Great PSU2/16/2008 11:43:53 PM

Pros: Crossfire compatible. I havent had any volt drops or spikes. Runs very quiet and cool. Very nice finish and matches the rest of my case and fans.

Cons: Wire mesh on the main 24 connector could be a little longer.

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First time wintec user2/16/2008 11:40:24 PM

Pros: The rams runs great. I havent had a single error or crash yet. Doesnt run very hot at all. The price with the heat spreaders is unbeatable.

Cons: None what so ever.

Overall Review: I bought this then the 2x2 version but with the black heatspreaders. The 1x1 was out of black. I was able to overclock this ram by a considerable amount. I now have it up to 900 mhz. Extremely steady with a 1 volt increase. I have also bought the cyclo TT ram cooler it helped me get that few extra mhz out of the ram.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Very impressed2/16/2008 11:34:22 PM

Pros: This does do a good job of cooling all 6gigs of memory. I was very impressed it cooled my ram as much as it did. Knocked off quite a few degrees. It performs even better seeing in how I modded my fulltower to put in an extra 120mm fan in the front right under my 2 cd drives. and I have a great cpu cooler

Cons: Not much of a con, at first when I put it on it would slip down and fall off. I tooked it out and bent the metal clips by pushing the feet inwards untill it clicked. Now its a tight and firm fit.

Overall Review: It doesnt take much to modify something to make it work. I was a little skeptical of the product before and after i bought it, but to my amazement it works great. I love it and it fits in right along the rest of my blue leds. I was able to get an extra 56 mhz out of my ddr2 800

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Could be better11/5/2007 10:39:14 AM

Pros: Not really much to say here. The visual quality was great. And the card was inexpensive. But built cheap.

Cons: First off no matter what the settings whether quality, balanced or performance got poor fps. Quality-40 max down to 1 fps in game. Performance max of 83 all the way down to 13 in game. At performance the graphics where horrid. Everything was blurry and blocky. This was supposed to be a hold over since my X1950pro died. I'd be better off getting a lower X1 series to save a little dough. I tested it on 3dmark and the score was 2000 less then my 1950. I got almost 90 less in css stress. Bf2 was almost unbearable. COD2&3 where hard to play, and i didnt even bother with 2142.

Overall Review: Its not like its being ran on a little machine either, specs: Amd64 4000 @ 3ghz 2 gig of ram 680 watt psu. So plenty powerfull enough to push the 2600. My x1950 before it died saw more then 100 average with settings on quality. All games mentioned ran at full settings with no problems.

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Excellent card2/18/2007 4:50:00 PM

Pros: This card puts my 6800xt to shame by a long shot. Runs pretty cool, with some ATi tools i can keep it around 45C after gaming for hours. Runs games extremely well at high settings.

Cons: I had to buy it from a local retailer so it cost me 60 bucks more. Overclocking wasnt great. I removed the heatsink put new thermalpaste on, and put the heatsink back on tighter than before. ATi drivers where buggy.

Overall Review: I downloaded Xtreme G warcat drivers . They work flawlessly. I was able to overclock by about 50mhz on each. CSS and bf2 on high settings 150 average 184 in stress, and 100 straight for bf2 no drops. AMD64 3700 @2.5 1gig ram this card and a DFI RDX200 crossfire.

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Good for modding1/30/2007 2:41:56 AM

Pros: Rather than having to screw fans in besides for the exception of 3 in my case, they lock in place. Massive amount of room, stays very cool. The door stays shut and you dont have to unscrew the panel behind the door. And cable managment is great. The front panel is slotted so it makes for less fan noise and better air intake.

Cons: Case material is proned to bend if to much force is used. Had to mod the slide trays a little to fit properly not to big a of con. As usual with any case you buy the psu was on the iffy side, didnt buy it for that. Side door has to be screw'ed on to stay in place.

Overall Review: Very easy to mod. Was able to easily cut a hole in the bottom with my dremel xpr, The panels that cover the empty cd drive bays are screw'ed on so i was able to cut a hole in that as well. Plenty of room on the side panel mounted 2 blue cathode lights.

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Crossfire1/11/2007 12:17:40 AM

Pros: Nice fast card. Matched with my x1950pro. I have no problems with fps.

Cons: Serop your knowledge isnt high you can crossfire any ATi card with any ATi card and hoping you can do it with any cheapo power supply with bad volts and low watts will never happen.

Overall Review: All you need to make crossfire is 2 different things the crossfire bridges and or the crossfire cable. Look it up for yourself. And most ATi boards claim you dont need either, but at a performance decrease.

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If you have a lot of free time1/5/2007 2:32:38 PM

Pros: This thing is blazing fast. The lan on this thing blew past both my other motherboards doubled even tripled download speed. My fps went up by 40. So many bios features it will keep you busy for hours.

Cons: This board is not for the begginer. But with these 4 tips it should not be a problem. 1.Set the ram in the 2 orange slots 2. Turn off cpu external cache, 3. Set the correct ram voltage, 4. make sure you have init display set to pci-e. After you install windows turn the cpu external cache back on. All done in bios.

Overall Review: It took me 2 days to set up my motherboard. If i would of figured all of this out with in the first 20 minutes install to finish would of been less than an hour. One more thing download the newest driver pack from ATi, dont try to use the driver disc provided.

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Worth the price8/21/2006 4:59:37 PM

Pros: I was a little hesitant on buying the card at first, seeing as how people said it wouldnt be better than the 6600gt, well they where wrong. Noticeable increase in performance on such games as BF2 COD2 and CSS. Was able to do defualt vid settings in bf2 which set it to medium and high settings.

Cons: Had to RMA the first card, but was quickly sent a new one so a loss of 7 bucks on my part. My 6600gt fried :(. Cant fit my waterblock on it.

Overall Review: For you people who are running agp slot with the older p4's or amdxp you wont notice a difference at all between this card a 6800gt or 6600gt your cpu will bottleneck your card. I moved from an amdxp to 64 socket 939 i had a 6600gt so i got a board with agp slot the fps difference was huge im talking from seeing 50-60 average to 150-200 average in source! But yes there is an fps and performance increase from the 6600gt to the 6800xt very happy with the purchase.

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Not to shabby7/26/2006 12:39:51 AM

Pros: Its a pretty good budget card. I did have to lower some of the settings in my games but not by much. No installation problems, pretty good gaming card. Big frames in source on high settings, bloom off and reflection set on low. Battlefield 2 medium and low settings COD high and medium settings. amd64 3700 2gig of ram this card 160gig hd 680watt psu

Cons: ddr memory so i expected the clock speeds to be a low. Down grade from my 6600gt (it fried and i only had a little money to replace it). Dont try to unlock pipelines It wont work.

Overall Review: Its not a big down grade from my 6600gt. I was amazed at the frames rates i got only about 30 and 60 frame drop in game battles but still more than enough to play. The stock heatsink and fan was decent but i have a water block from my 6600gt so i threw it on. I would have to say a good buy, I have another comp anyways that needs a video card so i can always replace this one and not have to feel like i lost, win win situation.

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12/30/2005 3:35:44 PM

Pros: Extreme cooling cut off 20c

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: I installed this on my 6600gt which at hours of gaming got to 52-58c i installed this fan and now after hours of gaming im not breaking 38c. Installation took 5-10 minutes. It is a bit big on my card and i couldnt put the extra heat sinks on my card it came with but the improvement is amazing. Well worth it i would of even payed more for this product!!!!

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12/30/2005 3:11:01 PM

Pros: These fans pump out a good amount of air. I bought three and they cool my case very well.

Cons: With-in 1 hour of hooking up the fans all the led lights burnt out.

Overall Review: I hooked the fans to several other power supplies that i own and the lights flickered on all of them till they burnt out i tried re-wiring 1 of them to no prevail. Will not buy logisys fans ever again. But i will keep shopping from newegg!!!!!

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Sempron Wooo3/16/2005 12:33:59 AM

Comments: I had a amd xp 2400 i got it back when it did a promo for 54 bucks it was fast, it burnt out though it was 4 yrs old. So i thought id give this a try ohh man this cpu is so much faster than the 2400 that its amazing

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