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Whos AWESOME this is!!11/10/2010 4:47:55 PM

Pros: everything, black, comes with box of goodies(screws, brackets), 3.5 drives are turned sideways and wires are hidden (like on the Fatal1ty cases), the pci solts have mesh covers, I like the fact the psu is on the bottom... The side window is pushed out and looks nice its smoked not clear. Also I did a clean build but for some its a plus the back is open completely if you have to change processors or heatstinks!! Yeah its awesome

Cons: The whole case could be lengthened one inch my top 5.25 solt with a cd rom in hits one of the top fan screw holes so I can only use one fan slots on the top of the case, and its a short drive

Overall Review: Does come with one blue led fan but I bought more to add color!! I purchased it on sell for $40 so I got a steal :) Also has 5 places for 120fans so max air flow!!

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ASUS 4life!!11/10/2010 4:39:44 PM

Pros: Full loaded with setting and onboard configs without going into bios, has a ram configure button right on the board so it can config darn near any 240ram!! Heatstinks are KickButt looking. Has 4 connectors for more usb. Use 6 cores, has 3.0 usb, 2 pcie and 3 pci..... The whole board also has idiot lights so if it doesnt post it shows you the rook cause like on the OLD dfi lan party boards... I could go on n on.... Also the price is nice for the deal

Cons: It has an idle and only 5 sata and the sata are labeled 1,2,3,4,6.... wheres 5? Because yes there is one on the panel with the usb so it's 5?... the satas are pretty close to top pcie port so pending the video card you mad need 90s, other then that nothing!! It didn't come with a cfx bridge like my old asus did in the past not big just saves $8 bucks

Overall Review: Don't go open box spend $20 more and get all the goodies!! It's running 8gb dual gkill 1600, am3 II x4 955, and dual hd 5870 cards and runs smooth at 55c under a heavy load!!! I LOVE IT

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They are PINK11/10/2010 4:27:33 PM

Pros: Its 120mm, red leds, Apevia are work horse fans for the price!! Quiet always have a nice color and use 4 leds not 3 like rosewills. They are just fans so I cant comment much just out of all the fans I ALWAYS buy-&-use Apevia!!

Cons: The fans are transparent red so they look pink!! but when on all you see is red so its not a CON Shipping should be free if you buy 5+

Overall Review: I have used Apevia for 7yrs just not red till now so review goes for their green and blue leds ones as well!!

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Every KNOWS11/10/2010 4:22:15 PM

Pros: ITS ARCTIC SLIVER duh its good!! I used this for 7yr and all my pcs I build always run 5-7c cooler!!

Cons: It's not a freebie when you spend more then $100 on a mobo or processor

Overall Review: only last thing yes its the best but DONT EAT IT!! :)

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Best Deal11/10/2010 4:19:19 PM

Pros: Does what it posta do what else can you say, not to heavy and as long like all the other dl drives I have owned, also tray seems very sturdy well made. It comes with 2.5ft red sata is you need it.

Cons: Like other it does get loud(and not horrible just little louder) then other drives I have had but its only done it on two times, when installing my os and burning DL dvds other then that its normal.

Overall Review: Should have bought it when I did for $20 and free ship

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Very Universal11/10/2010 1:59:10 PM

Pros: -Universal mounts for all processor and the unit itself can be mounted an additional two ways for air flow direction -Completely gloss jet black fins -Aluminum and copper plate - Fan can be replaced if goes out without removing anything but the fan itself

Cons: -It is large but easily every Tuniq I have used fix in my mid towers worse case the side fan you have to remove but I haven't had to yet -They only sell its with blue leds not a second color choice or a multi color led fan to make everyone just love it more - Also the fan doesn't spin super fast but like I said you can change out the fan for a faster rpm one so there really isn't anything bad just if you prefer this look and the size. One the best fan heat-stinks short of going water coolant.

Overall Review: Zalman and Tuniq have my vote for all heat-stinks. BUT I ALWAYS BUY >ARCTIC SLIVER THERMAL PASTE< the zalman n tuniq stuff isn't that great so spend the extra $10 (win7 64bit, 8gb gskill, amd II x4, dual 5870 ati cfx and runs 32c with normal load and 48-52c on hardcore gaming) A MusT BUy Heat-stink!!

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Some People be Special7/29/2009 1:52:08 AM

Pros: Last love for this product.. I myself bought it when they first came out and had a sell on here for 20 to 30 off. Size, Read speed, write is okay(any ntfs to fat 32 is gonna be slow to write) Good for mass video/music/picture storage and detects instantly.

Cons: not cheaper to by more then one

Overall Review: David you special... it aluminum shell covered in rubber to grantee that its shock and water proof.... if you bend it in your pocket then you must have got hit by a car. It's a long lasting strong drive some sandisk ones you drop or just un plug and plug in they just quiet working but not the XT high recommend to buy!!

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post ment for 360 people1/20/2009 1:26:20 AM

Pros: already commented look for other

Cons: already commented look for other

Overall Review: for all those with 360 issues.... everyone needs to realize that almost all 360 games a made for 720p wide screen... and some are still 480... so don't dis any tv on that it just microsofts drive release for the 360 video because odds are the 360 could display 1080p fine but it may cause excess heating and get you red rings so be happy it's blacked out and just be glad you got a steal on a nice 42". As for blue ray movies or hd movies at 1080p just go get a player if you that in need for 1080p quality. SO please dont give a one egg or less then 4 when you are complaining about the video settings!!! yell at your xbox or microsoft!!

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Awesome1/20/2009 1:17:12 AM

Pros: Quality, Price, Gloss Black, Size, a handful of inputs. Tons of visual settings and locks... slim looking.. just buy one (i did get it when it was 500 so i was iffy on getting but best money!!!)

Cons: only bad and like horror bad is the speaker output built into the tv, just say you could watch anything listen to anything but to high pitch or low pitch sounds the tv sends pops and cracks through the rf or 1/8 jack to you speakers. Only issues i see is just get a rf/composite/hdmi switcher box, root the video to tv and audio to other receiver. but for avg no home theater people the 2 speakers built in work awesome just that out put isn't ment for Dolby dig sounds.

Overall Review: great display on 1080p with blue ray... just all i say dont understate digital lifestyles bc they aren't really a big name brand. granted every company have a 1 n 100 doa products but mine came 100% awesome besides that output but i don't use it(does have a fiber cable so if you got that use it just the composite output sucks)

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Cheap12/9/2008 2:46:25 AM

Pros: Everything, plug the card in, restarted, plugged in the cd 5 seconds drivers installed and up and running. Fast and great quality. It has 4 outside and one internal 2.0 connections...

Cons: All the buyers that didn't buy it on Monday special it was only 7.99

Overall Review: I got it for 7.99 and free shipping!! :-P and Newegg shipped it 2nd day... I was happy

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Not for OC12/9/2008 2:43:00 AM

Pros: It's Apevia... Up to 5 fans. It does change the rpm of the fans

Cons: Not for ocing, other fan controllers I have owned increase the fans rpms past normal, this controller on hi, is as avg plugged in from the rail. So if you want to make your can quieter buy this but if not don't.

Overall Review: see cons..

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Great12/1/2008 3:25:59 AM

Pros: Not the rock band one set up, the "drum heads", velocity pads, sounds more quiet. It's almost all black, the foot petal is metal re-enforced, and best you can add up to 3 "cymbals", just plug in the back.

Cons: The layout is flat, the red and green should be angle a tad up, because sometimes I see myself hit down to low on the pad to make it register the hit but that is like 2% of the time and it's only because im going crazy.

Overall Review: right now, for Dec. 2008, Walmart has it on sale for 189, but includes the AC/DC song pack disc(40 dollar value) but wish I got that deal I love AC/DC

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a must have for ddr2 800 ram12/1/2008 3:17:57 AM

Pros: Everything: -Price -Speed -Quality -Appearance -SLI

Cons: didn't get the 4gb (2 x 2gb) pack

Overall Review: If you got the cash go for the 4gb pack if not this item is a dream. I stuck two(total of 4 sticks) and major performance increase and easy to OC

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Awesome10/27/2008 5:03:22 PM

Pros: It's actually green!! Not a shade but deep green... They are quiet but fast and move a lot of air!

Cons: Buying more then 4 you should get a one off or something, besides that, product is amazing.

Overall Review: Buy more then one!!!

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Awesome10/27/2008 5:01:16 PM

Pros: it's a cheap, not cheaply made, tera-bite hard-drive. It's runs very quiet, and you'd never know it's a 1tb bc it reads just as fast as your normal sata drives.

Cons: not everyone will buy one...

Overall Review: All I say if you want space, get one of these. they are cheap, and come on you gotta love Western Digital!!

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Awesome10/26/2008 6:18:35 PM

Pros: Quiet, Fast, and a adjustable temp fan control, super easy to pop on, The pictures show its all satin finish but mine can al. pipes and black fin so it looks wicked. The size is huge but not bulky.

Cons: None, maybe Zalman could throw in two stickers then just one... the product it's self is amazing, the price could be ten bucks cheaper, Price is not too much but for 15 more you get the newer model.

Overall Review: when first power on the leds have a 2 second warm up. the Green glow isn't bright but enough to fill a case. for the older model of this type it still kicks bu++, I love zalman.

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Best Of All Ram Combos!!10/8/2007 5:43:35 PM

Pros: Low latency DDR2 800

Cons: Price of combo but...(other thoughts)

Overall Review: Do NOT buy the ram and the cooler seperately. This Ram is faster and better and can't be bought by it's self. As the Dominator RAM at DDR2 800 runs at 4-4-4-12, and this combo runs at 3-4-3-9, a significantly better rating, that's why it's so expensive but yet you get more performace!!!

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