Super Cool Looking Case, Would Buy Again6/8/2020 1:38:20 AM

Pros: - Front LED bars look absolutely sick, very Tron-esque, the LED presets are solid as well - Plenty of room for fans - Nice big side glass panel - Room on the backside for cables - Tons of airflow options - Reasonably priced

Cons: - The manual and online documentation is fairly limited, didn't know I needed an ARGB 5V LED connector on my MOBO to control the case lights (can still control them with the front button, but would be nice to use software instead so I don't have to cycle through every time), also didn't know the case lights are powered via SATA from the PSU separate from the MOBO. - Taking off the front panel feels like you're going to break something - Cable routing to the back is only so-so. I was able to get it clean and manageable, but could have been easier. - BEWARE: Not much room up top for a radiator bc of RAM, you'll probably have to put your radiator on the front - Although there is room for 3 fans on the front, if you use the bottom one there is no room for the HDD tray and you'll have to use SSD's only. No mention of this anywhere prior to purchase. Luckily I don't have an HDD but just want that to be out there

Overall Review: - Despite my cons, they were mostly just warnings. I truly love the case and think it's really tight, they were just things I wish I knew before hand. Would definitely purchase this case again.

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