Reliable3/5/2021 11:45:41 AM

Pros: - Lasted 6 years without any problems. I expected it to last 5 years, so this was a bonus. - Easy to work with, nice modular design.

Cons: - None.

Overall Review: - Reliable, easy to use, and did its job perfectly until it was done.

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Great value tower!11/10/2015 9:02:31 PM

Pros: - Great kit that includes some basics but has a lot of upgrade potential. - Included fans are reliable and the fan control is nice. - Dust filters work well. - A lot of space and easy wire management. - Pretty to look at. - Good access points for USB.

Cons: - Sometimes the case vibrates when the fans are working overtime when playing a high end video game. - It is a little bulky, so i wish it had a handle for transport, as several the grasp points are actually air filters.

Overall Review: Bought this case for a new build. I was very happy with how much space there was inside to do what I needed, and how organized I could make my wires. I was nervous when I first got it because it made an unsettling noise when the fans sped up during heavy loads, but I found that it was vibrating from a couple of loose points in the case that I just tighten up. Great deal!

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Great card!12/15/2014 10:45:34 PM

Pros: I got this card because most reviews said it would be able to run most games at maximum settings, and so far, it hasn't disappointed! My two standards to go by is Skyrim and Battlefield 3. I can play any game without any lag. Only time I notice a dip in frame rate is during really intense fights in Battlefield 3, and even then the frame rate hasn't dropped lower than 50 fps.

Cons: The fan rubs against its own housing when running at high speeds, this causes a very annoying "clicking" sound. I'm worried that it may eventually break the fan, but I don't want to be without a video card for such a long time to get it repaired/replaced. Minus 1 egg for that.

Overall Review: Happy with the card, I just hope it has a long life span!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thank you for your review. We appreciate the feedback. If you have any issues, please contact us and let us know so it can be resolved quickly. If the fan sounds like its rubbing, please inspect it to see what is actually causing the sound. its likely a piece of debris that got sucked in. If the fans bearing is failing, we replace them free of charge. XFX Support. Play Hard!
Pleasantly surprised!12/15/2014 10:41:47 PM

Pros: I bought this mouse purely because it was on sale for $30. But I am extremely pleased with it! The software was easy to use, the laser has yet to skip or get confused by a grain of dust (like my old mouse did). It fits my hand nicely, has a great feel to it, and no super bright LED lights to annoy you!

Cons: None so far. It has only been two weeks of gaming in counter-strike and battlefield but no problems at this point. I have not bothered with all of the programmable buttons though.

Overall Review: Great mouse for $30!!

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Good but fails at 1 thing...12/15/2014 10:39:03 PM

Pros: Nice design, very easy interface, and it does not drop connection even with a lot of devices pulling on the wifi.

Cons: Even at full bars, HD streaming is awful. For about an hour it will stream without problem, but then it will buffer every few seconds for the next hour for no noticeable reason. I live out in the country so I know there are no noise on the wifi frequencies that cause it, and signal strength bars remain at 80% or higher. This router was an upgrade from my NETGEAR WGR614 (1/8th the speed), but it does not do as good of a job.

Overall Review: I am really disappointed in this router. I thought for certain that it was a problem with my settings. However, after exhausting the TP-Link website and emailing back and forth with tech support, there have not been any explanations as to why this router cannot stream HD video.

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2 years later1/26/2013 10:55:47 AM

Pros: It was reasonably priced and could handle a lot of the current games. Even when Skyrim came out, I could run it on high (not ultra) settings without a problem. Handled Battlefield 3 on high settings well enough as well.

Cons: The cinematic briefings in between levels in Battlefield 3 would be extremely choppy and stutter nonstop until the game crashed or it successfully caught up with itself. After 2 years, the vram has started to fail with artifacts not being drawn in 3d correctly. The card was given a lifetime warranty, so I put in a support ticket.

Overall Review: This was the first card I ever purchased that made my computer feel like a real gaming rig. I'm sad that it is starting to die after only 2 years, but maybe XFX will surprise me when they process my support ticket.

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Will not play on Xbox360.1/3/2011 9:40:08 PM

Pros: None. However, Newegg's customer service in attempting to resolve the issue was fantastic.

Cons: No support from Electronic Art's; they now own Midway but do not offer any support for this specific title.

Overall Review: Multiple Xbox360s could not read any copies of the game.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great keyboard!8/28/2009 6:31:50 PM

Pros: First thing: Switch between Windows Mode and Gamer Mode!!! The difference? In Gamer Mode, the Windows Key does not function!!!!!!! In the past, I had to rip the windows keys off because I would accidentally hit them while playing Counter-Strike or Americas Army and it would force the game to alt-tab. By the time I got back in, I was dead! Now I don't need to rip them off, I just need to flick a switch! Its perfect! Plus the soft keys means I can play late into the night without my girlfriend waking up and yelling. The G-Keys have a auto-scan feature for popular games, which is nice but you will want to customize them even more to get the most out of them. There are also 2 USB ports in the keyboard itself which makes it a lot easier to upload pictures off my digital camera or hook up the webcam.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I am very pleased with this keyboard.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Finally a low demand anti-virus.8/28/2009 6:22:50 PM

Pros: It barely uses any system resources, I have never noticed that it is even running! Regular updates and scans have kept my computer safe since I got this.

Cons: Compatibility issues with certain games from time to time. Left4Dead had a bug with BitDefender for a few months, as well as World of Warcraft. WoW was fixed in 1 day, though.

Overall Review: I used to have Norton and absolutely hated it. Switching over, I love this anti-virus software so much!

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Beautiful monitor.8/28/2009 6:19:45 PM

Pros: Was shipped in perfect condition. No dead pixels. Works great, I can run my games in at the full resolution without any problems. I like the auto-dim feature which controls the brightness when switching between light and dark screens.

Cons: The touch buttons are a tricky to get used to at first.

Overall Review: I am very happy with this monitor.

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Durable Camera8/28/2009 6:17:30 PM

Pros: I got this camera for my girlfriend. She has gone through 4 other digital cameras in the past 5 years due to random accidents. So I decided to get her one that will withstand her use. And so far, wow! It's been dropped down a flight of stairs once already and still works fine! We've also taken it swimming several times with great results.

Cons: Doesn't come with battery charger. Comes with charger that requires whole camera to be plugged in, which is fine. Doesn't come in custom colors like the previous models did.

Overall Review: I really like this camera.

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