library. Newegg usually has the best prices on these reference books compared to *bay, *mazon, etc...

Cons: It's for Vista...

Overall Review: I have the 2nd Edition of this book that is updated for Service Pack 1. (Is there a newer edition to cover SP2?) I don't remember if I bought this WRK book from Newegg or someplace else. The ISBN on mine are 978-0-7356-2596-9 and 0-7356-2596-4. Not many of the books on Newegg have any reviews. Either Newegg doesn't sell many books, compared to other products, or people just don't write reviews for books... As far as using this as a weapon, it 'only' has 1648 pages (the 2nd edition) compared to 1706 pages in the XP WRK and 1708 in W7 WRK. If you want a weapon, try the Server 2003 Resource Kit at 4992 pages, although in 8 books. Too much information is usually better than not enough... I have various Microsoft Windows Resouce Kit books back to Windows 3.x and NT in my library. Now that Windows 7 and its WRK are out, this Vista WRK book will probably collect dust, too...

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Great basic router11/18/2009 10:28:06 AM

Pros: Great price on this basic router! It doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of the others, but for the price, it works well! Easy to set up. I resell these and my customers haven't had any problems with them; no returns yet. 'Almost' idiot proof...

Cons: As other's said: Update the firmware...

Overall Review: See the Specifications tab and the Reviews to compare this to the other wireless routers offered at this price. I haven't had nearly the problems with various D-Link products that I have seen with other vendor's products.

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Great addition for Windows 711/18/2009 10:02:01 AM

Pros: This is (still) a great deal on this Windows 7 Inside Out book. I searched various places for this book and Newegg had/has the best deal. These Microsoft books are well written and easy to find the needed information. If you're running Windows 7, be sure to add this book to your library.

Cons: The price went up a bit since I bought this.

Overall Review: I have the Inside Out and the Resource Kit books for both XP and Windows 7. The Inside Out and the Resource Kit books are both great to use; each have their purpose. Newegg doesn't offer the Windows 7 Resource Kit book, yet...

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Great for training on 711/17/2009 12:49:06 PM

Pros: This book is good for Windows 7 training, especially for users that skipped over Vista or are new to Windows. I lend out my book to customers that are new to Windows 7 to help them get up to speed. I recommend adding this book, along with the Windows 7 Inside-Out and Resource Kit books to your library.

Cons: The price went up since I bought my copy. I was going to buy more of these to be able to lend out to new users.

Overall Review: I prefer these Step-by-Step books over the 'Dummies' series books for training. Newegg offered the best deal on this book and the Windows 7 Inside-Out book at the time I ordered. Newegg doesn't offer the Windows 7 Resource Kit book, yet...

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It's a charge!4/24/2009 12:20:03 PM

Pros: As a new BlackBerry owner, my Curve was needing to be charged almost daily and it was getting to be a pain to plug in every night and thought this would make charging it easier -- It did! I bought this when it was on sale with free shipping. Between ordering and receiving it, I discovered that turning off the BlackBerry's Bluetooth would make its charge last almost a week instead of daily. Now I only use this charging pod every few days. Others have 'complained' about the bright light on it. I have it and other chargers plugged into a bus strip on a shelf to charge various devices. I only switch on the strip when something needs to be charged so the light isn't an issue; it actually lets me know that the bus strip is powered on.

Cons: Not a con for this item directly, just an observation on Newegg's free shipping terms. I had this and another free shipping item in the cart, but there was a charge for shipping if I ordered both items at the same time. I split the order into two seperate orders and then was able to get free shipping on both. I guess it may have to do with being shipped from different places.

Overall Review: This is a great charging pod for the BlackBerry Curve. Watch this item and when it goes on sale and with free shipping, get it! Turn off the Bluetooth on your BlackBerry will make it last a lot longer between charges.

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A great deal!6/23/2008 1:12:58 PM

Pros: A great price on this when it is/was offered with free shipping. It works great for replacement optic drives when Lightscribe isn't required/needed/wanted.

Cons: No free shipping offered now... Just compare the prices and features. In my experience, there isn't much difference between drives except the prices and shipping costs.

Overall Review: I bought a cheap CD duplicator that had bad CD-RW drives in it from an auction site. I pulled the bad drives out and put 2 of these LG's in and it works great! I ended up with a CD/DVD duplicator for under $90 total. When I purchased 2 of these, they were offered with free shipping which made them cheaper than the price of CD-RW drives plus shipping.

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Works for Dell sc430/sc4403/4/2008 1:05:33 AM

Pros: I just picked up 3 more of these to upgrade a Dell SC430 and a SC440 each up to 4GB. Dell wants over $200 for a 4GB upgrade when purchasing a new server. You can get the base system from Dell with 512MB, get 2 of these packages to get it to 4GB and afford to throw away the extra 512 stick. :)

Cons: None. Plugged in and runs.

Overall Review: Upgraded a SBS 2003 to 4GB, it might not recognize the entire 4GB, but works better than it did with less memory. Also upgraded a Server 2003 x64 system from the base 512MB to 4GB; no issues with that! The 64-bit system loves more memory. Using it as a virtual server and the guest OS's run well too.

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Memory works, laptop doesn't?3/4/2008 1:05:29 AM

Pros: Newegg offered this one as the best price when I shopped for a 2GB to upgrade an Acer laptop. I pulled the 512MB and 1GB sticks that were in the Aspire and put this in. Both XP Pro and Vista Ult work great with this extra memory.

Cons: No problem with this memory. A problem with the information about the Acer Aspire laptop. I looked through the Acer website for information on upgrading the memory and found a list that says it could be upgraded to 4GB using 2-2GB chips. I figured I'd try just one first to get it to 3GB and in the future finally get it up to 4. This Acer laptop only supports up to 2GB total.

Overall Review: I wished hardware/computer vendors would have better information on their websites about their products. The Acer website said it could go to 4GB, the vendors that sell the laptop usually listed 2GB as the max. You'd think that the Acer site would have better information. I'm now glad that I only picked up one of these 2GB sticks to try. PQI memory = good. Acer website = bad.

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It's memory...11/27/2007 9:35:56 AM

Pros: This also works great in a Dell SC430 server system. As long as the memory type is correct, there isn't too much difference between the brands except for the price. This was 'on sale' when I bought.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: This was the best price for this type of memory when I shopped. I recently installed an antivirus software app on my server and it slowed down. I added this 2GB to the system and it sped it back up to faster than ever. I had to play around with the pagefile size a bit to get the best performance, the 1.5-times memory doesn't work well at 3GB total RAM.

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Another great product from Newegg.11/27/2007 9:23:59 AM

Pros: As with most memory products, there isn't too much difference between the brands. As long as the type is correct, the memory should/will work fine. It's rare that memory goes bad but does happen.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I upgraded an IBM 8303 system from 512MB to 1.5GB using one of these. It sure sped up that system. These PC2100's are getting rare. Just shop for the best price -- this was when I bought.

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Great Seagate!10/29/2007 10:38:12 PM

Pros: Another great product from Seagate! I replaced a 4200rpm drive with this 5400rpm and noticed a slight increase in system speed. It also cured the problem of random BSOD's on my IBM G40.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Tried using Norton Ghost to clone the old drive to this new drive, didn't work. I then used EZ-Gig and it copied the partitions without any problems. This drive now works great!

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Works fine.4/4/2007 10:15:12 PM

Pros: Easily connect SATA drives to an E-SATA connector. Works fine with the Vantec UGT-ST350CB PC-Card.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: My only complaint is the price and the shipping charge for this small item.

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It works...4/4/2007 10:08:55 PM

Pros: Plug in, load the driver and connect the drives. Faster than the USB-to-Sata options.

Cons: Uses E-Sata connectors instead of SATA. Also only 150GB/s.

Overall Review: Doesn't come with E-Sata to SATA converter cables. Works well with the N82E16812203027 cables.

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Works!3/30/2007 10:23:39 PM

Pros: Installed card, loaded driver and connect drives. Great for the price! It has the 'standard' Sata connectors; doesn't have the 'eSata' connector on the bracket!

Cons: The external connector on the bracket is close to the edge of the slot making the cable not easily connected.

Overall Review: I use this in my 'test' XP computer so I can hotplug a customer's drive in quickly to copy files, back up, scan, etc. Also works well with a Sata/IDE converter/adapter to make IDE drives hot-swappable. Just plug a drive in and within a couple seconds, it's available. A lot faster (data rate) than using a USB/Sata adapter!

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Not impressed...3/30/2007 9:55:28 PM

Pros: This case now comes with the 20/24 motherboard power connector so the newer boards can be used. Cables may be longer now too as I didn't need to use any extensions.

Cons: The motherboard doesn't line up with the mounting holes exactly but got the MB mounted with some effort. When plugging in the riser card and a PCI card into it, there isn't much clearance for the card bracket and had to (almost) force it to get it to fit well. Only 1 USB connector on the front. The wiring for the switches and LED connectors had to be modified to connect correctly; the wire routing leaves a lot to be desired. The rear panel cover didn't match up with the motherboard I used; removed the panel and had to make the other panel work/fit or go without. Be careful, there are some SHARP edges on this case, just like the old PC cases of 15+ years ago. The fans are LOUD! I'm going to search for some quieter fans. The 2 'hotswap' trays are just blank trays; I haven't found a compatable backplane for them, yet. This case just isn't worth this cost.

Overall Review: I read the previous reviews on this case before I ordered it and didn't totally believe what the others had said; they were right! I have 4 computers that I want to convert from desktop cases on rack shelves to rackmount cases. This was the 1st case I purchased to try the conversion. I'll try a different case next time and hope it works better/easier than this one did. I would have returned this case but don't want to go through all the installation issues again after I finally got this case (pretty much) working.

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