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Logitech G35 USB 2.0 Surround Sound Headset1/2/2010 4:00:30 PM

Pros: -Surround sound works quite well for me (I've never had a surround sound system before, but I imagine that it can't get THAT much better) -USB is nice, makes transportation really easy. The cord is also pretty long and has a good, protective material around it. -The buttons on the side are pretty useful. It has a volume control spinny thing lol, a mic on and off button, a surround sound on and off button and the three G-Keys. You can program the G-keys to change your voice or run other programs. -WORKS WITH WINDOWS 7! -Comes with a software that lets you: program the G-Keys on the side of the left ear, activate voice morphing, and adjust the bass, treble and mic levels along with the overall volume, and... uhh... it tells you if the surround sound is on and when you last used it? Is that even a pro? Eh whatever... I guess that's useful... -The ear cups are pretty large. They fit over my ears pretty comfortably with extra space. You must have some monstrous ears if they c

Cons: -The first thing I noticed was that these things aren't as comfortable as they look. I feel like my heads being crushed and that my head would end up like Stewie's from Family Guy except the other way. May the Lord help anyone with a bigger head than mine, cause I start getting head-aches by the 3rd hour or so. -Just like other people have said in past reviews, this thing isn't as loud as I would like it to be. I can't always put the volume to the highest because I still need to hear things around me, but when I can, I wish that it was a good amount louder... -Bass is OKAY. I mean it doesn't get that loud even when you set it to the highest volume in the G35 software, but it's pretty acceptable. -Cord attaches to left side meaning that it crosses over me... This one only applies to people with their comp on their right side, which includes me.

Overall Review: BOTH A PRO AND A CON: - Compared to the Turtlebeaches that I use to play on my Xbox 360, this thing's like a brick. It feels much more sturdy, but it's quite heavy and constrictive compared to the Turtlebeaches. Maybe that's the trade off for better sound? ANOTHER THING YOU SHOULD KNOW: -The mic automatically turns off when fix it in a vertical position, and whenever you turn it off (via the button or the positioning) it lights up RED as an indicator. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly, if there was a way to loosen the grip that this thing has on my head, it would get 5 eggs even with the other cons listed. But this headset has such a tight squishing force on my head that i have to take breaks when I use them to relieve the tension build up in my head. All in all, I recommend it to people with relatively small heads but not people with large heads. BIG HEADED PEOPLE BEWARE, THIS THING WILL FEEL LIKE A JUICER ON YOU.

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What more to ask?8/29/2009 11:41:04 PM

Pros: It works. lol what else am I supposed to expect from a cable?

Cons: none

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ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms8/21/2009 9:13:06 PM

Pros: My experience with this screen has been great. This is my first Flat LCD screen with full HD capability and it has not disappointed me. The screen is large, and the display is exceptional. I don't know if all HD monitors are like this, but I must say, this is a MONUMENTAL upgrade from my old CRT. The colors are very bright maybe even too bright. Response time is one of the fastest if not the fastest I've ever seen at 2ms, I mean what more do I need to say lol. People have complained that the orange power button was very distracting, well I really don't know what they are talking about because I don't even realize that its there. Usually people say you get what you pay for, but in this case I'm gonna have to disagree because I feel as though I got MORE than what I paid for.

Cons: The cons that are about to be listed are minor except for one thing, but I had to put something here haha. As others have said the first thing I noticed that seemed below the par of the screen was the stand. Its not that I feel like the screen will fall over, just that it seems kinda flimsy. Just like others have mentioned as well the buttons are kinda tedious in a way. I actually cannot see them because they completely blend in with the case. This is sort of a win lose situation but I have to rely completely on my sense of touch when trying to adjust something. And the sound isn't the greatest, but hey, who buys an HD Monitor for the speakers. :P The last thing only seems to apply to the people who are trying to run the monitor at a resolution of 1920 by 1080.... (see other thoughts)

Overall Review: The thing is that when I set the resolution that high for some reason the screen placed margins around what was actually being displayed. Imagine your the display of your screen shrinking so that there is about 1.5 inches between the frame and the pictures thats just blank. And the thing is that when I reduced the resolution to 1440 by 900 it was fine! I spent almost 2 hours looking for how to fix this until I read one of the earlier reviews that commented on this. He said that the problem was with the graphics card not the screen, so I updated my drivers and then (this is for Catalyst Control Center) I went into CCC and started going through all of the different settings until I stumbled upon the "Scaling options" and Voila! The display stretched out to where it was supposed to be. All in all this is a fantastic screen and I would buy it all over again if I had the choice. You just need to adjust some of the settings with the lighting and your all good. Recommended item

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Western Digital Scorpio Black5/21/2009 3:34:35 PM

Pros: Quiet, fast, cheap and works. Installation was one of the the fastest I've EVER done.

Cons: It wasn't free

Overall Review: This was definitely one of the fastest hard drive upgrades I've ever done. 1 minute to remove the old hard drive, 1 minute to put this one in, and 30 seconds to put the vista CD in. I would recommend it to anyone. The Western Digital guys have truly outdone themselves with this one. Buy or you WILL regret it.

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Update after 6 months of use12/3/2008 3:57:47 PM

Pros: Looks nice better than in the pics. Front LED looks very nice, five 5.25 and five 3.5 drive bays, and the case is quite large, it fits my ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED 110mm cpu fan and has about an 1 inch to spare b4 touching the side fan.

Cons: The mesh vents in the front really attract dust. I end up cleaning it more often than I would like. I've started to get annoyed with the fact that the audio and USB ports in the front are covered by the door, meaning that if u plug something in the door has to stay open. These are just minor cons, but what made me want to write an update for this is that yesterday I bought a floppy drive and a card reader. It took me 1 HOUR to get those things inside the drive bays properly. They simply would not go in the bays unless I started hitting the drives into the bays. I wouldnt be surprised if the drives dont last too long because they took quite a beating.

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Very Nice but......12/2/2008 5:14:15 PM

Pros: It moves a lot of air, it's quiet and blue LEDs look nice.

Cons: The only thing that fits into this category is that the screws had me thinking "WTH". It was a PAIN trying to get the screws to go through the designated holes. What should have taken 15 minutes ended up taking almost an hour.

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DOA......11/11/2008 1:31:59 PM

Pros: newegg got it to me pretty fast......

Cons: *sigh* where do I start....... well it never booted for me. As soon as I pressed the power button, the LED lights on my case lit up, my fans started spinning and my HDD started making the boot sounds. But when I thought everything was going to go well, I heard a very unfamiliar click in the top right corner of the Mobo, and as I started to examine what happened, I found smoke coming out of it. I immediately unplugged everything and watched as the smoke came out. I didnt get to see though where exactly it was coming from but I know it was not from other hardware in the comp b/c when i plugged my old Mobo in everything worked nicely. The Mobo never booted after the smoke incident

Overall Review: I am going to RMA it because I have not lost faith in this Mobo. I think it has capabilities, but it just needs to actually boot! I will post a follow up once I get the next one.

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Amazing8/31/2008 7:50:45 PM

Pros: I bought this as a combo with the E8400 Wolfdale and what a bargain. Very quiet power supply, and 900W for such a great price. I dont think that there is a better deal for you when it comes to power supplies. There are LOTS of cables for a lot of things so i recommend using a full sized case. And the blue LED lights are amazing.

Cons: I dint know about this sooner


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