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Works great, looks really polished2/11/2013 8:26:52 PM

Pros: I love the HDD/SSD combo. Win8 is zippy and startup takes no time! The beats audio is nice too. Also, it looks really clean and polished. The trackpad is a nice size and I'm glad that HP didn't try to squeeze a num pad onto a 14" ultrabook. Is lighter than it looks yet feels really sturdy. The backlit keys are a nice tough too.

Cons: There is a big sticker to the left of the trackpad. It's not a huge deal but requires some goo-gone to get the sticky residue off. Also, the function buttons operate as function keys secondary. This is a bummer if you like to hit F5 a lot.

Overall Review: This is the 3rd HP I've bought in the past 6 years. Not because they break, but because I really like HP! I bought myself a 17" in 2007 and my wife got a 10" in 2010. This laptop is replacing my 17". So far I'm pleased with the screen size. The black and red color scheme is also pretty cool. Lastly, I don't know what the other guy was talking about. ultrabooks don't need to be touch screen in order to be considered an ultrabook.

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